How To Clean My System Or What Does DriveScrubber

Drive Scrubber is quite a specific product, which one may not use constantly, but it gives some advantages, with which you can save time and money. It can serve for the main two purposes: 1 – information wiping before selling your computer, for security purposes and to keep private information in privacy. 2 – for system optimization and speeding up, to remove all files leftovers and junk files from the hard drive and provide efficient work of the computer. The yearly subscription isn’t that expensive, and for that, you but an opportunity to use the product for all computers, that you have at home, and, maybe, sharing it even with your friends isn’t that bad. And well, if you analyse the situation, you will see, that this product is able to save you quite a sum of money. How much does it cost in your place to reinstall Windows? And add some additional things, like installing all software that you need, when you get your lap back, or information, that you have to recover again, if you haven’t saved it. And this is not mentioning the fact, that your computer will simply serve longer, because DriveScrubber restores the hard drive condition, as if it was a new hard drive.
How To Clean My System Or What Does DriveScrubber

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DriveScrubber – system cleaning and optimization

You are used to buy a computer and then, after using it for a while, sell it a buy a newer version? Well, lucky you are! But have you ever thought that like this, with an old computer, you can hand in to the buyer a lot of personal information, even confidential information, if you were using your computer for work of transfers, or some other operations of similar importance?

Of course, you may have hundreds of objections, like you deleted all files, and deinstalled all software that needed to be removed, and cleaned all possible folders, all that you could find. And that is good of course, you have to take measures to protect yourself. But what, if we say, that taking these measures isn’t enough? Moreover, you could have not made anything, and the result would be the same.


Because there are such things as temporary files, which are saved in a separate folders and some of them are hidden, that is why, the information, stored in the files, may be available even after you remove the files.

Moreover, the recovery files function and some software allow files recovery even if they were deleted, the main thing to remember about these options as soon as possible. And well, not everybody after deleting files knows that it would be good to clean the bin, too.

All those options allow a rather efficient file recovery, that is why, if you are going to give away or to sell your old lap, you would better take a more proper care of the information, stored in it.

This is the first reason why you better have DriveScrubber in your set of tools to keep the system in order. Iolo developers know very well what danger is in the files that can be passed to other people, especially if the files contain confidential information or other kind of information that can be misused. That is why they included in their product DriveScrubber all possible options. It erases documents, pictures, videos, and other kinds if files, including hidden files, forever. Nobody will be able to restore the removed information, doesn’t matter which software one uses.

But DriveScrubber can be used not only for that. Just imagine another situation, of completely different kind. If you use your computer for quite a while, it starts slowing down, and with time it works so slowly, that the best option and the only solution seems to be to reinstall the system.

Though, if you have DriveScrubber, you can avoid this and make the life of your computer longer. How? Let us check.

First of all, do you know why your computer starts working slower and slower with the run of time? You download, create, copy thousands of files. Then, you delete them, or deinstall applications when you do not need them anymore. And you believe that you got rid of them. But not so fast! Any file, after deleting, still stays in the hard disk, and, hence, takes space. Moreover, some leftovers of each files stay in the system as hidden files. No idea, why Windows does this, but this is the truth. The sad fact is, that if you don’t know about them, you will not be even find them. But with DriveScrubber, you can delete temporary files or the leftovers from deleted files completely and forever. Just imagine, how much space in memory you can release and how faster your computer will work. Practically, the hard disc of your computer will be very well renewed and will be able to work longer and more efficiently. Moreover, you can also clean attachable devices, such as USBs, cameras and so on.

It costs just 23,96 US dollars per year. But well, you still may wonder why you need it. As you can delete all unnecessary files manually. Though, are you sure that you can? You will not even be able to find most of them. While DriveScrubber knows where they are and how to deal with them.

And now, imagine a different situation. A malware or a virus got into your system and damaged many files. Of course, you can recover some of them, but you have to make sure, that your antivirus product removed the malware completely. Though, it is in doubt. If the antivirus wasn’t able to stop a malware or a virus from getting access to the system, most likely, that this antivirus product will not be able to handle it and its consequences, too. And what if you don’t have time to bring your computer to the service? Or you have an urgent task and need to complete it as soon as possible? And once more, DriveScrubber can help to solve this issue. How? Simply by removing ALL your files, completely, so that the virus or a malware cannot hide anymore. This is a perfect way to clean your system from any malware or viruses and files, which were damaged by them. Just wipe them all, with DriveScrubber.

Let us now check in detail, what DriveScrubber offers and how it works:

1. Customizable tools for wiping. Here, you can change settings depending on what wiping result you want to see. You can set the software up for a quick wipe, or deep wiping. In the first case, the product scans files and directories very fast and wipes those that were selected. In the second case, the wiping is performed on the level of electronic misroscopic parts.

2. Scalable options for your convenience, such as pause, resume, cancel, and the function batch-wipe. These additional little things will make your work simpler and more time-efficient. Now you do not have to find a special time to wipe the system, just do all step by step, by pressing pause and resume whenever you need it. This option allows performing wiping in the directories, where you need it, and to save time by avoiding the parts of the system, that shall be avoided.

3. Secure wiping, once and forever, without any option to restore the files. This method was even used by the US military to protect their data from unauthorized access. This option is a very good one when you need to erase ALL files forever, without any option for recovery. Just be careful with this tool, as if you erase something important, it will be lost forever. That is why we would recommend to create a backup copy for the files that you are going to remove.

4. Very fast optimized methods of scanning. And this is while it maintains the security for 100%. Other products for the same task require hours of work and constant presence of a user, while this product does all on its own.

Windows is famous for creating and keeping many temporary and hidden files, and though some of them are needed for the system work, but in most cases, most of them, just take up valuable resources of the system and do nothing. Nothing good at least. That is why, this OS needs a special tool to be cleaned. And DriveScrubber is this tool. It works with Windows, all version. Even if you have Windows Vista, or Windows XP, even Windows 10, and you have already faced a problem that some products aren’t compatible or are not fully compatible with them, you can use DriveScrubber without any doubt. It was developed for Windows only, that is why the developers could consider all possible details regarding the compatibility.

One more pleasant thing about this software is that you can use it on an unlimited number of computers. And well, that is logical, if you buy such kind of a software you would like to use it as efficiently as possible, moreover, you don’t use it so often, maybe once every 4-5 months.

Free support? Of course. As most software developers, Iolo provides a free high quality support for its products. Including DriveScrubber. You can go to the section FAQ, as there you may find answers to many of your questions and solutions to many issues. This is a good way if you like to get to know more about the software and to learn how to use it properly. Also, there is a section “Support”, where you can find guidelines on the main activities, like help in downloading the product, help in entering the license code, requesting particular information, add time to the software service, how to recover the license code and so on. That would make the work of the Iolo team easier and there you can find easy to understand guides on the basic operations. Though, if you prefer that somebody helps you, then the best option is to write a mail or call them. The Iolo team will respond as soon as they can find the solution. Though, in case of mailing, you shall be more patient, as there are many requests and to process them all the support team needs some time.

Still not sure if you really need it and if it really works? At least, that it pays off to purchase the software? Do not worry about it. You can use the product during 30 days on a trial basis, and if after that you decide, that it doesn’t much about your computer and you feel file without it, at least it doesn’t make any critical change, then you can request your money back. Please pay attention to the period of money back guarantee, it is just 30 days. If you send a request later than within this period, most likely, your money will not be returned, but you will get the yearly subscription.

  • Work with all versions of Windows
  • Wipes information completely and without any option for recovery
  • Speeds up the system
  • Free and efficient customer support
  • 30 days of trial period, when you can request your money back
  • Subscription for an unlimited number of computers
  • Option for individualization
  • Doesn’t work with MAC or Android


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