Movavi Video Editor Review

If you are looking for the simplest way to create or edit a video, then it does not get any better than the Movavi Video Editor. A clutter-free UI with everything that you need right in front of you, this tool is designed to help the beginner and home user get the job done. Create video from your images or add music and special effects to your video while doing much more with Movavi Video Editor.
Movavi Video Editor Review

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Movavi Video Editor- what is it for?

Movavi Video Editor is yet another video editing tool in the already crowded market. It tries to be different by claiming to be feature rich yet very easy to use and make great videos from. Movavi Video Editor is made for both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. In all its simplicity, Movavi Video Editor can be used to edit and enhance existing videos, add background music to them and apply different effects to get the most out them.

When you visit the Movavi Video Editor website, you will probably feel that it is free to use- since there is no ‘Buy’ or pricing option anywhere in the view. However, as you scroll further, after a lot of looking, you will find the actual information about Movavi Video Editor. You are only provided with a trial for free, which has a few basic features. The trial is not really good enough to get a feel of what all it can accomplish, and the complete software costs $39.95.

It is important to know that Movavi Video Editor is not a professional video editor. If you want to create a professional Hollywood style video, then Movavi Video Editor is not the tool to go for. It is only meant for those who are new to the world of video editing or do not have too much requirements as far as media go. While it can be used to edit videos and even make them, you will not find a full tool suite as in other video making tools.

Movavi Video Editor is compatible with all Windows Versions of XP and above. You just need a compatible dual-core processor, at least 1.5GHz, along with an AMD Radeon™R600 or NVIDIA®GeForce™ Series 6 or newer graphics card to run it, in addition to 2.5GB of free space for installation and running the software. The requirements are not that modest, and Movavi Video Editor is a resource heavy tool. The download is just around 54.8 MB, though it will take a bit of time to unpack and install Movavi Video Editor. Once done, the interface takes some practice to get to move around.

Movavi Video Editor is compatible with almost all major video as well as audio formats. In addition to that, it also works with all output devices, including those on iOS, Android and Linux. If you plan to use Movavi Video Editor along with HD or Full HD videos, then the resources and free space for running it increases considerably. The free version does not work well with HD videos either, so you will need a license before doing that.

UI and Ease of Use

Using Movavi Video Editor is a bit complex. You first have to upload all the media files that you want to work on in the tool by browsing to them. This includes any video, audio, image and webcam recordings that you want to use in your video. The next step involves cutting the fragments that you need, cropping out anything that is unnecessary. There are around 20 transitions that you can use to bring all the media together.

After this step, Movavi Video Editor gives you the option to improve the quality of the video. They claim to help in improving the sharpness, contrast, brightness, stabilization and do a lot more. While you can play around with the image and make a few changes, do not expect a webcam quality image to suddenly become a professional-grade graphic. Apart from playing around with the basic image characteristics, there is not a lot that Movavi Video Editor can do to improve the quality of the video unless it was taken with a high quality capturing device.

You can then play around with filters and various effects to add to your video. There is nothing special in these filters, and they are the ones that you find on all free image editing services- like Color Balance, Mosaic and a few childish ones like flying objects and all. For a tool that costs $39.95, there could have been better image filters and effects built-in. The titles that you can apply to your videos are also the same- though they are 100 fonts in number, there is nothing new or exciting about them. It will take you quite a lot of modification to create something unique for your image.

Once you have configured what it all looks like, there is the option to add music or audio in your video. Movavi Video Editor can be used to upload existing MP3 or other audio formats to the video, and use your Mic to record a voiceover. One feature that is useful here is that you can directly capture audio from any musical instrument that is connected to your computer, including MIDI-keyboard and pianos.

Once everything is done, there are a number of output options for you to choose from. You can either save it in any of the popular video/audio formats. In case you do not know what specific format works best with your device, all you have to do is select the device/tablet you are using, and the best formats for it will be automatically shown. Movavi Video Editor can also be used to directly upload your content on Facebook, YouTube and other media-sharing websites.

Capabilities of the Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is not just a tool to create videos out of images- it does have a lot more that you can do with it. Using Movavi Video Editor, you can pick a group of photos and create a slideshow with them. In case you have never done this before, then it will also pick the best transition effects automatically. Thus, all you have to do to complete the slideshow is add the requisite music as well as the tiles, and the slideshow will be created.

Movavi Video Editor can also be used to edit your existing videos. All the things that you did while creating a video can also be done to existing videos. You can even add special effects to a video to enhance them further. One of the highlights of Movavi Video Editor is that it is comparatively faster, with editing and exporting of videos being more efficient. The Intel®Graphics Technology together with its new multimedia engine are what have helped in accomplishing that.

Importing videos across platforms and formats is not a problem with Movavi Video Editor. You can get content from all DV, HDV and HD cameras, webcams as well as cassettes in addition to your PC. It even allows you to record your screen or capture content from your webcam. This is useful if you want to create training videos, product tutorials, document your tasks and usage guides for software.

The video editing suite works decently well. The Movavi Video Editor applies a multi-track timeline, which allows you to edit and add/remove clips to your video. You can split a clip, rotate and even join clips in order to modify your video to the required format. While there are several transitions and effects that you can add here, they are not as many as other tools offer. In case you are working with video that has been shot on green screen, then the ChromaKey is one effect that will be particularly useful.

Not only can you create a slideshow from your images, but you can even extract images from a video to form your slideshow. Images can be cropped, adjusted and enhanced to improve the viewing experience. Trimming and splitting of videos is done automatically, and you can make it more precise by specifying the start & ends. While the Movavi Video Editor suite may not be the most feature-rich of them all, it is more than sufficient for beginners to create and edit good videos.

What makes it better than the rest?

A feature worth mentioning in Movavi Video Editor is the 3D capabilities of the tool, which is something that not many software have. You can use it to convert 3D to 2D, and even 2D content to 3D provided you have the requisite supplementary technology. This includes the special TV and glasses required for the same.

In addition to being a video editor, Movavi Video Editor is a decent editor of audio files as well. You can modify audio content as required to work with your media files. You can crossfade transition to blend the tracks together, create playlists for adding in different movies and much more. The Disc Authoring feature of this tool also deserves a special mention. Once you are done with your project, you can give it a professional touch by using the Blu-Ray and DVD Menu themes without wasting your time on creating a menu. There are 12 themes for you to choose from.

Movavi Video Editor can be used to burn your work to a CD, DVD and a Blu-Ray as required. We have already talked about its integration with video sharing sites earlier. You can even embed the video on any website by generating an HTML Code for it. Movavi Video Editor handles it all, and there is nothing that you need to do for the same.

The benefits for beginners

Since it is aimed towards beginners, support and guides are an integral part of the tool. The Movavi Video Editor website has numerous guides and tutorial videos to help you get started on the tool. The support center is also useful in interacting with the representatives via Live Chat, though they are not available 24x7. Support is also accessible via e-mail as well as phone.

The fact that Movavi Video Editor does not have too many features works well as far as ease of use and UI is concerned. It is a nicely designed video editor, and you just have to use it a few times to get the hang of it. Movavi Video Editor is not complicated to use, and all its tools are uncluttered, clear and easy to find. Movavi Video Editor is not designed for professionals, and neither do they claim it to be a feature-rich video editing solution. However, the only downside of this all is that the price tag of $39,95 is a bit too much for a basic video editor. Since the free trial does not have a lot to offer, purchasing Movavi Video Editor may be a small risk if you do not know your specific requirements.

In case you are looking for a professional grade tool that lets you do much more than this, then Movavi Video Editor may not be the best choice of tools for you. Overall, Movavi Video Editor does lack in many tools, but manages to get the job done quite well for home editors. If you just want to get a video ready for your YouTube channel or DVD player, then this video editor will have the tools that are needed, along with a few other special effects to make the job better!

  • Simple and clutter free user interface
  • Trimming and cutting videos does not take too much time
  • Can be used to create as well as edit a video
  • Works with a wide variety of audio and video formats
  • Too expensive for most home users


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