G Data Antivirus for Windows Review

G Data has more things to be achieved yet as it tries to establish a name among the already dominant names in the market such as Norton or Bitdefender. Its installation on infected systems is quite challenging and is weak when it comes to cleaning up threats. However, G Data Antivirus is on the forefront to keeping up with the current security technology even though it’s in a small league. It combines protection from the latest malware and threats plus a malware signature update taking place every hour.
G Data Antivirus for Windows Review

G DATA Antivirus G DATA Antivirus 2016

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Security of your computer is a global concern, so you may think that it’s not important to know where your security software comes from. However, G Data has a different perspective on that. G Data Antivirus is developed by G Data, a security software firm founded in 1985 and based in Germany. G Data is currently committed to seeking multinational attention after winning a number of awards over the years for its range of security software.

Even though their previous versions of antivirus protection programs lacked a couple of basic features that are mostly common with antivirus programs, its 2016 version of G Data Antivirus has a greater improvement. It has also been rated as a top performer on different tests conducted by independent labs.

There are other great features about this antivirus program. This review will reveal what the program has to offer. Its AutoStartManager feature monitors and restricts the program from using up system resources that may slow down startup. That means your Windows startup process won’t be affected as you might have experienced with other antivirus programs.

Pricing plan

G Data Antivirus for Windows is available as a download and can be purchased directly from the company’s website. The virus is made available in two licenses; a single PC license at $29.95 per year and a 3 PC license at $39.95 per year. The 3 PC license was initially sold at $49.95, so you get a $10 discount.

The first purchase includes a 1 year access to upgrades and malware signature update on hourly basis. For an antivirus protection with the features that G Data has to offer, the $39.95 price plan for 3 PCs is a great investment worth considering. It is not as expensive for its features as it is known with other security software.

However, G Data doesn’t offer any free trials on this antivirus program, neither is there any free edition of it. So it might be hard to know whether it is indeed a good software without making a purchase. Presence of a free edition with limited features would have also given users more reasons to upgrade to the pro edition. However, the pricing is not bad as such, so it is a worth investment on security.

System requirements

The antivirus protection is supported by all Windows OS versions, from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. Its Windows 10 support has been included recently but wasn’t available at first. For installation on Windows Vista, you’ll need a system memory of at least 512MB while for Windows 7 or higher, a system memory of at least 1GB is recommended.


The setup installation is pretty simple and quick, just as it is with other security programs. During installation, any other antivirus program installed on your PC will be detected and removed by G Data’s assistant. This is meant to prevent any form of conflict that could possibly occur when two antiviruses are installed on the same PC at the same time. After installation, you are required to make a system reboot. This makes the installation process take a little longer, but not much of an issue though.


Its interface is very intuitive and simpler to use for both novices and tech experts. The language used is pretty simple and easy to navigate through to different sections. The main window of the antivirus program uses the current color trends to indicate security status. The top panel of the main window has a red color throughout, regardless of your system’s security status. If a problem occurs with the antivirus protection, product license or signatures, a warning icon will be displayed. Additionally a notification in corresponding region of the main panel will also be shown.

The program’s main panel is very easy to navigate through. Scanning options are made easily accessible for those who’d love run daily system scans. Full system scans usually run on their own and will wait to the scanning is completed before issuing a message on the detected threats. User is provided with option of cleaning or to quarantine the detected malware and threats. G Data has included some of the best features in its 2016 version to make it quite an upgrade as compared to the previous version, though startup takes a little longer.

Antivirus protection

There is the AutoStartManager included to make sure that the software doesn’t engage the system resources during its startup. That means that your PC won’t show any signs of lagging ore reduced performance during startup while running G Data Antivirus. It also has an indicator that shows how system resources are utilized by the program during a scan.

There’s also an email scan features that run a quick scan on all email attachments, both received and outgoing to identify any infected or suspicious file attachments. Unlike most of the antivirus programs, G Data continues to scan even when the system becomes idle. Any scanning that was initiated before will continue to run and this reduces the scanning time to a greater extent when the system suddenly goes idle.

More on the scan, there are two scanning options, a Manual-scan and an Auto-scan to give the user the choice to run a scan at will or automate it. When scanning, it displays the elapsed time and the time remaining to complete the scan. At some point, the sum of the two time values exceeds 80 minutes, but the can completes in an average of 48 minutes. This is somewhat longer than the average time it takes to scan a clean system.

Running a second scan takes almost as long as before. This is clear that the antivirus program scans all the files and registry even if they were initially found to be safe. However, subsequent scans tend to reduce the period of time taken to complete. This version doesn’t have any scanning mode apart from the regular scanning of system. As such, it may use up more system resources unless one of its scan engines is turned off.

When it comes to additional features such as Game Mode common with other antivirus programs, G Data runs short of such. There is no Game Mode or laptop mode. Only notebook specific protection is made available as a different program.

G Data has a Boot CD included with it for burning a boot CD. The boot CD makes it possible for the antivirus program to be installed on malware infected systems. It can be set to quarantine or disinfect files while running.

G Data Antivirus is specially designed to protect PCs against rootkits, viruses, scareware and all forms of malware using 2 types of signature and behavioral protection. In addition, it also offers protection against online threats such as phishing while using the web.

The antivirus program is also particularly good for those who like shopping online. It is equipped with BankGuard technology that offers protection against online intruders when shopping or banking online. This is quite a good feature for business owners who like to make purchases and orders online.

It also offers a cloud protection where real-time comparison of data takes place to prevent false positives. When it comes to detection of malware, G Data is very effective. It detects up to 93% of malware exposed to it and wiped out a number. Generally it is excellent at detection but not in cleaning up the detected malware.

The software program makes use of is cloud based system to analyze files and a DoubleScan technology which uses two engines to run scans. Updates to its malware signature is done every hour. This is a great plus on its side since it is what makes the program more effective at detecting malware. When it is firs exposed to a sample of malware that is unprecedented, the program detects a smaller percentage, but exposing the same samples to the program again gives an improved detection rate.

Lab Test

When it comes to effectiveness, G Data has been certified through several lab tests. ICSA for instance tested and certified the program’s malware detection as up to par. However, its malware cleanup is not as good as its detection.

On performance, G Data is a lightweight software, it does not use by system resources to bring the PCs performance down. If you are interested in an antivirus program that is user-friendly, lightweight and high detection rate, then G Data is your ultimate choice. So far, the program is rated with a very high malware detection rate.

It has been subjected to several tests by independent labs and gave a good performance. Through tests conducted by Virus Bulletin, it was given a VB100 rating in 9 out of 10 of the tests conducted on it.

The two leading independent security software testing labs, AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives labs have conducted also ran tests on it. AV-Comparatives gave it an Advanced+ in the proactive detection test, and an Advanced rating in the in-demand detection test.

On tests conducted by AV-TEST, it managed to earn good ratings for its detection. However, on repair category test, G Data scored the lowest. Under a hands-on testing, G Data was found to be effective at preventing entry of malware into your system than it is for it to clean up already existing malware.

During a malware clean up test, the program left behind traces of executable of about 50% of the detected threats. Given the dangers of these threats, the antivirus is not ideal for installation on already infected systems.

On a hands-on test to test its reaction to folders containing modified versions of malware such as different filenames and size, the antivirus was a bit slow at recognizing about 22% of the malware. It’s clear that it has multiple protection levels.

On a malicious URL blocking test, the antivirus blocks access to 45% of the malicious URLs and wiped out about 6% of the downloaded contents with threats. In overall online protection the program gives 51% performance. The program offers basic features as recommended by labs.

Support and Setup

In terms of customer support, G Data doesn’t have much to offer. On the company’s website, there is a telephone number to offer customer support to US clients. There is also an email form through which a client may send their email. There is neither a text chat to reach the support team nor help files.

Since the company has decided to bring its detection services up to expected standards, it needs to work on its cleaning routine to come up with a software security software that can not only detect effectively but also clean up threats thoroughly. We expect to see greater improvements in its 2017 version yet to come, which should have much better features that will place it among other top software security performers.

Otherwise, G Data Antivirus is a great antivirus protection for those who’d like to know if there system is subjected to threats.

  • Effective malware detection and blocking.
  • Has dual malware scanning engines.
  • Hourly update to its malware signature database.
  • A boot CD wizard included.
  • Subsequent scans tend to take less time.
  • AutoStartManager reduces the utilization of system resources at startup.
  • Scanning continues to run even when system goes idle.
  • Quite difficult to make installation on an infected system.
  • It’s not very effective at cleaning up detected threats.


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