G Data Antivirus – German Quality Protection

All in all, GData is a perfect solution for any user, even for the most demanding one. There is only one condition: this shall be a Windows user. And a computer user. Other than that, all is perfect. It works with all Windows versions, even with Windows 10. Though, if you hope to protect your mobile, it is hopeless: GData offers protection only for computers. But this is a perfect protection. Take only double-layer protection from viruses, or protection against manipulated USB connection, or advanced anti-theft protection. Any feature, even the most basic one, is elaborated to the smallest detail. All is thought through very carefully, all possibilities are taken into consideration. Considering the cheap price of the software and options to purchase it for one or several computers, this is not only one of the best solutions, but also one of the cheapest. If you calculate, you will see that the price for one computer is much lower than the one for similar antivirus programs.
G Data  Antivirus – German Quality Protection

G DATA Antivirus G DATA Antivirus 2016

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Your choice – G Data Antivirus

Every day, you wake up and turn on your computer, to check in the social networks, what is happening by your friends and acquaintances, to share some photos, to comment some photos. You write several mails, to different people, for work and not only. You log in your skype account, where you can not only write, but also call, even make video calls if you have a camera. Skype in general is almost replacing the hone for calls abroad. And it is not surprising, as it is for free, moreover, you can see the person.

Then, you surf some internet shops in search for some cloth, or accessories, or books, or some material for hobby. It is so nice that now you can buy all those things from your home, and they will be delivered to your home, too, or to the post office. Queues? Not for you. Running desperately from one shop to another in search for appropriate outfit for a friend`s wedding ceremony? Not for you, either. You know, that the whole world is open for you, with the internet. The internet offers you numerous opportunities for study and entertainment, shopping and selling, socializing and making new friends. It seems to be perfect. And it would be perfect, if not viruses, hackers, malware and numerous other threats, that it brings with all the advantages. And they can do much harm to you. From small damages, like altered or deleted file, to huge disasters, like bank data or identity theft. Hence, you shall do your best to avoid that.


You shall install an antivirus software.

Which one?

Depends on what kind of user you are.

If you are a kind of user, that prefers good old Windows and a computer for all his / her online activities, but at the same time he / she is demanding enough, because he ‘ she isn’t stupid and knows about all possible threats, that come from the internet, then the best solution will be GData Antivirus:


Due to the following reasons:

1. Basic antivirus protection – it protects your lap from all kinds of threats coming from the web, even the most advanced. These are the basics of your security. If it doesn’t work, or work not properly, all the rest, even though the most advanced and elaborate features, do not have any sense. The software uses the Cloud technology for getting the latest information about viruses and other malicious software. Like this, all possible information from all around the world can be connected and used to protect your system. Moreover, it uses double-layer protection. Even if a virus manages to go through the first layer, it will be detected by the second protection layer. Impressed?

2. You can enjoy highest detection rates with GData Antivirus. It was tested by many independent labs, and all results were excellent. 100% protection is guaranteed, from all threats. Your computer is completely protected, doesn’t matter if you are online or offline.

3. If you are afraid, that your personal data can be stolen, then this product is something that you really need. It provides protection against all online threats, fraud and theft of personal data. Now, you may not be afraid, that somebody may misuse your personal or financial data, or that you will fall as a victim of an online fraud.

4. If you like online shopping, if you buy tickets via the internet, if you make online transfers or any other financial operations online, then, protection of such operations is vital for your wellbeing. GData offers enhanced protection with its bank guard technology. Now, you can do any financial activities online, without being afraid.

5. If you aren’t an expert, and just prefer to call a specialist, or to use something, that installs on its own, then GData is what you need. It is extremely easy to install. Then, it is extremely easy to use, too. In most cases it simply works without bothering you. Only in extraordinary cases you can be notified, and then, you shall just read all suggested option and click on the one that is, as you believe, the best one for you.

6. Exploit protection. Do you know what it is? Not many users have any idea of that. Well, in Windows, there are many outdates programs or files. As they are outdated, they don’t have all security options, like the new programs have. Hence, they aren’t protected from threats. Malware by accessing such vulnerable files can damage your system. This may happen even if you have a good antivirus. But with this antivirus, all your system is protected.

7. Anti-spam? This is one of those basic features that are a must. The software scans all incoming messages and those, that are suspicious, sends to a spam folder. Some mails can look very decent, but contain infected attachments. Once you click on it, in hope to open a bill, a card, or whatever else, your computer is infected. This antivirus software scans all mails with attachments, it can detect malware even in SSL-encrypted attachments. Surprised? Well, GData developers believe, that this is normal, as this serves to protect you.

8. You like chatting? But do you know, that via instant messaging you can send and receive viruses? Say, you get a message from a friend, with some funny photo, as he insists. Moreover, he insists that you click on some link to open the photo. In such case, the best solution is to contact that person and ask if he / she really sent the message, or it was a virus. GData developers know about this threat, that is why, this software scans all messages, both incoming and outcoming. Once it detects a virus, it sends the message to both parties, you and your friend. Like this, one will be warned, and another one will be informed, that his / her system is infected.

Doesn’t matter if you use one computer, or several, as GData offers you different options. You can buy license for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 computers, for one year or two years. All depends on your needs.

Why GData is so efficient?

Well, we would better explore some features to determine, why GData is so efficient.

First of all, for virus and malware detection, it uses behavior monitoring.

What it means?

The software shall be updated quite often, as there are created plenty of viruses each second. If the software has a virus in its database, it will block it. But if the virus is a new one, then the antivirus software cannot recognize it. Hence, the virus can get access to your system and make a lot of damage. With the new technology of behavior monitoring, the software doesn’t need constant updates. Well, updates are necessary, as hackers invent new things, but thanks to this new technology, the software now detects viruses in a different way. It monitors the behavior of files and programs and blocks them if detects suspicious behavior. Like this, it can protect you from ANY viruses, known and unknown.

Have you heard about manipulated USB devices?

You rather haven’t even suspected about it, and this is not surprising. Basically, infected USB devices aren’t new, but manipulated ones… Not all even have an idea of what it is. Infected USB can pretend being any device, like a printer, a camera, a keyboard. You would agree that you wouldn’t block a printer? Or the keyboard. And now imagine, that such a device has access to your system. You definitely can imagine what it is possible to do, when one has access to your keyboard. In this case, manipulated USB, that pretends to be a keyboard. It is the same as letting a hacker work at your computer. Just in this case, it will be done not directly, but via an infected device, and not with your permission, but even against your will. The most interesting thing is that not many antivirus programs offer protection against such devices. GData is one of the first and one of few products, that protects your system from manipulated USB devices. As soon as it detects an additional USB device, that was not used before, or that is rather suspicious, it sends you a notification with a request of action.

Moreover, you can manage the updates. You can select, which connection from the selected network the software shall use, if it needs to be updated. Like this, you save time and efforts, as you select the optimal one.

The software is not expensive, you can buy protection for 3 computers for a period of one year . With such a price, you can try it even if you have to pay. Though, here the developers prepared a pleasant surprise for you. You may download, install and use the software for 30 days for free. Well, you rather pay, but if you discover during two weeks, that this is not your piece of cake, you submit a request, and stop using it. Your money will be returned. Though, as we already mentioned, a one-year subscription is really very cheap.

The product seems to be a perfect one. And we can say, it would be a perfect one, if not one BUT. It is not as lightweight as other advanced antivirus programs. It means, that it may slow down your computer. It is not a must, but possible. Hence, you better test it before using it as a background software. If you work with heavy programs or files, their work may be slowed down. This shall be considered when you have to do an urgent job and an antivirus update is pending.

  • Protection against all kinds of malware
  • Online protection
  • Protection against the theft of data
  • Simple to install and to use
  • Bank guard feature – protection while performing financial transactions
  • Protection from malware that exploits vulnerabilities
  • Behavior monitoring of files
  • Protection against manipulated USBs
  • Doesn’t provide mobile protection


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