Nero 2016 Platinum Review

Nero 2016 Platinum is one the best media suites available in the market at the moment. It offers so many applications bundled into one powerful suite. It is both reliable and innovative providing you with a comprehensive and powerful package for carrying out a lot of functionalities including creating, copying, burning, editing, streaming, playing, converting and ripping all types of multimedia files. Each time the results are always of top quality and impressive on virtually all devices. Is definitely a must have for both professional and home multimedia management needs. Each media suite comes with an upgrade path to the official website.
by Bruno
Nero 2016 Platinum Review

Nero Platinum Nero Platinum 14.03.2016

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Nero was started in the year 1995, when it was simply a CD burning program. From its launch, the company propelled so first to rise to fame. It then followed with a number of applications for images, music and video. Today, the company is among the top leading firms in media technology applicable in mobile devices and home PCs.

The company with its headquarters in Germany has made an efficient and intuitive Nero 2016 Platinum for burning, editing, playing, converting and organizing your media files.

This media suite isn’t just a common software program; it’s a sophisticated media suite including everything needed for unsurpassed performance of any media related task. Like most of the latest software releases, though this was launched on September last year, new updates have always been made ever since its launch day. Back then, it didn’t have so many of the applications it has today and therefore needed download. Just like many other software, this media suite program relies on different 3d party software that also need to be downloaded even for the latest PCs in the market.

Whether dealing with movies, music or professional sets of photos on any time of device or disc, you get the power to manipulate your multimedia files any way you like. Thanks to the new design templates that you can add to your discs to make them look alive. This media suite can handle all types of discs including CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays. This media suite lets you enjoy listening to music and watching videos on your PC. Moreover, you can also stream media files on your mobile devices as well as Wi-Fi players.

Once the program is installed, there are 5 main menu options on the major menu. These include Manage & Play, Rip & Burn, Backup & Rescue, Edit & Convert and Extras, though not in the order as listed here.

Under each of these menu options, there are submenus in brilliant and conspicuous colors that are easy to read, all adding up to 15 in total. This is particularly very different from the earlier versions. Out of the 15 items, 14 of them shut down the main window and then open up their own window. The only exception was the Nero Content, which on clicking displays a message that all the content are already installed.

This media suite has a lot different applications included to help you manage, play, convert, rib, burn and back multimedia files. Every application has its own set of features that add up to the power of the whole media suite package. Perhaps this is what should motivate anyone to go for the package so as to have access to all the features from one spot. These applications include the following:

Nero Media Home 2016

It’s been designed to work with graphic and media files. It’s an advanced and full featured tool that helps you organize all your multimedia.

Nero Media Browser 2016

It offers easier and more convenient access to all media files on your PC. It does that by enabling you to arrange the media with regard to your preferences and needs. The application makes it possible to access all your videos, music and photos at the palm of your hands.

Nero Video 2016

With this application you can create, edit as well as view your video projects. It comes with plenty of flexible video tools and settings that make it possible to create attractive video projects with ease.

Nero Recode 2016

If you need to come up with a similar copy of an unprotected DVD, CD or Blu-Ray discs in another different format, then this is the application for the task. The interface is pretty straightforward to use. All you have to do is drag the file or disc that you want to recode or convert and click the buttons.

The application supports conversion of so many formats for both audio and video including FLV, MPEG-4, MKV, FLAC, MP3, MP4, WMA, etc. it also supports various devices including tablets, iPads, iPhones, Amazon Kindle. Gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStations and Xbox are supported. Support for audio players is also available including iPod touch, iPod classic among others.

Nero Burning ROM 2016

It’s a legendary application for burning all types of discs. As a pioneering application of the company, this application is very popular and allows burning of different types of discs including Blu-Rays, CDs and DVDs.

With the help of this application, you can come up with data discs, mixed mode CD, audio CDs, Blu-Ray, DVD and CD copies, bootable DVDs and CDs and AVCHD discs.

In addition to that, you also have the option of creating multisession discs (types of discs that can have files added later), DiskSpan technology discs (i.e. subdivide files and distribute among a number of discs if they are larger than size of one disc) and SecureDisk discs (i.e. discs that can be password protected or give a digital signature to prevent illegal distribution and use.

The settings of this application are easily configurable and flexible. For instance, the application allows specification of autorun configurations, selection of desired writing method and speed plus many other features.

Nero Express 2016

This application is rather a simplified version of the Burning ROM application. It makes the process of coming up a disc much easier and quicker. It’s also among the most commonly used applications used to create, copy and record optical discs.

The application has relatively similar features and functionalities as Nero Burning ROM 2016 with the exception of an intuitive and easy to use interface. It makes burning of discs much quicker and easier. All that is needed is selecting a new project, adding files and start the burning process.

Nero Disk to Device

By using 3 clicks on your mouse, you can rip audio from your disc to your computer. You can as well transfer the ripped music to any device connected to your PC, online storage or iTunes.

To rip a disc using the application, you need to load a disc to your optical drive, select the files to be ripped and the application does the rest.

Nero Cover Designer 2016

You can create a unique and attractive disc covers with texts included on them using Label Flash and LightScribe technology. It’s actually a professional multi-functional application trusted by professionals to create amazing covers.

You can create your own covers with labels for DVDs, CDs and Blu-Rays by choosing from a wide range of templates. There are templates for CD boxes, slim-disc boxes, etc. There are a lot of professional tools offered for use with texts and graphics. For instance, you can customize the fonts, add special effects, etc.

Coming up with an amazing cover takes only a few minutes after which you can print them.

Nero BackItUP 2016

This is a powerful utility that enables you to create photos, music, videos and documents backup. This application makes it possible for you to create a secure storage for all your media files and documents.

With 3 simple steps, you can easily back up your photos, music, videos and documents. You simply need to choose the files to be backed up, select the backup target (external drive, local drive, optical discs, etc) and schedule the process. At the last step, you can also specify compression and encryption level.

Moreover, the application makes it possible to back up data from your mobile phone. You simply need to download install an app from Play Store.

Nero Rescue Agent 2016

This is an essential utility that helps in restoring data from damaged media storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives, optical discs, etc. all you got to do is pick one of the scanning options provided, that is, Fast or Deep. The application will then handle the rest. Once the process is done, you can choose the listed files and do a restore.

Stashimi Music Recorder

This application is an advanced music application that gives you access to a lot of music potential. With the application, you can have access to over 100,000 radio stations, watch videos and record them automatically.

It also lets you search for a particular music using the name of an artist, song title or album name from the web. Once you’ve located the music, you can download the file and store it on your computer or external storage device connected to the computer such as mobile phones, hard discs, USB sticks, music players, etc.

A number of people have questioned the legality of using the application to download music from the web. Apparently, the developer considered this issue before including the feature and this means that there’s nothing to worry about. Furthermore, the persons playing the music on the radio have paid for copyright and other legality fees for you. So downloading music using this application has not faced any legal attention so far.

Nero Mobile Apps

This is an application that gives you access to special mobile applications for iOS and android devices and enjoy access to all your multimedia files via your smart devices from any location.

Nero Wave Editor 2016

It’s a multi-functional audio editor with plenty of useful tools. This application lets you edit audio, change sounds, add different audio effects, use various filters and many other audio features. Using your audio card, you can record audio with this application.

Before starting the actual recording, selecting a sample rate (e.g. 44.100 Hz) and a bit depth (e.g. 8 bit). Once recording is through, you can edit the audio file. You can also add another audio file to your recorded audio file, convert the audio, change volume, normalize, add various effects, etc.

Nero SoundTrax 2016

This allows editing and mixing audio tracks and burning the audio files on a disc. You can also edit several mixed tracks, transfer tape and LP recordings to a CD, record sound, and import soundtracks from CDs, etc.

System Requirements for installation

This media suite has a number of requirements that if met will make the program usable. These include:

  • It can run on Windows OS, starting from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • An Intel or AMD processor with at least 2GHz clock speed.
  • At least 1GB RAM.
  • Free hard disk space of 5BG or more.


Nero 2016 Platinum is one the best media suites available in the market at the moment. It offers so many applications bundled into one powerful suite. It is both reliable and innovative providing you with a comprehensive and powerful package for carrying out a lot of functionalities including creating, copying, burning, editing, streaming, playing, converting and ripping all types of multimedia files. Each time the results are always of top quality and impressive on virtually all devices. Is definitely a must have for both professional and home multimedia management needs.

Each media suite comes with an upgrade path to the official website. At the moment, the 2016 Platinum version is available from the official website at a cost of US $94.95 for the upgrade version and US $ 129.99 for the full version.

  • It’s an all in one media suite. A lot of functionalities and features are found within a single package.
  • Easier management of all media file types.
  • Management and access of all your files from a single spot.
  • More features and functionalities availed at a cheaper price.
  • PCs with lower specifications may be overloaded and freeze from time to time when the media suite is running.
  • The legality of downloading music from the web using the app is not known.


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