Ensure The Validity And Quality Of Your Backlinks With Raritysoft Backlink Checker

Ensuring that you have high quality and valid backlinks is important, and if you are paying for them, the you need to be sure that you are getting what you pay for. Raritysoft Backlink Checker is the right tool for that- it is free, easy to use and gets you results within seconds. With a host of features and results that tell you everything about all your backlinks, there is little left to ask for with this free backlink analyzer.
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Ensure The Validity And Quality Of Your Backlinks With Raritysoft Backlink Checker

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Are you still checking your website’s backlinks manually?

One of the most important aspects of running a successful website, or trying to get one there, is to have high quality backlinks. It is not just the quantity of backlinks that matters; but the quality as well. An easy way to get backlinks is to pay some backlink generating service to do the needful. It can cost quite a bit- and gives you a report that has hundreds and even thousands of backlinks. You will probably check just 10 or 20 of them, and will assume that you got what you purchased. However- there is a more efficient and effective way to do that- and this is where Raritysoft Backlink Checker comes in.

What does Raritysoft Backlink Checker do?

Raritysoft Backlink Checker takes away the task of manually clicking every backlink to see if it does the job or not. With this tool, you can verify all of your backlinks with just a few clicks. You may have hundreds or even thousands of backlinks- and with Raritysoft Backlink Checker that is not a problem. Just input all the backlinks in a single text file, and this tool will do the job of letting you know which of your backlinks are genuine.

While checking backlinks, just their status is not what is important- knowing what type of link it is, the backlink text and similar information can be crucial in deciding the quality of the backlink. Raritysoft Backlink Checker does not just verify backlinks. When you enter a list of URLS to check, it gives you a host of information- including where the link points to, what is the text associated with the Backlink, what type of backlink it is- nofollow or do follow, the status of the backlink- found or not found and the HTTP code of the backlink.

Using Raritysoft Backlink Checker

The first thing to talk about in using Raritysoft Backlink Checker is ease of setting it up. The setup is just a few hundred KBs, so it does not take too much time to download it. Installation of the tool is a simple process- you do not have to do anything, just double click and run the downloaded file, and the tool will auto-register.

The best place to download Raritysoft Backlink Checker is from the Raritysoft website- they certify that the setup on their website is free from any malicious software, and a virus-scan report of the same is available from Panda Antivirus if you require it.

There is no purchase or registration procedure required with this free backlink checker. When you open the setup, Raritysoft Backlink Checker will start within a few seconds, and you can begin using it right away. You do not have to provide your email address or any personal information, no credit cards are required- just download, run and use it as much as you want to. The tool is portable, which means you can easily transfer it by just copy pasting the setup.

It is compatible with all Windows versions from Windows XP and above, and almost any configuration can run it. There are no minimum system requirements as such- if you can run a web browser on your PC, then Raritysoft Backlink Checker will work just perfectly. All you need is an internet connection, and you are all ready to start using this tool.

The User Interface and Functionalities

The UI of Raritysoft Backlink Checker is neat and functional. The top bar will have the Files Menu that you can use to load the URL and backlinks files, as well as exit the program; the settings menu and the help menu with a link to the website of the developer.

To use Raritysoft Backlink Checker, you will require two things- a list of all the URLs that you wish to check for backlinks, and the URLs/links to your websites that these should be linked to. The steps that you have to follow for using Raritysoft Backlink Checker are as follows:

1. If you want to make any changes to the proxy settings- then just go to Settings-> Proxy Settings, enter the Proxy IP address, port and select the appropriate socket.

2. In the ‘Input Files’ area, click on the button named ‘URLs’. You now have to browse to the .txt file that contains the list of URLs and upload it here. This is the list of the URLs that the backlinks have to point to.

3. For entering the list of backlinks, click on the button named ‘Backlinks’, then browse to the .txt file that has the backlinks list.

4. In the ‘Folder’ box, you have the option to select the folder where the report is saved. Click on the button named ‘Folder’ and browse to the appropriate location to set the report’s output location.

5. You can also choose the format of the report- text or CSV. Just click on the radio button corresponding to the option that you prefer.

6. In the ‘Threads’ box, you can set the value of threads from 0 to 100, which is used for specifying the number of simultaneous connections to check with. Use the slider to adjust to your preferred value.

7. If you check the ‘Check Domain’ box, then Raritysoft Backlink Checker will check for all pages with the specific domain name. By entering just the domain name, the tool will automatically check if any of the entered backlinks link to www.yourdomain.com/anypage and even www.something.yourdomain.com/. If you do not select this box, then the backlinks will only be matched with the URL list that has been input to the tool.

8. Once you have made all the changes as desired, just click on start to begin the process. Depending on the number of URLs and backlinks entered, as well as your internet speed, the testing process could take a few minutes. Once done, the report will be displayed on the interface as well as saved to the specified location.

9. Click on the ‘Exit’ button to close Raritysoft Backlink Checker.

Both the text files, namely the one with the URLs and the one with the backlinks, are required to have just a single URL per line. That is it- there is no complexity involved in using this tool.

What sets Raritysoft Backlink Checker apart from any other free backlink checker is the effectiveness of its checking process, as well as how easy it makes to analyze the results. The results, as displayed in the software’s window, can be sorted by any of the parameters- URL, backlink, backlink text, backlink type, backlink status and the HTTP code as desired. This allows you to have a more comprehensive view of the results, and see which links are getting you traffic and which links are nothing but a waste of your investment.

Throughout this process, you may be wondering that if the tool is free, easy to use and comes without any strings attached- can the results that it provides be trusted? One use of the tool will be enough to tell you that it provides you with accurate results. The amount of information that is generated with the testing of every link in Raritysoft Backlink Checker is proof that everything that it tells you about each link is true.

About the developer

Raritysoft is a service that primarily started as a source for technology related news and updates. They also host a suite of products for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. Raritysoft Backlink Checker is one of their own proprietary products, and it was just recently launched. Despite of the short time it has been in the market, it has garnered a lot of users and positive reviews, which shows that Raritysoft is a developer that manufactures quality products. Raritysoft also states that every file on their website, including Raritysoft Backlink Checker, is verified by over 40 antivirus systems - thus ensuring that its customers get high-quality and spam free products.

How effective is Raritysoft Backlink Checker?

Now that we have gone through everything that Raritysoft Backlink Checker says that it can do, let us go through how effective all those functionalities really are.

Installing and setting up Raritysoft Backlink Checker is as easy as stated- you will not require any signups or credit cards. It is ready to use in less than a minute with a decent internet connection. The interface is clean and does not come with a lot of clutter. The only downside here is that there is an advertisement that will be on the right side of the interface . There is nothing that you can do about it, but then again, considering that it is a free tool, this can be overlooked.

Apart from this, everything works as described- loading URLs and Backlinks is easy, the scan results do not take too much time and you can export them in any format, sort as desired and do just about anything else. Thus, with all of that- it is safe to say that Raritysoft Backlink Checker is the backlink checker that you need- that too free!

  • Simple setup, no registrations
  • Free to use
  • Intuitive user interface without any complicated steps
  • Results can be exported in CSV and Text format
  • Loads URLs and Backlinks within seconds
  • An advertisement banner present on the right side, but considering that it is a free tool this can be overlooked


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