Kaspersky Antivirus 2016

For the past 17 years, Kaspersky has been working in the market to produce the best softwares to meet the user requirements. They have built their reputation and have proved that they create the most reliable softwares when it comes to the protection of your PC. Kaspersky antivirus softwares are categorized amongst the top notch softwares in the market and their service is undeniably fantastic. Security should be the top most priority of every user for the safety of their personal and confidential data. Kaspersky antivirus is just the right tool for it. It is a reliable protection against all kind of viruses, Trojans, ransom ware, spyware, adware, phishing and other cyber-attacks and malware threats etc.
Kaspersky Antivirus 2016

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016

A newer version 2017 already available

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Essential Protection For Your PC

Nowadays, having a computer isn’t something new or unusual anymore. Rather not having it is strange. The same we can tell about the internet. That is why, keeping information safe, is the main task of all modern antivirus systems. Kasperski is not an exception. All in all it’s a complete deal for its users out there.

General Information:

Over the years Kaspersky has been one of the best and the most reliable antivirus software. Its reputation speaks for its performance. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, affordable price and extraordinary level of performance and protection, this software remains the best software in the market for every kind of user.

Why Kaspersky?

There are a plenty of offers in the market and you take several opinions and really study some reviews, in order to mke a good decisions and not to make a mistake when selecting your antivirus. Well, no need to check more, Kaspersky is just the right choice for your computer. Why? We will check out what we get with the purchase of Kaspersky in the following points:

1. It is easy to install. All you have to know is how to click with the mouse. Then,it is very easy to use too. Just select staccning, and the processs will start. It gives very accurate results and does scanning with a ightning speed. Moreover, your system doesn’t slow down too much.

2. The antivirus does a superb job to stop all possible incoming threats. It is very efficient in detecting and removing all kinds of unwished programs, such as Trojans, viruses, etc. Its protection in real time mode is real time, and it works really very well, it keeps all malicious software at a good distance from your computer. It not only keeps the bad programs away from your system, but also removes those that already got there.

3. A complicated software? Forget about it! Nowadays, there is such a big competition in this field, that a complicated software, that is supposed to be used by ordinary people, is something destined to fail. The developers of Kasperski know it. That is why the application of this software is simple even for a complete beginner. Then, the navigation. With such kind of navigation, like Kasperski has, it is difficult to wish something more…or rather less. All options are very clear, without odd wording. Just the essence. With such kind of navigation structure and system, you cannot get mistaken, even if you want to.

4. You are so sure, that this product slows down the system? Hmmm, then, how many years ago you have used it last time? If you still believe, that this anti virus consumes much system resources, then you may have used it at least 5-10 years ago. Now, all is different. The software is improving constantly, otherwise nobody would use it. And moreover, it wouldn’t be one of the most popular antivirus softwares. Now, it is very efficient and very lightweight. Your computer may perform scanning, and you can still go on with your tasks.

5. Just check the anti-phishing technology. You may already have encountered websites that looks rather strange, though they claim to be a Paypal website, or any other website of any other electronic payment system, or they pretend to be your bank`s website. They may offer very attractive things, just give them the number of your card and its security code. Wel, they would offer anything to get this information from you. And if you give, then you will see how money from your card are disappearing, either little by little, or all at once. This is called Phishing, and this is also a threat that comes from the internet. That is why, most antovirus softwares offer protection against phishing. Regarding Kasperski, its anti-phishing feature is very well known because of its efficiency. Basically, anti=phishing feature is probably one of the most important features, as the loss or theft of confidential information can lead to a disaster.

6. Then, one more tool encrypted virtual keyboard, may rather confuse you, if you aret a rather very experienced user. why this feature? Yes, you have a normal keyboard, and in the very most cases it is more than enough. But do you know that this normal keyboard can be monitored? Somehow shocked? And you know that there are malwares, that can block access to your data? Ah you would like to use your data again? Then, pay for it. By the way, Kasperski knows about it. That is why, the software creates backup copies for all your information. Thus, if any kind of malware disturbs you, you can restore your information from the backup copy and use it. Moreover, Rescue Disk can hep you when your Windows is damaged by some malware. With the Rescue Disk, you boot into alternative OS and eliminate the exisiting problem.

Those features are the basic onse, but they create the foundation for a good protection system for your computer. All these features are available, if you use anti virus Kasperski.

Effectiveness and More Features

Kaspersky Antivirus 2016 is a certified anti virus program. It has been tested by many independent abd and all tests showed great results. It not only detects viruses, but all other malicious programs. Besides, it provides its users with a good range of additional features, which make the life of a user even safer.

Effective Scans and Updates: Now, all that comes from the internet, other devices – everything, that comes from outer sources, all files, all kind of information, shall be scanned. Besides, it is better, when scanning happens either before the computer is on and running, or before the files get access to the system. That is why, Kasperski separated these kinds of scanning into four different categories: scanning of files when you turn on your computer; scanning of a device, that you connect to your computer, scanning of selected locations and the finaly one, scanning orf apps and OS. Moreover, the viruses are being developed every day. If a software doesn’t keep updated, it will not recognize the new viruses and will not block them. That is why, Kasperski updates its system quite often. And now, you don’t need to be afraid, that your system will work slowly. Softwares change, they impove, and now you can hardly find a software that slows down the PC performance. Otherwise, nobody would use it.

Excellent Help and Free Support: Kaspersky offers amazing support service. It is not only customer support, like in the most antivirus programs, but many other options. For example, you can use forums, where you not only can get all information, but share your opinion, also get opinions of other users, discuss your experiences, and so on. Frequently asked questions section helps you to find out more information about how to use the antivirus and its features. Moreover, their free customer support is really good. You can call a free phone number and ask anything that bothers you regarding the antivirus software. You can also use the online troubleshooter, this normally helps in sovling the most common problems. Though if you didn’t fid a solution, you can address your problem to customer support in a live chat.

Gamer Mode: Do you like games? Or you are keen on movies? Then, the Game mode is the right thing for you. You can play a game, or watch a movie, and the antivuris softwatre will block all popups, without sending you any notifications. Moreover, it will adjust the settings of your computer so, that you will get the best experience from these activities. Even if the software has a schedule for updates, and needs to be updated right in the middle of your game, the update will be putt off till you complete playing.

Automatic Upgrades: this anti virus software, like most of them, pudates automatically. It has a schedule for update, and when the time comes, it updates his systems. This is necessary, and you better don’t skip updates. The main reason why is because there are so many viruses appearing every day, hundreds of them, that update is sivtally important if you want your antivirus to be functional.

Backup Disk: there are viruses and malware, that enter your system and do not let you boot the computer. For such case, Kasperski has a very good solution – Backup system. You create a backup disc, and boot into Windows with its help.

Mobile Protection: Definitely, you use a smartphone. Almost everybody uses a smartphone. It is like a computer now, will al possible functions, but with all possible threats, too. We use it for sharing information, for chatting, for mailing, for caling, for business ourposes. That is why, threats are the same. And the need in protection is the same as well. And Kasperski provides that. All possible security features for your mobile. Moreover, it has an anti-theft and anti-loss protection. It means, that your mobile can be tracked through google maps, like this, you can detect its location. Moreover, with sending a special code to your mobile, you can eraze all data from it. Though you shall make sure that it was really stolen, as then, the data cannot be renewed.

Operating Systems: Kaspersky antivirus software works with practically all versions of Windows including Windows XP and Windows 10.

If you’re still hesitating to either purchase the Kaspersky or not, then you should try our 30 days trial period first. Yes, Kaspersky antivirus comes with a trial version for the satisfaction of its users. If after using the trial version you come to like the product, you can purchase the complete subscription. Subscription is based on yearly basis, however, if you purchase a subscription for several years you would get discount and you will be able to save your money.

As for the price, even here Kasperski gives the best options. You check how many devices in your home need protectios, and pay accordingly, either for one, or for more licenses.

  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t use much system’s resource so doesn’t affect the efficiency of the computer a lot
  • Automatically upgrades
  • Offers basic and advanced features
  • Excellent at protection from malware
  • Comes with efficient real time protection
  • Works with Windows OS only
  • Some users reported that it has problem working on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and some other browsers, though, maybe , they were talking about unlicenced copies
  • Has limited advanced features


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