Emsisoft Internet Security Effective Complete Protection

It is hard to hide your computer system from computer viruses while working in the Internet or with portable devices. Modern antiviruses are multifunctional products that combine preventative measures, treatment from viruses, data restoring. Emsisoft Internet Security is a complex antivirus and a firewall based on two antivirus engines Emsisoft and Bitdefender. It consists of programs’ control; web protection from known harmful resources and absolutely a new core of the firewall; cloud technologies; a simple understandable interface and a minimal resource consumption level; multilevel protection in real time; activity monitoring of “potentially undesired programs”; system protection when using public networks; a possibility to setup substantive application control; behavioral analysis of suspicious software; compatibility with other antivirus tools.
Emsisoft Internet Security Effective Complete Protection

Emsisoft Internet Security Emsisoft Internet Security

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Maximum safety and usability

Unfortunately, these days mass usage of personal computers influenced on appearance of virus programs that can restore themselves, interrupt computer performance, ruin a disk file structure and damage information stored on computers.

Although many countries passed laws on computer crimes prevention and developed a great number of special protective software against viruses, the amount of harmful programs increases still. For these reasons, users of personal computers should know about virus nature, ways of infection and protection measures.

There are special instruments that can detect, delete and protect against computer viruses. These programs are called antiviruses. If the antivirus knows a type of a virus it can find and remove it easily with own tools. Nevertheless, more than twenty new malicious programs, that antiviruses cannot detect, appear every day. That’s why it is important to update antivirus bases to find and delete harmful codes successfully. Effectiveness of protective programs depends, mainly, on its daily updating.

Unluckily, there is no 100 percent protection against all computer viruses. It is explained by the fact that each day dozens of new viruses are written in the world. The creation process of new antiviruses stands behind the virus writing process (weeks or even months) and exactly at this time viruses cause huge losses.

All existent protection methods against computer viruses can be divided figuratively into two categories: preventative activities, actions for virus deletion and curing of infected programs and data. Special attention must be paid to preventative acts, in other words, actions that can retain computer infection and loss of valuable data.

Regretfully, it is almost impossible to avoid computer contamination by computer viruses: in such situation you do not need to use computer networks, disks from other computers, pirate software and others to guard yourself. Statistics show that each PC can be infected by viruses. Therefore, the main reliable prophylactic way is copying of reserved data. It is recommended to keep reserved copies on disks, flash drives or other portable carriers, because it is not always safe to keep copies on floppy disks or hard drives.

Usually antivirus programs consist of the following tools:

  • the scanner for checking disks, removing viruses and restoring of infected programs and data.
  • the file system shield that is automatically downloaded into random access memory, after turning the computer on, and it scans all working file for virus presence.
  • the program that monitoring all requests to the hard drive (destructive actions of viruses can lead to data modification that stored on the computer hard drive)
  • means for updating antivirus bases and many other tools..
If users want to find information on what antivirus is better they start surfing in the Internet on different websites with ratings. However, it is always complicated to understand which protection is more reliable. Different antivirus top lists do not deserve to be believed every time: there is no exact criterion for picking up this product. One antivirus can be better in one category, another one – in a different category, that’s why it is hard to find out which antivirus software will be good for users in general. The situation is always changed, antivirus producers design new versions of their products, update and improve present versions, cyber criminals write new malicious codes for computer users.

You should be guided by following requirements, if you want to choose a reliable good antivirus:

  • antivirus software must be produced by a trusted producer who is well-known on the market, recommended itself and showed good results.
  • it is better to take the antivirus which offers more functions for user protection when choosing AV solution.
  • you should remember about computer hardware where utilities will be installed, because some antivirus programs can be “hungry for resources” and your machine starts running slowly.

We should keep in mind the next moments, if you have a choice between free and commercial software:

  • none of antiviruses, free and commercial, will provide 100% protection from viruses.
  • free versions as commercial arrange basic protection for users against bad programs.
  • commercial versions are differ from one another in having more protection functions from threats. It is not infrequent that many users of commercial versions do not know how to setup and use these functions, for this reason, they use only basic functions for computer protection.

An advanced computer user can completely employ commercial versions of AVs. Basic protection will be enough for most users. Free versions have also one advantage: you do not need to pay when installing or pay for license renewal for the next year. Free antiviruses are being updated and they protect users from main threats, there is no need to remember about their prolongation. It is important to mention that you do not have to download hacked versions of commercial antiviruses, and also download them from doubtful websites.

It will be safer to install a free version after downloading it from its official website. It can be accomplished more profitably, if the user wants to change free to commercial. Users of free versions often get good offers on special terms from antivirus producers.

The software market is full of a wide variety of antivirus solutions, and anyone can go astray there.

Programs under the trademark Emsisoft are widely known among people interested in information security, but there is a little hope that ordinary users are familiar with it. Formally, antivirus tools by Emsisoft are ascribed to Austrian production, however, on their official website developers inform us that they do not have the head office and their employees work remotely from different places in the world.

All Emsisoft programs use two engines at the same time: Emsisoft (the A engine) and Bitdefender (the B engine). In general, Emsisoft Internet Security shows good results in external testing and has many positive reviews.

Emsisoft Internet Security is a program designed to protect and monitor the operating system. Nowadays even professional antiviruses cannot guarantee computer security. For a long time far-seeing users have already exploited two instruments at the same time. Availability of two or more antiviruses and additional means allows users to conduct scanning as much as possible and in a quality manner. Emsisoft Internet Security can be such bridging instrument that users can use for free or buy it.

After startup users can get into a convenient dialog window with the intuitive interface and nice-looking design. One can choose main options right away – it is scanning and disk checking, searching of different errors and also their fixing. Among other things, Emsisoft Internet Security enables users to liquidate faults in registry records which, as it is commonly known, might disturb a lot.

You do not need to do any extra actions. The utility automatically will conduct scanning and present ready information. One of advantages of the program is its optimization. You will not need much time for scanning a large-format hard drive. It should pointed, that the AV works fast with external carriers which can be checked for presence of errors and technical faults.

Two methods for liquidation of found failures can be used: manual and automated. Automatic deletion of registry records and needless computer rubbish are realized in safe mode. You should not worry that Emsisoft Internet Security will delete significant components. Manual mode will allow users to examine nature of the problem in much more detail. It is difficult to get rid of failures manually, if you do not have relevant skills and expertise.

Emsisoft Internet Security is a conflict-free program to other instruments. It is worthwhile noting that the developer initially positions its product as bridging. You can use it for full computer protection as well, but be careful with that. Resources of the utility are not so great, although it is adapted to architectures of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows.

Main features:

Antivirus protection:

  • full protection from viruses, spies, root kits and other types of harmful software.
  • online protection with using two engines: antivirus Bitdefender and antispyware Emsisoft.
  • integration with Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network – program checking on the ground of the cloud application database for effective threat detection and quantity reduction of false-positive responses.

Proactive protection:

  • program control in real time (HIPS) – infection prevention against new and unknown threats. It monitors behavior of suspicious processes in the system and blocks their potentially dangerous actions, and in these conditions it deletes the executed file as well. Unfortunately, it is impossible to add protected regions individually as in classic HIPS.

Web protection:

  • web protection – blocking of known malicious, fraudulent and phishing resources for providing security in the Internet regardless of the used browser.


  • control over online activities. The new brandmauer core has full support of IPv6, more differential rules for packet filtering, higher productiveness, and also full support of Unicode.

What are new features in Emsisoft Internet Security 11? Here they are.

  • This new version offers the 64-bit application optimized for 64-bit systems of Windows. It will increase productivity and contribute to proper use of available system components.
  • The scanner better detects harmful codes that do not have files and placed only in RAM.
  • Performance of the restore engine is improved essentially when external programs, working intensively with the registry, are started.
  • Behavioral detection of encoder viruses is expended, particularly, ransomware.
  • Detection of malware (that can illegally use parser scenarios and host processes for conducting harmful acts) is added.
  • Detection of malicious programs (that are installed using an obfuscation code and other methods of hiding) is appended.
  • Detection of illegal bad programs that are written in the autoloading system is improved.
  • A mechanism of self-decision making in detection of deleterious invasions and attempts to exploit vulnerabilities is realized.
  • The amount of needed system rebooting, when a user starts updating, is reduced.
  • There are new updating scenarios for large companies, where inner testing of compatibility before activation of updates on working stations is necessary.
  • Numerous improvements of the user interface.

To sum up, the program contains such features as: intuitive security operation, an understandable set of options, fast scanning of portable carriers, analysis of operating failures.

What new benefits can new version offer?

Let’s examine features that are improved and corrected in the antivirus greatly.


  • Automatic process of updating.
  • Default actions for “Behavioral analysis”.
  • Ransomware detection.
  • Productivity of file protection.
  • Checking of a serial key.
  • ICMPv6 support for rules of the firewall IPv6 for Emsisoft Internet Security.
  • Automatic rules IGMP for the system and expelled processes for Emsisoft Internet Security.


  • Settings reset on default did not clear out journals and the indicator of discovered threats.
  • Automatic updating was added to journals as manual.
  • Double adding into the journal after file restoring from an isolation period.
  • An omitted text and functional buttons in the Security Center of Emsisoft in Windows 7.

Other useful added features:

  • The column “Last update” in the registration table is added.
  • The update instrument supports few updates of the behavioral blocker without computer rebooting.
  • Game mode is started automatically when detecting full-screen mode.

  • Two methods of scanning
  • Does not demanding for resources
  • Compatibility with other programs
  • Program monitoring in real time
  • Built Anti-keylogger
  • Firewall does not always block unknown or suspicious network traffic


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