Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit – An Express Solution For Your System

Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit a solution for emergency cases, as we even can see from its name. this solution is a powerful malware and virus scanner, but to remove those things from your computer, you have to use the removal tool, which works only manually, or to install a proper antivirus solution that will make your life here less troubled and more relaxed. One more advantage of this product is its portability. It can be downloaded into a USB or other attachable device and you can use it wherever you need. A perfect solution, if you need to perform a scan of, say, your friend or a client. But to remove the threats, you will have to make efforts if you want to do it with this solution, or again, you may prefer to do it with an antivirus solution. This product works with any Windows version, and it is not demanding regarding the system requirements, so, even if your computer isn’t the newest one, this solution still shall be of use.
Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit – An Express Solution For Your System

Emsisoft Emergency Kit Emsisoft Emergency Kit

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A portable security product for the most reliable protection

Nowadays, when the web is filled with viruses, Trojans, different malicious software, and your PC has become a part of your everyday life, all seems to be rather dark than good. One thing is sure: you have to protect your system, as normally, in the PC are stored loads of information, not important as well as confidential and very important for both life and business.

While selecting an antivirus for your computer, you shall consider many things, as having just an antivirus is not enough anymore. You shall select something to protect your system from viruses, but also from malware, and those little bad things, that aren’t really neither malware nor viruses, but they just run and slow down the performance of your system enormously – the crapware, or bloatware. Then, all protection shall be in real time mode, when the malicious programs are trying to get access to the system. And not less important is that the security product is able not only to detect the malware, but also to fight it off or remove it, if thy stem has already been infected. The sad fact is that not all products that claim to be the fastest, the best and all other the…, are not really like these. Or, if they are, they normally cost enormous money. But for your safety, you are ready to pay, aren’t you?

Thus, you need time if you want to have something good. But you do not have this time, as the system is exposed to attacks. Many of them. Some of them are very severe and with the newly developed malware. What shall you do then? Your computer shall be protected even if you haven’t found an ideal option yet. And this protection can be provided by Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit. If you till now believe that every product that doesn’t cost a lot is a junk or something useless, then you simply do not follow the IT news for many years. Yes, it was like this many years before. But the IT world is changing rapidly, like anything on the Earth. And now, there are more and more competitors, that invest enormous sums in developing other solutions, more advanced, more efficient, less sources consuming.

That is why, many developers of famous software, offer free versions. They aren’t worse than paid ones, and the fact that they are free is conditioned by the market situation. Emsisoft also offers a completely free version – Free Emergency Kit. Moreover, this software doesn’t need even to be downloaded in your PC and installed. You can run it from any external device or a tool, like a USB, for example. This is very comfortable due to the fact, that you save free space in memory and it doesn’t influence the performance of your computer. Moreover, you can use it even if you haven’t selected n antivirus solution, or if it collapsed. And anyway, even with a good antivirus, it is better to make a scan with some products, hence, you need Emsisoft anyway.


Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit runs on all PCs with all Windows OS. Well, of course, if your computer isn’t something super obsolete, say, if its manufacturing date is not the 60th. Other than that, there shall be no problems with running it. And well, your computer shall have at least 1 GB free for the security product to run. Other than that, there are no special requirements for your system. The product is good, because it can run practically everywhere without a negative influence on the system performance. Keeping in mind, that it has to load more than 10 millions of signatures, these features are exceptionally good, and the software is absolutely not demanding.

What it gives

Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit scans the computer for infections and cleans it. You do not need neither to download nor to install the software in your computer, just attach the USB with it, and run it.

It performs a complete scan of your system, it detects all viruses, malware and other things that can either damage your system or disturb you in your activities, or be not welcomed due to other reasons.

And it is able to remove all threats, completely, from all parts of the system, without leaving behind a single part of a malicious program.

All these are features of a good antivirus software, and those are usually sold for money, cheaper or more expensive, but you have to pay for it. With Emsisoft, you can get it for free.

This kit consists basically from two tools – Emergency Kit Scanner and Commandline Scanner.

The first tool is a powerful scanner with an easy-to-use graphical interface. It is able to scan and to detect all known kinds of malware.

The Commandline Scanner is the same Kit Scanner, but without the interface.

You may wonder why then the other tool is needed, as it may look even less functional. Though you aren’t right. Commandline Scanner is developed for specialists or advanced users, and it allows making a lot or personalized features. While the Kit Scanner is developed for a broader public.

Moreover, it is easy-to-use. You just click, and the scanning is done, threats are detected and solutions are offered. And then, the threats are removed. What software could be better?

Why Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit?

There are several answers. First of all, there is malware that either destroys a part of the antivirus product, that is installed in the system, or blocks and destroys the entire security software. And then, it doesn’t allow to install and good protection software, or doesn’t allow the security software functioning properly.

With Emergency Kit, you don’t have to install or deinstall anything. Just connect the USB with the software, and we will be able to go to sleep with peace in mind. It will performs a complete scanning and let you know about the problems. Moreover, it is a portable solution. Just imagine a friend calling you and asking if you can help, as his computer got mad and he doesn’t have any idea what to do. You can just copy the Emsisoft solution to a SUB and rush to help your friend. And again, he would not need to install it. Comfortable? No doubt.

Can this product be used instead of, say, Avast antivirus or some other antivirus or antimalware solution?

Well, it has the most valuable functions, such as scanning and detection of all programs that either are or could be dangerous for the system. It even includes a Hijack solution, which allows to manually select and remove all e visitors from your system (make please sure, that there is nothing there, which you would want to have back or just regret to have deleted).

And, finally, Emsisoft BlitzBlank. This tool is developed for those who already know how to work with a software. It can not only delete usual files, but also to clean registry, remove the registry entries and drivers. But the most valuable thing about it is that this all is done while the computer is loading. Like this, no malware will even start its harmful activities.

Why this tool cannot replace an antivirus product?

And still, even though Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit has many tools that would remove from your computer all that shall not be there, we would still recommend to install and use a complete antivirus solutions for a constant daily use.


Because the Emsisoft tool provides scanning, but then, to remove the threats, you have to use another tool, and it is not automatic. So, you have to check the name of each program in the web.

Moreover, it is a portable solution, but no way a constant one.

And even moreover, most of its features are provided for experienced users, the functions aren’t performed automatically but manually, hence, a very basic user can use a very basic level of service.

Yes, there are many options and functions, yes, they all are great. But this portable solution is better to use for rather an emergency scanning rather than as a stationary antivirus product.

Support – is it available for a free version?

The most pleasant thing is that both kinds of users, those who pay and those who use a free version, are treated by the Emsisoft team absolutely greatly. The support feature is something with which Emsisoft can be proud. The specialists resolve the problems, with which the users have had to encounter, as fast as it is possible, they are very professional and friendly. Sometimes, it feels that you may like your Emsisoft product to crash just to find out a reason to contact the Emsisoft support.

But if you feel like to solve all issues on your own, if you, say a super specialist that can handle any software, then, you may not want to contact the support as soon as you face some issue. For such people, Emsisoft has forums, where you can find information about the things that worry you.

  • This product is compatible with all Windows versions
  • Emsisoft Free Kit is portable
  • No need to download and install
  • Minimum system requirements
  • Easy to use
  • Free high quality support
  • Difficult to use some features
  • Works only with Windows OS


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