Multi-Format Conversion of Cad Files on Windows

Succinctly, Total CAD converter has the intelligence and competence to convert CAD files of varying source formats into a hundreds of supported file formats. Regardless of the size of the CAD files, the software converts in seconds. The software converts files in batches. It also manages files by creating multi-page file formats. Total CAD converter also has a user-friendly interface that supports easy navigation and location of files. It also allows the use of the command-line in design set-up. The software has an incorporated wizard that allows easy application to projects and auto-remembers previous designs. Therefore, Total CAD converter is quite unique and useful software that will enhance productivity and better communication of CAD drawings among teams and vendors. This software is cost-effective and a great utility for CAD files conversion.

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Description of CAD files

CAD (Computer-aided design) files are graphic file formats generated from the use of a software that allows users to design varieties of products. The software creates an avenue for users to design geometric shapes and modify objects in such a way that it represents the desired original structure or graphics. These drawings project the appearance as well as function of a design. CAD images could either be two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D). This software is of very important use in industrial and production designs.

CAD files are not easily viewed like ordinary computer images. They are stored and shared in formats referred to as proprietary or neutral. Neutral formats allow better interoperability particularly when interacting with clients. The format contains some basic features that can be accessed from different CAD systems. This implies that not all features of the design can be viewed with this format. For proprietary format, however, all features and details of the design are shared and can only be viewed with the same CAD tool used in creating the file. So usually, it is advisable to share both proprietary and neutral formats of CAD files.

Relevance of CAD

The flexibility of creating varieties of designs and modifications of shapes with such amount of ease offered by CAD has been revered by users. This software has gained massive acceptance in the field of architectural, engineering and industrial design. It has greatly reduced the stress and length of time incorporated in drawing out designs manually (with hands). A proposed design can be fore-visualized on different axis. Professionals who use this software have also commended the opportunity to create their own designs without using the services of a draftsman. Examples of CAD software are AutoCAD and Microstation.

The pros of using CAD software include the following:

  • Effective time management - the software mitigates the amount of time exhausted in drawing designs manually. It offers precision and visualization of projects in swift time. This also helps to increase productivity as more output is achieved in little time.
  • Precision of design - CAD software creates the ability to visualize designs on different axis. The user can significantly create highly specific and detailed images which represent the exact replica of the “real-world” design. The designs can also be drafted (2D) or remodeled (3D). The software also allows designs to be presented as animations and view how the proposed original structure will function, thus reducing errors.
  • Ease of editing - compared to manual designs, CAD images can be easily and quickly changed or edited in case of an error or modification. This helps to create a more consistent drawing.
  • Documentation - the software allows the documentation of the subassemblies, the components, cost of materials, specifications for the materials to be used, the dimensions and shapes of the design. It allows all the features and requirements of a particular project to be accessed at a go.
  • Reproduction of designs - all the components put together to create a design are usually saved. These saved data can be repeatedly used when needed in future designs. CAD images can also be printed over time.

The cons of CAD software include the following:

  • Cost of the software - for small-scaled businesses, the software can be pretty expensive compared to projects it will be used for.
  • Expertise - the use of the software requires mastering the rudiments of the tools. The cost of training of personnels who can effectively operate and utilize the software is usually high.


Total CAD converter is dynamic and high-quality software that easily converts CAD files to different formats. This software can access CAD files in several source formats including dxf, dwf, dwg, dwfx, hg, plt, hgl, hpg, plo, hp, hpl, hpgl, hp1, hp 2, hpgl2, gl2, spl, svg and cgm. Total CAD converter is an all-inclusive software that converts source formats of CAD file to PDF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, DXF, WMF, CGM, HPGL, PNG, BMP, PS, SVG and SWF. The Total CAD converter is suitable for use on Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. This app has a total of 160 supported file conversions. The converter has an in-built wizard that allows its easy application to design settings and formats. Asides having a user-flexible and friendly interface, the software also have an auto-remember feature which refers to previous project settings and recreate them if needed. There are other interesting options that come with the Total CAD converter particularly when the conversion of multiple CAD files is required.

It allows the combination of all source files into one target file when lots of CAD files are converted into PDF or TIFF file formats. For example, ten or more CAD images can be converted into a combined page PDF or TIFF format. This software also enhances achieving a consistent design outcome by creating an avenue for editing converted CAD files. After converting CAD files to other formats, the images can be cropped, re-aligned, resized and rotated concurrently. Total CAD converter also has formatting tools that can change the color of the CAD designs into monochrome (black and white) and also increase the weight and outline of the lines. Additionally, this software supports the creation of designs through the command-line. This implies that you can work all the construction magic without using a mouse. Projects can be created just by typing in prompt commands.

Unique accessories of Total CAD converter

In addition to the aforementioned, there are several other benefits attached to the use of the Total CAD converter software.

  1. The conversions of CAD files are done in batches, therefore a lot of valuable time is saved when processing a lot of files.
  2. When working with several folders, the software can combine the resident files in each folder into a single target page. For instance, 3 folders with 5 resident DWG files each can be converted and combined into 3 TIFF multi-page files. This helps to manage memory space used and encourages management of data. It also gives room to view different sub-assemblies of a project at once.
  3. The brilliant wizard-mode interface of the software converts DWG, SVG, DXF, HGL and other CAD files source formats within seconds.
  4. The software allows security of files and data. A user can personalize converted files (from DXF or DWG to PDF) by setting user permission controls, creating password-encrypted files or endorsing using the digital signature. The converted files could be in PDF or PDF/A mode-which implies that the software can convert files for long term preservation.
  5. The software has an in-built panel review. This feature helps users to navigate through files and locate files faster.
  6. The Total CAD converter also provides privacy for its users. You can add watermarks to the header or footer of converted files to avoid or prevent unauthorized access or to add copyright control.
  7. Regardless of the complexity of amount of files, you can still get your output files organized while using the software. The converter allows addition of page counters or datelines to every page.
  8. The software allows enhancement of the quality and appearance of the output image when a CAD file is converted to JPEG.
  9. In CAD drawings sometimes, colored lines are not precisely projected. For example, yellow lines are usually clearer when turned to grey or black. Total CAD converter allows formatting colored drawings to black and white.
  10. The full command line setup in the software allows users to enter prompt commands with the desired actions for the design.
  11. The Total CAD converter can also be used in ASP or PHP applications with ActiveX. This implies that the software has the flexibility of sharing files on other applications.
  • A lot of users have acknowledged that the software provides a platform that supports a variety of file formats and converts files swiftly without delay or hang-up.
  • Users have also commended the availability of vast editing options as well as the ability to set-up a project using the command-line.
  • The privacy and security provided on the documents have also been revered.
  • Users have also expressed satisfaction on the easy navigation and access to file locations.
  • Better design precision through the formatting of colors that this software allows is also a much commended feature of the software.
  • Many of the customers have affirmed that the cost of the software acquisition is pretty affordable.
  • Other comments include the capacity to resize and rotate CAD drawings after file conversions, changing of the image formats to JPEG and enhancement of image quality and appearance.
  • Reports of scaling down paper sizes and unrefined output have been made.


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