F-Secure Protection Not Only For Your Computer But For Your Identity

F-Secure Antivirus for PC is a good and reliable software, the performance of which has been proven through years. Many independent lab tests prove one time after another, that this product removes all malware from the system and protects very reliably from all kinds of threats. Yes, we admit, that it has not so many advanced features, but those offered ones are really of the best quality. The application of cloud computing technology allows updating the database of viruses and all new threats within seconds, and allows protecting your system as reliably as an antivirus program can do. Thus, we can make a conclusion, that if you are in need of a good antivirus, without the excess of features, just the basics, then F-Secure is the right choice for you.
F-Secure Protection Not Only For Your Computer But For Your Identity

F-Secure Anti-Virus F-Secure Anti-Virus 2016

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FSecure antivirus for PC – protects your computer from all threats

A computer and the internet are so much incorporated in our life, that now, we cannot imagine, how we could live without them. This brings so much comfort, both in entertainment and in work. Now, you have no need to go out to have a new book, or you don’t need to wait till your favorite movie starts, you have just to type its name in the browser and you can watch it online. You can work from home, with all kinds of documents, data, etc. – you can do work that do not require a production process or direct servicing. All, that is connected with intellectual tasks only, you can do from home. You can communicate with your colleagues via a network, or a cloud, you can share documents, communicate. The internet provides plenty of opportunities. However, it is a source of a danger, too. Why?

As you already may know, there are many scammers who are working hard to create new malware and to get your personal of financial information to misuse it. They can get loans, buy or sell something in your name, they can even withdraw money from your card or even a bank account – with access to information, there are plenty of options. That is why, we all need a proper protection.

F-Secure Antivirus offers this protection.

What features do you get with F-Secure antivirus?

F-Secure provides the necessary set of features to keep your system, hence, you, protected from different kinds of intrusions. You can buy a yearly subscription for one or three laps, depending on what exactly you need. The price doesn’t really differ too much. And for this small sum, you get a comprehensive protection for one year.

Now, to the features. F-Secure offers all features, that are necessary to keep your system and you safe.

1 – A complete 100% protection from viruses, Trojans, malware, rootkits, and other “ware” that can be dangerous or potentially dangerous for your computer. Why is it so important? Because, this feature isn’t something really unique. It is offered by any antivirus program. And it is so, because this feature is the base for any antivirus software. And it is vitally important for your system, that is works well. Otherwise, other features, doesn’t matter how advanced and elaborate they are, don’t have any sense. That is why, the efficiency of protection against virus is the main thing.

2 – Protects from cyber attacks. Why this feature is necessary? Well, any time when you connect to the web, you are vulnerable. There are plenty of hackers, looking for a proper opportunity to get access to somebody`s personal or even better, financial data. Cyber attacks, if successful, can lead you to a disaster, either emotional or financial. That is why, an efficient protection from cyber attacks is a guarantee that your money and your confidential data will be safe.

3 – Automatic updates. there are so many viruses developed every day, moreover, they are becoming more advanced. If your system isn’t updated, then it will not identify the new threats. That is why, timely update is necessary. You shall update your protection in time, it will be able to provide a proper level of protection for your system.

4 –It provides protection for up to 3 of your computers. You can install the software first on one, and then on others computers. It doesn’t work either on a tablet, nor on a mobile, it doesn’t support MAC either. That is why, if you need a mobile protection, too, you better check other products of F-Secure. This one is even called F-Secure Anti-Virus for PC. Thus, no doubt shall arise.

5 – Cloud Technology. Nowadays, Cloud technology is gaining more and more importance. Now, you can even use it to protect your system from malicious programs. First of all, the database of viruses is updated through a cloud, like this, the antivirus software gets the newest data to its database. Not only that, F-Secure updates all it users` softwares about the new development. Thus, your antivirus gets acquainted not only with official updates, but also with the threats, with which the systems of other users had to deal.

6 – Automatic scan for malware. Well, this is a feature that doesn’t provide a special security, but it gives a lot of comfort. You do not need to start scanning manually every time there are any issues. The software scans the system automatically, without bothering you and without even sending notifications. You just need to install the software and after that, it will do all for you.

These are the very basic features, they create the foundation of a security system. And they shall be provided by any more or less reliable antivirus software. But on top of that, F-Secure provides some additional services, too.

Safe transactions. You definitely make online transactions. Doesn’t matter if you are buying tickets once a year, or internet shopping is the main kind of shopping you do, safety of internet transactions is vitally important. Just imagine a situation, when scammers get to know your financial information, such as card number and security code. Or if they get to know the password to your online banking. Then, your financial situation may become very unpleasant. The most unpleasant thing is that you cannot do anything in such case, just to regret, that you have been so careless with a thing that is called confidential information.F-Secure knows about this danger, and knows the ways how the scammers may try to act. That is why, this software can prevent all their malicious actions and protect your financial data.

Easy to install. If you are a beginner and are afraid of any new software in general, then, you can try F-Secure. It is super easy to install. Just click, and it will be installed within seconds. And not only that. This product has a friendly interface, so, it is easy to use, too. Practically,it does all on its own. It checks the system to keep it clean from viruses, it scans all incoming traffic, it fights off cyber attacks and other threats that come from outside. All this is done automatically, so you will even not notice it.

The product supports all Windows versions, including Windows 10 and Windows XP, though for the last one the system requirements may differ. But again, the system will notify you while being installed, if something is needed, so that you could take appropriate actions. And well, it works with all popular browsers. Thus, if you want a really complete system that requires the minimum from you, then F-Secure is the right one for you.

Many antivirus programs are rather heavy, and when they are performing scanning, it is better to wait with your tasks. Yes, scanning takes a lot of computer`s resources. It can be a reason for the slowing down of the computer performance, but imagine that you are right at that moment working on a demanding task, it is better to save it and to wait, till the scanning is completed. Just imagine that you may lose all information, just because all got stuck due to resources lack, and you have to restart the system. F-Secure is very lightweight. It performs scanning very fast and so efficient and non-intrusive, that you may even not notice it. Of course some slow down of performance takes place, but this slowdown is so insignificant, that you even don’t notice it.

You are still not completely sure, if this software is ok for you? Then, you can try one more amazing feature - a 30-days trial period, for free.

You can request the trial copy of the product and use it absolutely for free, within 30 days. After that, if you are persuaded by its work, you can buy the yearly subscription; but if you decide, that you prefer something else, you just quit using it. Well, let`s agree, that such option may be available only with a product, which quality is perfect and whose developers are pretty confident, that you will like it.

But what if some problems arise? Doesn’t matter of which kind, whether you cannot deal with a software itself, or there is some malware, which managed to get through protection and which doesn’t want to be removed or blocked? For those cases, F-Secure offers a free support service. You can address your problems to them 24/7. They respond really fast, and their advice is really helpful.

All this is good, but what to do, if English isn’t your favorite language? Almost all antivirus software is available in English only. Well, but this is not the case with F-Secure. This software is so popular and beloved, partly also because it is available in many languages, even in rare ones. That is why, you can check, if your native language is supported. Most likely, you will find it. But even if not, you still can check if there is a language supported, which you more or less know. This is the feature that is so attractive for ordinary users, those, who don’t know many foreign languages.

Of course, nothing is perfect, neither F-Secure. Though in most cases it shows perfect testing results, but there were a few cases of false good results, too. This may cause some doubt in system efficiency, but we can assure, that you shall not consider those cases too seriously. There were any lab tests conducted, and all of them prove, that this product is definitely a good high quality antivirus program regarding the efficiency of protection.

And well, you already noticed, that F-Secure doesn’t provide family safety functions, and, consequently, you stay without the parental control option. That is why, you decide, how you will control what your kids do while they are at the desk with the computer. Maybe you would like to have a password that blocks access either to the computer or to the internet, but we believe, that talking to your kids and explaining them all pros and cons of the internet would be the best option. If you still think, that without parental control it will be hard for you to manage the way, how your children use the internet, then you better check the other products of F-Secure, as the others offer this function.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Proactive protection from all threats
  • 100% virus removal
  • Excellent support service, available day and night
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Doesn’t slow down your computer
  • False positive results during some tests


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