Express Your Ideas Into Reality With Canvas Draw 3 For Mac

Canvas Draw 3 for mac takes over from Canvas Draw which was a new release from the Canvas X. the application aims to provide a global workspace for designers that can meet the needs of inexperienced and expert illustrators and designers. Despite having so many excellent features, lack of support for industry file format standards is a setback. The application supports exporting of projects with formats that can be supported by Adobe Photoshop but not Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. Apart from the drawing tools, the application includes support for raster and vector graphics, a large collection of image and object effects, precise measuring tools plus numerous toolboxes to deal with certain issues. Canvas Draw 3 for Mac actually avails everything that a designer can ever need to express their ideas into reality.
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Express Your Ideas Into Reality With Canvas Draw 3 For Mac

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By looking at Canvas Draw 3 for Mac for the first time, it seems to be packed with everything that graphic designers might need, including painting and drawing tools with different sizes, shapes and texture, image filters, raster and vector graphics, text effects layout customization tools, annotation capabilities, symbols support and so much more.

With a plethora of graphics tools as your aide, you can create projects for different categories of business needs. You can design business cards, brochures, adverts, floor plans, architectural designs, handouts, technical drawings and many more. It offers a measured precision that makes the whole idea unique. You also get to combine objects, images and text into one document. This feature is a unique one that wasn’t available with other applications in Mac platform.

ACDSee designed this graphics application software with a number of features to make it easier for rookies to get started. The software comes with sample files and built in templates to help you have a nice takeoff. If you are already an expert, you are also given options to create your own. Every document has been organized in multiple layers and you can view the layout structure from the center.

Pricing plans

Canvas Draw 3 for Mac is available at the developer’s website where it can be downloaded for free. For a first time use, ACDSee gives you’re a free trial version for a period of 30 days. You get to experience all the features that the application has before making a purchase.

It is available on a subscription basis, at a cost of US$89 per year. This will give you access to the updates released by the developer. If you are already a user of the previous version of Canvas Draw, then you can make an upgrade starting from US$99. To view the exclusive upgrade plans, you need to log into your ACDSee account.

System requirements

Just like most of the drawing applications in the market, Canvas Draw 3 for Mac is a heavyweight application. For you to have a seamless user experience, your computer needs to have good specifications. It performs well on 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The memory should be at least 6GB. The application can run on Mac OS X version 10.10 or higher. while working with a sample template the application uses about 50% of the CPU plus 250MB of the memory.


Canvas Draw 3 for Mac has preserved most of the traditional designs that have been employed by most of the drawing tools in the industry. A greater percentage has been reserved for canvas section while all tools have been placed in a toolbar at the top or some extra toolbox panels.

However, there are some small functionalities that designers have come like that are missing. This can be a little unpleasant. For instance, a feature such as using the mouse button to zoom in or out is missing. Instead, Canvas Draw 3 for Mac achieves this functionality with a button. Similarly, the side bars are used to relocate the canvas rather than just using a drag and drop action.

Additionally, if you need to select an object and move it around, the cursor must be placed at precise areas, failure to which the selection want be validated. In fact, it is a real hassle to select the specific object and identify the areas that certain tools work or do not work.

Just as with many drawing software out there, the more you use Canvas Draw, the more you acclimatized to the environment and learn the quirks. However, you don’t have to depend on the trial and error method only. The software has an Assistant tool that detects selections automatically and then suggests topics that you might be interested in.

ACDSee has also provided a comprehensive documentation on their site which covers a large collection of vector graphics and drawing tools that are supported. There are also image editing options, Sprite technology, analysis tools and many other topics covered.

Support for teamwork

Canvas Draw 3 for Mac has a lot of annotation and export capabilities that facilitate teamwork. You can save your project in many different file formats, including BMP, JPG, GIF, PDF< PNG, PDD/PSD and TFF to support printing and sharing with other people. There are also proprietary templates and project export formats supported. This comes in very handy as you can work on your project and save it to continue at another time or even convert it to a template for other upcoming projects.

When you choose to save in the project form, the application will retain all the aspects that are related to your project as well as the layers. This simply means that the files can be shared with colleagues and enable them make modifications directly or create annotations through comments or using markup tools.

Nonetheless, Canvas Draw 3 for Mac doesn’t have a platform for sharing documents. The ACDSee account is only used to manage the license of your product.

Security support

Another great feature is the inclusion of security measures, in that you can encrypt your canvas file to protect it from unauthorized access. This comes in very handy especially when you want to protect your intellectual work from other people while it’s still under development.

Sprite technology

Through the Sprite technology, ACDSee aims at meeting all the needs of designers that are illustration related. This technology makes it possible to play with various transparency effects as well as a built-in effects palette to facilitate creation of high-end designs with less efforts.

Given that Sprite tool works with masks and layers, artistic possibilities of designers are almost endless. The drawing software also includes other effects that can be used on objects, like blending or different types of merging and distortion effects. Additionally, a designer gets to apply endless number of image filters, change color mode or trim your picture.

On the other hand, you can use the measurement tools to analyze the distance between different objects as well as the document layout. As a result, you are guided towards meeting the industry standards when designing your projects.

New features

Just like with a software upgrade from other developers, ACDSee included new features in Canvas Draw 3 for Mac to make it an ultimate choice for professionals. The application includes a wide array of new features and tools to improve user experience and improve the number of tasks that can be achieved through the drawing software. The newly included features are Unicode support, Unicode UI, Pressure sensitivity support, RTF support for Copy and Paste, etc.

  • Unicode support – this feature lets you select the alternate characters, like the ones that have accent marks such as in French, while typing easily. This feature now lets you type in a wide variety of languages across the globe, such Greek or even Japanese on the same document.
  • Hyperlink assignment – you can now assign a hyperlink to a page element so it can jump to a webpage, intranet, hard drive or files. Mailto lets you create email links while Anchor function lets you define anchors or commands. You can as well add hotspots to your graphics. You can test your hyperlinks with the Hyperlink Painter.
  • Improved searching – you can now easily find your stuff with using a Find command. You can search for objects, texts and other items with certain characteristics. You can use the name, numbers, strokes, types, effects, colors as search parameters.
  • Larger workspace – ACDSee has made it possible to optimize your workspace through the Docking bar. Palettes that are commonly used can be docked for an easy and quick access. The docking bar can also be hidden or shown as desired to optimize the workspace.
  • Format flexibility – a wide range of file formats have been included in the application for convenient export and import. These include file formats for raster graphics, web content, AutoCAD and 2D graphics.
  • 3D vector support – using the Extrude command, you can add a third dimension to your objects. It’s possible to define light source, rotation angles, color and many more.
  • Enhance selections – you can use texts and objects to create your selections in images. You can then cut out the sections with regard to your selections. You can also apply adjustments and filters to the resulting selections for a complete adjustability.
  • Smart join feature – this lets you join any two or more vector objects to form a single object. You can also define the distance between the points before joining, select line attributes to be joined and determine the trimming length for unnecessary segments.
  • Image transformation – the shape of a text or vector object can be used to cut out the image sections for realism in maps, diagrams, floor plans among others.
  • Flowcharts – if you need to visually present complex data, the application lets you do so through the logical and appealing flowcharts. This eliminates the need to import static pre-defined charts using external spreadsheet applications. The application can create dynamic tables and charts with direct data input.
  • Image mode - You can create grayscale images that have black and additional colors. It’s possible to achieve monotone, tri-tone or quad-tone images through ranging the tones.
  • Flexible filters – the application lets you create your own effects or correction filters via the custom command. This gives you total control of your content creation.

Canvas Draw 3 for Mac also has quite a number of new small detailed features and tools that you can learn about in the course of using it. Some are simply upgrades while others are completely new.

  • Canvas Draw 3 for Mac combines different drawing and painting tools into a single suite to create an optimized workspace that lets you achieve a lot.
  • The software suite has been backed up with a comprehensive documentation and integrates the Canvas Assistant to explore the topics related to your current functions. This makes it easier for a rookie to get started with the application.
  • The exporting capabilities together with the in-built security features makes it a good application that can be used at professional level. You can secure your projects and share them with other people and get feedbacks for improvement.
  • Its new Unicode support lets you work with characters from different languages on the same document.
  • Canvas Draw 3 for Mac is however limited as far as exporting projects to other formats that have compatibility with other graphic tools in the industry.


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