Efficient Software Ensuring You The Security Of Your PC From Adware And Malware

There are many software nowadays working for the upgrading of devices mainly enhancing the speed of the device’s work but some to protect the device from spywares, malwares and adware. These three as being prime sources of damage of a device or reduction of speed of the device are treated by security software. One such software better of all, highly compatible to the Anti Virus of devices is the Reason Core Security. This software provides bundle protection, is lightweight and has a simple interface to avoid any sort of complications while installing as well as using. The software also provides choice of standard and complete version depending upon the customer’s need and requirement. The complete version though provides Real-Time protection and Full automation of the software and device. With money back guarantee of 30 days the software is customer loved and also device friendly. Reason Core Security is certainly infant software but the work it does for you, the creators it has and the features it provides as well as other reviews in general are a proof that this device can be supported and used and spread widely. With affordable price and extremely great features that are not offered by any other software are a reason to trust this software for your device.
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Efficient Software Ensuring You The Security Of Your PC From Adware And Malware

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It is so common nowadays to face hurdles in opening a website because thousands of unwanted websites make their way to your PC before your desired one. Or even if your desired website is efficient enough to make it on time, the websites are re-routed and unwanted websites pop up. Sometimes the troubles of seeing your content also occurs because the screen is filled with advertisements rather than what you were looking for. The problems are not just restricted to that, many a times malwares also decrease the speed of the PC. All such problems caused by spywares, adware and malwares are now needed to be catered and so here is a product that will surely not replace your Anti Virus that you mostly revert to in terms of security of your PC but it will instead work hand in hand with it to double the protection. And so here we present Reason Core Security.

The standard version of the app can be easily downloaded and the complete version with additional features can be bought from their original website. The payment method is also secure if buying the complete version i.e. through American Express, Mastercard etc with a 30 day money back guarantee in case the app doesn’t work in your interest. Before investing in the complete version however, you can try out the free trial of 30 days that comes along with the free standard version download.

With such an easily available and accessible system of getting the software and many more features to come, keep reading the article for a much better comprehension of this software and its pros and cons.

An overview of the product’s company

Led by the co-founder and chief software architect of GIANT company software, Andrew Newman and creator of the herdProtect and ShouldIRemoveIt, the Reason Software Company has created such software they named as Reason Core Security with the help of talented malware hunters to make the PCs free of such damaging software and unwanted content.

Features of the software

As mentioned above about the software’s job of detecting and removing any sort of adware or malware from your PC, the software is basically a cloud scanner. It provides best protection against PUPs and adware but does not work as an Anti Virus; it works alongside it. It identifies the threats missed by the AV which makes it a second layer of security to your device. Further features that make this software impregnable are illuminated below:

Bundle Protection - it happens many a times that while installing any sort of software comes an unwanted gift of another type of software. Such software reduces the speed of your device, threaten the security of your device and also inject viruses that can cause malfunctioning and damage your device. To overcome that sort of a problem, the bundle protection is a specialized feature. It prevents the PC through from installment of any sort of unwanted and destructive software.

Browser Protection - it is not only important for the PC to be secure but also the applications that we use on our device. One such app that is also the prime inlet of such malicious software yet requires protection itself is the browser. The browser although is from where the software is downloaded that give adware chance to enter the PC but it needs protection due to the fact that the unwanted advertisement reduce the speed of browser and affect the browsing experience the most. It’s not only annoying, but time consuming along with no way out to get information that we want to its fullest or with peace. And so the Reason Core Security secures your browser from all such agonies as well.

Cloud Scanning - It has often been noted that even after security software is installed, there are constant updates that take place in the device or the operations are run to detect threats. Such processes of updates can be time consuming. The Reason Core Security Software however ensures that such updates are made automatically through cloud scanning without consistent updating of extensive databases.

Multi-layered Protection - the bundle protection and cloud scanning both are working for just one purpose: protection of your device. And a variety of protection processes each catering specific problem is a symbol of proper sort of protection being provided to each and every area of your device. This produces a multi-layer for even the malwares to threaten the device next time. It also makes sure not to hinder the speed of your device as it works specifically and technically without letting too much of its burden or load onto the device making you go nuts due to the slow speed that is the most observed scenario after the installation of such software.

Easy installment - the installment process is easy with no matters of restarting over and over again. The process is efficient, unproblematic and smooth. A mess of steps is nowhere to be found enhancing the chances of proper and fast installation. Also if something goes wrong the support team available on the support forum as well as email is there to help you out.

Lightweight - many people install the best security software but cry later on due to the slow functioning of their devices. Such a crisis occurs when heavy software is installed. But Reason Core Security is lightweight software that does not bother you while browsing nor even shows that it exists as the personal security guard of your device. It is discreet just like a guard should be.

Neat Interface - by neat here it does not mean OCD clean, it means that language is simple and the design minimal. The design is precise with no extra computer language to confuse or put on a hard stuff show for the customers and that’s what helps to understand the process and interface better. The interface is neither too appealing nor repulsive but it surely is enough to set the message straight. And it certainly does not depend on how much attractive it is but it is to make sure that the content of it does not make the customers run away.

The above mentioned are the features of the software in general but two things that are additional in the complete version are enlightened below:

Real-Time Protection - an overall one time installment that gets you the protection of your device for the entire period you have paid for. The Real-Time protection assures the protection from malware threats as well as acts as a concrete between the malware and your device. The software won’t let the malware in let alone produce any threats. It will halt the malware that would ensure that no updates regarding this matter are required at all. The software will now be a 24x7 security guard, but won’t trouble you even a single time. Your device will work with the same speed it was working before.

Fully Automated - all the scans, detections, protections will now go on behind the scenes without letting you be disturbed or your work be hindered by any means. It makes sure to add value to your device by its protection and safety reaching its peak, without making you goes through the painful update processes.


The tools that the software comprises of are following:

  • Uninstaller - rates the installed devices according to the risk it can be to your device
  • Startup Manager - everything that starts with Windows shows up on it
  • Browsers add on manager - All tool bars, add ons and search hooks that may further help in malware removal are condensed in it
  • Remediation tool - it’s a reset tool only to be used when you know about the damages caused by malware.

Added Customer Support

As initially overviewed about the company, it is undoubtedly one of the most noble company and known widely for its work due to its owner as well as the already two established and successful products. The customer support therefore has to be great where the people are constantly available for your assistance in case of any sort of queries. The support teams they have are also highly well skilled professionals available 24x7 for your help via emails and the support forum on their own website.


The standard version of the software is a free download with a free 30 days trial of the complete version that has two additional features. The complete version if needed to be bought is however then further categorized according to the time period you want it for:

  • 1 year $ 24.95
  • 2 years $ 34.95
  • 3 years $ 44.95

Such remarkable wholesome software at an affordable price is truly a gift not for you but your device that in return does your work from research to socializing etc. After the time period you choose your subscription will expire and you’ll have to renew it just like you do for SIM cards. If in case the software does not suit your taste you can return it in 30 days and get your money back.

Where to buy from?

To avoid any sort of inconvenience or scam it is highly recommended to buy the software from its official website .The payment method on the official website is also easy and safe guaranteeing that not only our money will safely reach to its destination through the payment method of visa cards etc and also that the product that you receive is authentic. There is no way such a highly reputable company will destroy its image by giving defected software to their customers intentionally. In case the software does not fit your requirements well, you can always claim your money back with a peace that you will get it back as it was guaranteed by the official site. If an unofficial site is used just because the price is even lower, remember that either some defect is there or you are not going to get your claimed money back.

  • Efficient detection
  • Guaranteed prevention from harmful software
  • Compatible for Anti Virus software
  • Automatically threat free PC in case of Complete Protection
  • Minimalist interface
  • Lightweight
  • Bells and whistles that are unnecessary but still are there can be annoying at times


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