Emsisoft Anti-Malware Review

If you are searching for a powerful and efficient protection from malware, Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software can be a great option. With innovative tools and a number of advanced features, the software can successfully eliminate all the different types of Malware, Spyware and Viruses from your computers and laptops
Emsisoft Anti-Malware Review

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Emsisoft Anti-Malware

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If we make a list of companies that are actually making world-class computer security products, Emsisoft is a name that will surely deserve a mention. Its Anti-Malware software is highly popular and the company regularly rolls out new version of this software to advanced computer security to its customers. In this Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software review, we will talk about all the different features, advantages and even drawbacks of this product to provide our readers with clear information about whether they should consider this product.

Current Version

Currently Emsisoft is offering the latest Version of their Anti-Malware Software. This version was released on 8th of January 2016. The software has received several accolades and large number of users has positively reviewed this product. The latest version of this software can be easily downloaded from Emsisoft website and it is about 200MB in size. For enhanced convenience, Emsisoft offers this product in 30 different languages. Installing too is pretty simple and nothing different from what you generally do to install a software.

When you download the Emsisoft software, you get a free trial version with all the features for a period of 30 days. Once this trial period is over, the software will then switch to Free Mode Scan. In this mode, the software will scan malware and viruses from your system but will stop protecting your system from them in real time. After the trial period of 30 days, you will be required to buy the Full Version of this software by paying $25. This is the current price of the software while writing this review and the cost can increase or decrease in future.

Let us now quickly start talking about the interface of Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software.

The interface of Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software can be defined as highly intuitive. The company has made it better with ever single update. When you start the software, at the top of its interface, you will find 6 buttons that provide access to important tools as well as the settings. And, they are:

  • Overview- This provides you with information about the protection status of status. You can also check whether or not the protection modules are active. It will also provide you with information about the version of the software and details of the support team which you can use if you need any assistance.
  • Scan- This will provide you with the three scan modes- Malware Scan, Quick Scan, and the Custom Scan.
  • Protection- This is home to the protection modules of the software, like Behaviour Blocker, File Guard, and the Surf Protection.
  • Quarantine- Here you will find information about malicious items that the software has found on your system.
  • Logs- As the name suggests, here you will find the log files i.e. the actions taken by this anti-malware software.
  • Settings- Here you will find all the different types of settings.

We will talk about them in detail below.

Features of Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software

Enhanced Protection - The Emsisoft software offers advanced protection to your system. None of the latest of malware, spyware or virus can pass through its watchful protection. With this Anti-Malware software protecting your system you can easily use any application, browse internet, and confidently open unknown files as well. The software makes use of advanced algorithms for detecting and can easily detect and disinfect them based on their processes and behaviour.

Scan- This anti-malware software offers three different types of scans- Malware Scan, Quick Scan and the Custom Scan.

Let us try to know these scan types in detail-

1. Malware Scan - When you select this scan type, the software will scan your entire system. While the scanning speed is pretty decent, it can take long if the hard drive size is larger and there are many files in the system, especially when it scans the system for the first time. During this type of scanning, the software will scan system memory, rootkits, all the other files as well as the malware traces.

2. Quick Scan - If you want an instant scan, you can select the Quick Scan option. When this option is selected, the software will only scan the running application along with the locations that are considered as highly vulnerable. This includes the Program files, System Registry and Windows Folders.

Once this Quick Scan is over, the software will provide you with detailed information about all the scanned files. Here, you can delete or quarantine the suspicious files or can open the location of the file and add them to whitelist.

3. Custom Scan - If you only want the software to scan some particular folders and files, and not the entire system, you can make use of this Custom Scan option. With this scan option, you get to select the objects that you want to scan, like memory, rootkits, malware traces, etc. Moreover, you also get the option to select particular file extensions that you want to scan. Also, you can go ahead and save these Custom Scan settings so that you can easily use them in future as well.

Apart from this, you also get to select the Performance Settings, like selecting scanning processors, manage the whitelist and even specify the action which you want the software to take after the scan is completed, like shutting down the computer after scan, etc.

Scheduled Scan- While you can choose any one of the above mentioned scans any time, this Anti-Malware software from Emsisoft also scans the system automatically. You get to schedule this automatic scans with the Scheduled Scans option. You simply need to select the time, like weekly, daily, etc. and the software will take care of the rest. Apart from the scan, you are also required the type of scan that you want the software to perform at the specified time. You can choose from Malware Scan, Quick Scan and Custom Scan. You will also get to select some advanced settings here, like Scan Silently which will launch the software in the background so that it won’t disturb you if you are working on the system.

With the help of Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software you can set the Application Rules, File Guard, Behaviour Blocker and Surf Protection.

Application Rule- With the help of this feature you get the ability to add applications to this software and select the rules for their execution. You can block a particular application, monitor it and also block or allow some specific activities of the application. For instance, you can block the worm or spyware-related software or allow them.

File Guard- With this Emsisoft software installed on your system, every single file will be constantly monitored and protected. Moreover, you also get to select how you want to protect the files and protect them from viruses, malware and spyware. With the File Guard option, you get to select the Scan Level (from Balanced, Fast and Thorough), PUP Detection (Actions which the software will take when unwanted program is detected), Malware Detection (the action the software will take when malware is detected).

Moreover, you can also specify extensions that you want the software to scan or exclude the extensions that you don’t want to scan. Also, you can configure the email notifications with the help of which the software will send email notifications to your email address when malware is detected in your system.

Behaviour Blocker- Anti-Malware 11 from Emsisoft can disinfect and block malware threats that are unknown in nature with the help of an advanced heuristic method for detection. The software will continuously monitor behaviour of every single application and process, and will block it if anything unusual is found. You can specify rules for every single running process and can allow or block particular activities.

Surf Protection- Internet is undoubtedly an amazing place to be. No matter if you want some information, search for images or videos, or simply play games, the world of internet is filled with great stuff. However, a large number of websites are harmful for your system and by visiting them you invite malware, spyware and virus to your system. Anti-Malware 11 provides additional protection layer to ensure that you remain protected from such websites. All you need to do is to enter the IP address or host name and the software will monitor it constantly.

Quarantine- The objects that are quarantined are all stored in this Quarantine section. From this section, you can easily manage all the items that have been quarantined. You can save copies of detected items, send them to Emsisoft for further analysis, etc. Moreover, you can also add files to Quarantine list, delete the objects that are quarantined, restore it or save the list in the form of text file.

Logs - Every single operation that the software performs is saved in the form of log files. You can click on the Logs to view quarantined objects, scans, update information, etc. and even save them in the form of text files.

Settings- In the settings panel you get to configure a variety of settings of this anti-malware software. In the Settings tab you will find 6 different tabs-

1. General - Select self-protection or real-time protection, backup, explorer integration and restore settings.

2. Privacy - Usage and crash reports, SSL encryption, etc.

3. Updates - Updates of the software.

4. Notifications - Notifications about signature and software updates, etc.

5. Permission - Allows you to create a password to ensure no one else is able to use the software.

6. License - Manage license of the software.

These are all the various features of this software. Needless to say, the features are all pretty advanced and only a handful of security software’s offer these features. The Anti-Malware 11 is sure to offer an optimal level performance and is definitely worth trying for every reader who is concerned about the safety of your computer and laptop.

Any tests to test how good Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software is?

MRG Effitas is a popular IT security research company that is based in UK. The company organizes flash test series to check the effectiveness of the computer security products available in the market. The main goal of these tests is to check how the security software’s react to the zero day malicious threats. In one such test, a total of 18 security software’s competed with 120 new samples. Out of 18, only 3 software were actually able to provide clean sheet with 100% detection rate. In this test, Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software with its behaviour analysis and dual-engine scan stood at the first spot.

Apart from this, Virus Bulletin, which is known for its neutral anti-virus tests has also awarded Emsisoft Anti-Malware software with their VB100 Award multiple times. So, it is pretty easy to see that the software is not just loaded with fancy features but the features actually work to offer a high-level of protection to PCs and laptops.


We hope that this Emsisoft Anti-Malware review provided you with detailed information about this software and now you know what this software is all about. If you are actually searching for powerful anti-malware software that is reasonably priced, Emsisoft Anti-Malware Software is highly recommended. It is filled with a number of great features that do an excellent job of providing a high-level of security from threats to your PCs and laptops.

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Multiple scan types
  • Excellent configuration options
  • Effectively removes malware, spyware and virus
  • Offers high-level of real-time protection
  • Warns every time a potential malware is detected
  • Internet browsing protection
  • Highly flexible scheduled scans
  • Many of the important security decisions are left to the user
  • First Malware Scan can take a lot of time


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