Hassle Free Online Photo Editing

The verdict is clear. Fotojet is a brilliant tool that can be used for all image editing purposes without any hassles. It is prudent to first experiment with the free versions of the tool before going in for the premium tool. Use the premium tool if you are really passionate about image editing.
Hassle Free Online Photo Editing

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Social media is a powerful tool. We all know this. One powerful feature offered by the social media is instant photo uploading and sharing. This has in a way brought people closer in a way letters or any other conventional social media could not. That is in addition to the craze in taking selfies. It is the new normal these days. With mobile handset manufacturers developing more powerful and better cameras, this trend is here to stay and grow. Add to this the wide number of amatuer photographers who make the maximum use of advanced hardware to persue their ambition and talent in photography.

No matter what the purpose of the photograph, when one is uploading a picture online, it has to look good. This is where photo editiors prove their mettle. Whether it is a little touch up in the lighting or a change of background or just simply a frame, photoeditors have in them the wide assortment of tools to make good photos look absolutely stunning. These softwares however can be very bulky and thus cannot be installed on a device without taking up huge amounts of disk space. The simple solution to this problem is to move the software online and let people access it from there. Thus was born the idea of an online photo editor.

One among the many useful sites available for online photo editing is www.fotojet.com. In simple words, it brings convinience to the users. Fotojet has a wide range of options that can be used by even the uninitiated first time user to create brilliant and stunning photos. But fotojet does not stop there. It has tools to even create entire designs from nothing and even has support for making a collage.

On the website, there are options to do the following:

  • Edit Images and Photos
  • Create a design from pre-existing templates
  • Create a collage by combining photos

The Features and Tools

Edit Photos

This is perhaps the most useful tool for all people regardless of the interest they may have in online photo editing software. The basics of every editing, that is cutting, cropping and rotating are most surely there but what makes fotojet so good is the additional features that it offers.

  • One among them is to add text to any image and this is made available in a variety of font designes and colour modifications. The primary use of this tool is to provide the user a platform to convert any photo into a meme. Meme generation and sharing has become a powerful tool in social media communication. Satrical memes are also used as a source of creating awareness for social causes and for campaigning for any event or cause or to simply recollect a memorable event. The enthusiasts also use this tool as a sort of bulletin. These bulletins may describe the place or the mood the picture was taken in and this makes memories even sweeter. When a pre-installed tool turns up to be too bulky to achieve this, fotojet has come up with a novel idea to make photos a story board.
  • Another amazing feature of fotojet is that it allows one add cliparts to the images. This is achieved by simply selecting the available templates and entering the clipart text. Once the clipart is created, it can be dragged to the right position in the picture and even rotated or resized.
  • The photo filter and effects tool can be used to add or remove or blur or highlighten certain parts of the image. There is also an option to add special effects to the photos, all of which is done with such good execution that the result does not disappoint. Many camera softwares today do the same but the variety that an online editor tool can provide simply beats out any competition.
  • Photo Enhance is another feature that is offered by fotojet. It changes the colour tone of the image thus making the images brighter at some positions by mimicing the impression of a light source. The colour of this modification can also be controlled which positively gives an image that has more depth and has looks that would impress when posted on any social media.
  • Blur and Smudge is one tool that is mostly seen in photoshop and other advanced photo editing softwares like GIMP and Corel draw. However these softwares are bulky and not very easy to use. Fotojet's smudge and blur tools are the right choice for all those who want an instant but fast touch up for their photos.

Create a Design

Often it is not enough to just edit a photo. Our daily social life has many events and some of them are cool enough to celebrate, share or even throw a party for. To do this, one has to create invitations or flyers that can get noticed. Here, it is not just what is being conveyed that is essential, but also how it is conveyed. A good design makes a better impression and snaps on to the attention of the viewer. This is also true for making a banner or a cover photo. A good design reflects positively on a social profile, so if there is a design in your mind that you want to implement, fotojet is the website you should be at. What also makes the entire process easy is that fotojet has a lot of pre-existing templates that would meet most of your requirements and by upgrading to a premium the available templates go up exponentially. Be it a poster or an invitation, a facebook post or a banner, fotojet has it all covered for you.

Create a Collage

An elaborate photo montage or collage allows you to share your photos in a unique way. FotoJet provides powerful collage editing tools and 600+ stunning collage templates, such as birthday collages, anniversary collages, love collages and so on, to help you make your own collages quickly. This tool is just right for those who want to combine various photos and do not want to go through the rigors of posting them individually. Also this tool is used as a form of story telling tool. So now what people do is design various pictures in fotojet and then make a collage of them. Such productivity in a web service is rarely seen. The collage templates available are not the old school square grids. There are all sorts of merged and overlapped templates available for various themes. These features simply photo editing to the next level of sophistication.

The themes available for collage are several in number and range from birthday to love collage themes to party and weddings to house warming.

Covers Design

Apart from the above said three features, fotojet also has a tool of designing the cover pages for magazines and making photo comics. The process of photo comic designing is simple in principle. Speech bubbles are added to photos and dialogs entered in the bubbles. A simple idea that is brought to life by fotojet. In this too, the interface is user friendly and the large number of available templates for photo arrangement makes is a fun tool to pass time and explore one's creativity. Fotojet also provides a large number of templates and themes for the purposes of designing a cover page for a magazine. This tool allows the liberty to edit photos and even making a collage of photos for the cover page design. This is in addition to the wide range of colourful and illustrative fonts that are available for making the desgning job easy and fun.

Fotojet tool is also available now on the web app platforms. Unlike most competitors, Fotojet has managed to keep its application size compact without having to compromise on the content and quality that it delivers. So now, there is no need to visit the Fotojet website everytime there is a photo that needs editing. Simply go to the web app which has a better layout and arrangement of tools than the web-site. It does not get easier than this.

This user friendly experience at Fotojet has translated into various feedbacks for Fotojet, all of which are high in praise for the quality and ease that Fotojet brings to the field of online image editing.

Users can utilize the Fotojet features in two forms. One is the free version that can be utilized by all people. Using the free tool has restricted set of benefits. There are lesser templates and themes and the tools available for editing of images are also restricted. However, if the demands from the software are modest and reasoable then the free version works just fine. The reduced set of features does in no way come in the path of creating a good photo at the end of the editing process. In fact it is the tool of choice for novice and first time users of the tool. Once they feel aquainted with the use of the software, then they can opt of the paid version of th tool.

Using the paid version of the tool is certainly very useful. The first and the most noticeable change is that there are no advertisements. Ads are there only in the free version with the intention to generate revenue for the maintainance and upgrading of the website and the tools offered via it. Although the ads are not restrictive in any sense, their absense does create more space in the screen and offers some more design space to the designer. The paid version also brings with itself the priority support service offered by Fotojet. During professional designing tasks, it it natural for people to come across issues that may slow down the designing process. At such times it is very helpful to have the support team of Fotojet to help you in resolving the issue. Such flexibility and benefits are not available in the free version of the tool.

The payment for the tool can be done either monthly or annually. Billed monthly, Fotojet costs $4.99 per month. On the other hand, if one pays the annual amount of $34.99, then the monthly cost comes out to be around $2.91. The choice of which one to opt for rests on the user. If the project is long term, then the annual subscription is better but if the project is short term and not extending beyond 3 months, then the monthly payment option will be the most optimum. The small sum paid to aquire the tool brings with itself more than 600 templates, 30 font styles, 20 photo effects, 300 clipart images, 30 shapes and 20 premium frames. The list of benefits is definitely long and the good that they do is undeniable.

  • Vast range of templates available save tremendous amounts of time in designing
  • A cool set of fonts can make even dull photos look lively
  • Fotojet is easy to use and learn
  • Since it is an online tool, it can be accessed from anywhere, a laptop or a phone
  • Image collage maker has a vast set of designs for collages
  • Excellent technical support provided by the Fotojet team to keep developement on track
  • Compact Webtool available which has better layout for desinging
  • Not all templates and frames are available for free
  • No offline tool, so does not work without network connection


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