EmsiSoft Protects Your PC In The Most Efficient Way

Thus, considering from all, that you have read here, we can make the conclusion, that EmsiSoft is a quite specific product. You will either love it, or you will never buy it again. Well, if you use only a computer, and you prefer it to be protected, for 100%, from everywhere and everything, then EmsiSoft is your antivirus software. To use EmsiSoft, you have to have installed Windows 7, 8 or 10 in your computer, not XP or Vista, otherwise, it will not work. If you prefer a MAC, or you love your Android smartphone and would like to protect it, too, but preferably with the same software, as you have bought for your computer, then, EmsiSoft isn’t your option, either. It doesn’t work neither on MAC, nor on Android. But, in its turn, this product has many advantages, too. It protects from all possible threats, a free firewall is present, it is easy to install and easy-to-use, thus, if your OS is an appropriate one, you can install EmsiSoft without doubt and really enjoy using it.
EmsiSoft Protects Your PC In The Most Efficient Way

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Emsisoft Anti-Malware

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Do you remember those times, when a computer was rather a luxury and something very unusual?

Only the richest could afford it. We don’t even mention the internet. Older people don’t know till now what it is, how it works and how to use it. And if you tell them about a virus, most likely, they will think that it is some kind of influenza and will not believe you, that even a computer can be infected.

But you are a modern person, who lives nowadays and uses all the advantages, that a computer and the internet offer. That is why, this article is targeted to you. Of course, you know, that, when we speak about a computer virus, we don’t mean influenza, but a special program, developed to damage your system, software or even hardware. Moreover, you definitely know that a virus is not something unique, that can cause hard. There are Trojans, rootkits, absolutely endless number of malware. All those malicious programs have different purposes. Some of them just replace or damage or even wipe important files. Others block the important data. But no doubt, that all of them are unwished visitors in your system, and you have to deal with them without delays.

The best way of dealing with such things is to install a good and reliable antivirus program. But take into consideration, that protecting is not enough. What if some viruses or malware are already in your computer before you install an antivirus software?

That is why, a good antivirus software shall be able also to eliminate the consequences of such malicious programs work.

Most products advertise how efficient they are in protecting your computer from all kinds of malware, but very few of them mention, that they can deal efficiently with those malwares, that are already in your system, moreover, almost none software deals with elimination of damages, that a malware has already caused.

That is why, we recommend you EmsiSoft, if you have already faced with a problem, that some of your data was replace, some was damaged or even deleted by a malicious program.

Why EmsiSoft?

There are several reasons, why one can prefer EmsiSoft rather than any other antivirus and antimalware software.

1. This is actually not just an antivirus software. EmsySoft combines antivirus and antimalware protection technology. It means, that the software isn’t limited to antivirus protection only, but protects all your system from all malware, such as rootkits, ransomware and others. This is a very valuable feature, as, with purchasing one software, you will protect your system in all aspects and from all sides. Though, before running happily to buy it, check please system requirements, if your PC complies with them, as regarding this, EmsiSoft is pretty demanding.

2. EmsiSoft offers dual engine protection against malicious programs. Actually, this is a double-protection. Does every software offer that? Actually, only very few. This is one more advantage of EmsiSoft and a reason for selecting it.

3. This product not just detects and blocks all software that is dangerous or suspicious, but also removes it from your computer. And again, not each software can deal with that efficiently, as the results of independent labs show, that most antivirus products block malware efficiently, but in most cases they failed to detect and eliminate all dangerous programs, which are already present in the system. EmsiSoft not only blocks the potentially dangerous software, but finds it in the system and eliminates the consequences of its activity. That is why, this product is not just good protection, but also a good cleaning for your system, if needed.

4. This antivirus program not just protects. It protects your system in a real time mode. It means, as soon as a virus, or Trojan, or a worm, or other kinds of malware attacks your system, the software defends it; the software reacts instantly, at the same moment. This is very important, as if the antivirus program worked with a delay, just imagine, what would be already with your computer!

5. Behavior Blocker. Most antivirus and antimalware system needs regular update. They do it mostly through a Cloud. The software needs it to be able to recognize the newest malware. As you maybe know, there are plenty of them developed every day. And some of them are very dangerous, as their work may be base on completely different principles, than usual. That is why, if the antivirus program doesn’t know them, they may be perceived as friendly programs and allowed into your computer. And from there, they can perform their damaging activities. But with EmsiSoft, this story sounds in a completely different manner. This antivirus products doesn’t need any updates, in the usual sense. Why? It detects malware based on its behavior, based on behavioral analyses. Once a suspicious behavior of a program is detected, the program is blocked or deleted, and the traces of its activity eliminated as much, as it is possible. This is one of the most advanced ways to fight off the threats efficiently.

6. The antivirus software always performs verification with a Cloud in real time mode.
What it means? First of all, if a system in some computer, where EmsiSoft is installed, encounters a new virus, or Trojan, or some else malware, then, the information about it is sent to a Cloud. As soon as you are online, the system connects with a Cloud and updates information from the data, submitted by other systems, installed in computers all around the world. This helps to keep the antivirus software updated about all possible threats and solutions. And like this, your computer is reliably protected, as it knows, how to behave, if some new viruses are trying to attack.

7. If you have the internet, of course, it is not just for having it connected. You perform different activities, like looking for some information, listening to your favorite music, downloading some files, checking websites and so on. This is a great source of information, with access to those sources, which were not available in the past. Take for example, international libraries, which are available not in electronic form. No doubt, this is a huge advantage. But, there are drawbacks, too. For example, viruses, Torjans, worms, malware and so on. The issue is, that they are developed for damaging computers, files, stealing information and making other damage. That is why, surfing protection is vitally important. EmsiSoft provides reliable protection for your computer, while you are performing your online activities. It blocks in time viruses and malware, fights off cyber attacks, blocks phishing web sites and suspicious web sites and pages. All in all, provides a complete protection for the entire system.

Two-in-one, or a software, that protects

8. It offers a firewall included in the set. Firewall is one of the key element of the computer protection. Each time when you are connected, your system is exposed to plenty of attacks. Firewall fights them off. It also blocks suspicious or dangerous incoming and outcoming traffic. Some antivirus products provide firewall only for additional payment, hence, a free firewall is something that shall be considered as an advantage.

9. This antivirus product offers enhanced protection, because it uses 2 scan engines. One of them belongs to EmsiSoft, and the other one is of the Bitdefender. Two most powerful protection softwares combined their efforts to provide the highest level protection for your computer. Not every antivirus program has such feature, that is why, this powerful combination shall be definitely considered as a huge advantage in comparison with competitors.

10. The developers of EmsiSoft shall be pretty confident in their product, because they offer a 30 days free trial. You can download the trial version of the product directly from the official websites. After the trial period is over, you can either buy the license for one year, or to stop using it. This offer is a clear evidence, that the product showed great results in all possible tests and is trusted by many customers.

Though EmsiSoft looks like perfect at the first sight, but it has its drawbacks, too. For example, it works only on Windows 7, 8 and 10. It does not support XP or Vista, and we even don’t mention MAC or Android OS. That is why, its application is already very limited. Moreover, it works only on computer, no smartphone and no tablet. This fact makes its application even more limited, and many users would consider twice before purchasing it.

In some feedback from people who were using the product, you may see, that they had some issue, like the product stopped all Windows applications, and the user couldn’t perform any work on his lap, or, for example, that some virus destroyed the EmsiSoft completely. The product was damaged to such extend, that it was even impossible to de-install it. moreover, some free product was able to cope with that virus, which caused a complete devastation for Emsi. Well, we shall say, that such issues were not detected during any testing. Most likely, the authors of the posts were dealing with a cracked copy of the product, but in such case, the producers cannot guarantee any proper quality of work. Moreover, you shall remember, that in such things may be contained viruses, which, most likely, damaged the system of the user. Hence, we recommend dealing with certified copies of the product, purchased from the official sources. You shall understand, that any use of any unlicensed copy can lead to unpredictable, and sometimes even irreversible, damage to your system.

  • Eliminates the traces of malicious activities performed by malware
  • Free firewall available
  • 30 days free trial
  • Surfing protection feature
  • Application of 2 scan engines
  • Dual protection
  • Antivirus + antimalware product in one set
  • Behavior analyses of files
  • Protection in real time mode
  • Works on Windows 10
  • Works only on Windows 7 8 and 10
  • No MAC support
  • No Android support
  • No smartphone support
  • No tablet support


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