Manage Your iPhone In A Much Simpler Way With iCareFone From Tenorshare

If you have iOS devices, like iPhone, iPod or iPad, a powerful application like this iCareFone is highly recommended. While I used iTunes in the past to manage my iOS devices, I have been using this iCareFone from some time now and I can say that it is much easier and quicker to use. Moreover, it has a lot more features that you cannot find in iTunes. It does an excellent job of improving the performance of your iOS device and making it more productive. I’d definitely recommend every iOS device user to at least try this product and see how it differs from iTunes. And as the trial version is available free of cost, all you need is a bit of time to download and install this application and check whether or not, the full version is worth the investment. While some of the iCareFone review suggests that this application is expensive, I’d say that all good things come at a price. Use its trial version and you will get to see how it is different from iTunes or as a matter of fact, every other similar application available on the internet for free or at a cheaper rate.
Manage Your iPhone In A Much Simpler Way With iCareFone From Tenorshare

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iOS devices, like iPhone, iPod and iPad are vastly popular all over the world. Users impatiently wait for Apple to release newer versions of these devices. But what makes them so popular? Why do the users prefer iOS devices even when they are some of the most expensive of devices available in the market?

Well, if you ask me, I can give you a number of reasons. For instance, the devices use highly reliable and stable operating system. Secondly, it is not wrong to say that Apple is a company that first introduces latest technologies and features in their devices and then other companies take inspiration from them. Needless to say, it is with iOS products that the users are able to first get their hands on the best of innovative features.

However, when you use an Apple device, it is also very important to make sure that you provide it with the maintenance and care it deserves to ensure that it provides you with flawless performance. iOS owners generally make use of iTunes to manage their devices. Be it backing up folders and files, transferring music, photos, or videos, iTunes is a one-stop-solution for all of this and a lot more. But apart from iTunes, there are several 3rd party applications that make the job of managing your iOS device easier and quick. And one such application is iCareFone from Tenorshare.

Apart from transferring files, creating backups, etc. the application allows you to fix all the common iOS problems and tune up the device. In this iCareFone review, we will have a look at whether or not this application is actually worth its mettle.

Before talking about how to download and install iCareFone, its features, and stuff, let us first talk about Tenorshare.

About Tenorshare

Established in the year 2007, Tenorshare is a popular company that has developed a number of useful software products. The company has even won several awards and accolades for its products. Some of the most popular products from the company apart from this iCareFone are iPhone Data Recovery, Android Data Recovery, Windows Password Recovery, iPhone Backup Unlocker, Whatsapp Recovery, Video Converter for Mac and Any Data Recovery Tool for Mac. Needless to say, the company is highly reliable and the products from the company are a perfect example of tools that are innovative, user-friendly and highly useful.

Downloading and Installing Tenorshare iCareFone

While you are required to buy the full application to enjoy all the features, by first downloading the trial version you can at least use some of the features of this application to know whether or not you should invest in this product. There are several websites from where you can download the trial version of iCareFone application for your desktop PC or laptop. However, it is recommended that you should visit the official website of Tenorshare to download the latest version.

When you are on the official page of the iCareFone application, simply click on the Free Trial button and the download will begin automatically. The installer is pretty small (28MBs to be exact) and once the installer is downloaded, the installation process too is pretty simple and quick. I spent around 5 minutes and the application was ready to use on my laptop. However, one important thing that I’d like to point out is the fact that you need to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer to use iCareFone effectively. The application will configure itself as per the iTunes settings to make sure that it is fully compatible.

Application Interface

After installation, I launched the software and its interface is what I will talk about in this part of this iCareFone review. Tenorshare has done an excellent job with the interface of this application. Everything is pretty neat and well-organized to make it easier for the users to use the application. The interface is divided into two parts. The first part will provide you with detailed information about the connected iOS device along with other detail, like when was the device last scanned, cleaned and backup was created. The second part has a total of 6 buttons with all the different features of this application, namely Files Manager, Speedup and Clean, Backup and Restore, Remove Ads, Fix Stuck iOS, and Repair OS.

Important Features

Files Manager- The first feature of iCareFone is the Files Manager. With the help of this feature, you can easily manage all the contents of your iOS device, like music, videos, photos, apps, etc. iCareFone has a total of 8 modes that help you manage the contents of your iOS device.

  • Contact- The Contact mode enables you to easily manage the contacts stored on your iOS device. You can edit the existing contacts, add new contacts, search for duplicate contacts and even export all of them to your computer as a text, XML, VCard, or Excel file.
  • Note- Just like the Contacts mode, the Note mode allows you to edit existing notes saved on your device, add new ones and export them to your computer.
  • Calendar- Editing or deleting existing calendar and adding new ones can be done with the Calendar mode.
  • App- The App mode is highly useful and allows you to delete existing apps, install new ones, and even create a backup of the important apps which you can easily restore at a later stage. Moreover, in this mode, you can easily find detailed information about the apps, like their name, size, version, etc.
  • Music- If you are a music-lover, this mode will be very useful to you. It allows you to delete the tracks that you don’t need, add new ones and export your existing collection to your computer.
  • Video- Similar to the Music mode, the Video mode allows you to add new videos, delete them and export them to your PC or laptop.
  • Bookmark- This mode allows you to manage the bookmarks of your iOS device. You can delete the ones that you don’t need and even add new ones.
  • Photo- If you have pictures on your computer that you want to transfer to your iOS device, the Photo mode will provide you with this functionality. Moreover, you can also export all your photos from the device to your computer with it.

Speedup and Clean - If you have been using your iOS device for a long time and I am pretty sure that it doesn’t work as quickly as it used to be in the past. One of the most common reasons for this problem is overloading of data in your device. With the help of Speedup and Clean button, you can find and remove junk files that occupy space in your device. Simply run a scan and you will be provided with detailed information about all the unnecessary files, like temporary and junk files, unnecessary apps, etc. Once these unnecessary files are deleted, you will see a considerable improvement in the performance of your iOS device. However, some of the functions of the Speedup and Clean feature are not available in trial version.

Backup and Restore - As the name suggests, this feature allows you to backup important files as well as all the data stored on your iOS device and restore it at a later stage when required. This feature too is not available in the trial version.

Remove Ads - Majority of the apps that you download to your iOS device, especially the ones that free come with many different types of ads that are simply annoying. With Remove Ads feature, you can easily remove those ads. Click on the Remove Ads button and you will be provided with a list of all the applications on your iOS device. Select an app and then click on Remove Ads to get rid of the ads.

Fix Stuck iOS - This is an excellent tool that allows you to find and resolve all the common iOS problems, like problems related to upgrading the device, overheating, etc. However, you will not be able to use this feature in the trial version.

Repair OS - If there are operating system-related problem on your iOS device, with this feature you can easily find and repair those problems. This feature is only available when you buy the full version of iCareFone application.

System Requirements

To use iCareFone application, you need to have-

  • Minimum of Windows XP
  • CPU of at least 1GHz or above
  • 1GB of free space in hard disk
  • Preinstalled iTunes

Customer Support

If you have doubts with regards to your purchase, registration code of the application or any other technical details, the company has detailed FAQ pages for these categories on its official website. If at all you are unable to find the answer to your query in the FAQ pages, you can also send an email to the customer support department of Tenorshare and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Before writing this review, I myself sent an email to the customer support department and they answered my query within 20 minutes. Users can rest assured as all of their queries will be instantly answered by the company.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Compatible with all the different versions of iOS
  • Supports iPhone, iPod, and iPad
  • Allows you to manage your iOS device just like iTunes
  • Loaded with features that help improve the performance of your iOS device
  • Simpler way to repair operating system related problems
  • Blocks annoying application ads
  • Trial version has very limited features
  • Full version is a little expensive


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