Norman Security Suite Pro Knows What You Need

Thus, Norman offers all possible advanced features, that allow any user, doesn’t matter a beginner one or an advanced one, feel comfortable during all web activities. If you have Norman installed in your computer, you can surf the web, do shopping, pay, play games, chat and perform many other activities and feel safe. Not only that. You will feel comfortable, because the software doesn’t influence on the computer performance, at least doesn’t influence to such extend that you feel it. It doesn’t offer anything for MAC, as MAC does not need protection so much. It doesn’t help you with parental control function, but all these things have their own reasons and you shall admit, they aren’t so crucial.
Norman Security Suite Pro Knows What You Need

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How To Protect Your Computer – Norman Knows The Answer

Protection from all – and without too many efforts. The perfect option is the software, that is not expensive, offers all possible functions, and installs itself. If it even works itself, that is better. This is the dream of each person who has a computer and the internet connection. And of course, of the person who knows what are the threats, he/she is exposed to, while surfing the internet.

There are so many offers, that selecting the best one is really not easy. The market is filled up with “the best”, “the simplest”, “the cheapest”, “the most expensive but efficient” and many other solutions, that finding an optimal solution is not so impossible. Hence, we often are happy with something, that a technician installed, or that a friend recommended, or, finally, something , that we found and downloaded for free from a torrent, or other source, with plenty of viruses, of course. And then, we have troubles with our system, due to viruses infection, our friends complain that they receive viruses in your messages, via skype or some online messenger. Or even worse, we discover one day, that our bank card, where we saved a significant sum of money, is empty.

Protecting Your System Is Important

All this happens, because we do not pay proper attention to protection of our system. Information nowadays is something very vulnerable, something, that can be stolen and misused. That is why, we have to take measures to protect it. And for that, we select an antivirus software. The main task is to select something that would really protect. And here, we can recommend Norman Security Suite Pro. Just for 66,95 Euro you will get a complete protection solution for 3 computers. Hence, not only you, but also your siblings will be able to use it. Or, you can protect some of your devices, if you need a security solution not only for a computer.

Well, but let us check all step by step and see, if this is a really something optimal for you.

Well, you wanted something, that would work on its own, without you making efforts to handle it. Or, even if you make some efforts, they shall be for something really special and still, they shall be not too demanding.

Norman has such a simple user friendly interface, that managing it is really a pleasure. Most of settings are on default, so, you don’t have to make too many efforts. But if you are so technology-smart, you can customize the solution, and it is rather easy.

Then, you have either heard or already experienced the consequences of cyber attacks, or virus damage, or any other harm caused by malware or hackers. Doesn’t matter how you know about it, but it is evident, that you prefer not to encounter this problem anymore.

Moreover, you must know what is identity theft. It is, when somebody steals your personal information and abuses it in their interest. They can take a loan, sell, buy, even steal money from your account or a card. It is very unpleasant, as you have to deal with all the consequences.

That is why, Norman offers a complete protection. It guards your computer from all possible malware, viruses, Trojans, identity theft. Its blocking tool blocks all incoming threats, and its cleaning tool cleans the system from all unwished visitors. It is alert even when the computer is off. Maybe this will sound weird, but sometimes some malware still manage to get into the system and start their activities as soon as you turn on the computer. That is why, blocking them and eliminating them before the system starts is very important. Norman does it too, and very efficiently.

Some antivirus software don’t offer a firewall in the suite. And this is a big disadvantage, as a firewall protects your system in live mode. It recognizes the reliable sources and allows them access the computer, without sending any notifications or bothering you in any other way. When it detects something suspicious, it will ask you to take a measure, to decide what to do. Norman offers an improved personal firewall, and it differentiates this solution from its competitors.

Now, just imagine for a second, that your protection system works with a delay, say, just some seconds. But these several seconds are enough for a virus to infect the system and to cause damage, sometimes, irreversible. Or imagine, that your antivirus doesn’t block the viruses when they are trying to attack, but just eliminates them from the computer, it means, eliminates those, that are already present there and started their activities. Then, the system is damaged, most likely, the information, that was needed to steal, is stolen, and all the rest of unpleasant consequences.

That is why, real time protection is vitally important. Otherwise, an antivirus software loses its importance. Norman provides proactive protection in real time mode, thus, all viruses that are trying to get access to your computer, are eliminated before they do it. Prevention is the main task for any good antivirus system. Moreover, application of Cloud technology allows exchange information about the newest viruses and provides even more reliable protection.

Browsing History – Not Anymore!

Many users like to save passwords for different websites, and also not all know that exists the history of browsing, where you can check which websites the person visited. Moreover, if the person prefers to save the passwords, you can log in many websites, even those, from where you can get access to the finance of the person. That is why, it is better not to save passwords in a browser memory, and more, you shall clean the browser history. If you forget to do that, or if you simply don’t care till something really unpleasant happens, then, Norman will do that for you. With its privacy control function, it cleans all browser history and deletes all files relevant to it. Now, your privacy is protected, even if you don’t know about it.

Ah, you have already had experience with some antivirus software? And all was fine except one thing – when it was scanning, you had to stop all your activities and wait. Why? Because the software used to take up all the resources. Thus, you don’t have a too good opinion about antivirus programs, and when they inform you that scanning is needed, you deactivate the notifications or put it off. Thus, putting your computer in danger.

Nowadays, antivirus programs are incomparably lighter, they almost don’t slow down the work. Norman isn’t an exception. It takes up so little resources, that you will even not notice when it is working. And this is a great advantage, as you don’t have to put off the scanning or turn it off at all, as well you don’t have to interrupt your activities, whatever you are doing.

If you use Windows 10, you may have already encountered many problems, as it is incompatible with many things. But with Norman, there are no issues at all, as it works on Windows 10, too, without disturbances or errors.

And what to do if you cannot turn on your lap or computer? Or if you managed to turn it on. But access to some data is blocked? Moreover, some kind of a strange software informs you, that you can get access to the data, but you have t pay…. Difficult to imagine? But what could you do? Pay? Then, access to other part of your computer will be blocked, and again you will have to pay… and so on, till you have money and patience… or, till you install Norman. Its intrusion guard feature prevents such things. It blocks all malware and prevents them from taking control over your data, system, and so on. Malware will be, simply put, blocked and eliminated.

And if you want to feel better and check, what was happening during last days, and which threats were eliminated, blocked or removed, you can check the reports about all activities for the selected period. Even though this may even frighten you, but you will know, that protection, provided by Norman, is real, moreover, it is reliable.

And if you want or need some piece of advice, or you want to ask in more detail about features, or about payment terms, if you have a strange and stubborn virus, which you cannot handle, you can address these and more issues to a free customer support. They are available day and night. And they are real professionals, they will solve all possible problems, connected with this antivirus software.

Parental control? Definitely, you can control your kids even without any software, and you can always explain them all dangers for them and you, what they can do, and what they shall avoid, and, finally, which websites they must not open while surfing the web. Moreover, this function isn’t really important for computer safety. But, you shall agree, that even you don’t always know, if the link you are clicking on, leads to a real website or to a scam, or phishing website, or somewhere else. Thus, protecting your kids from negative influence of the web is very important. Norman knows that, that is why, it offers parental control function. Now, you can setup, which websites your kids can, and which they cannot visit.

Disadvantages? Not so Many

Though, we shall disappoint you, if you liked the software, but you use a MAC. Mac is not supported, as Norman developers prefer to protect the things that really need protection, hence, Windows OS. MAC is safe enough even without antivirus program. One needs to be a genius to write a virus for MAC, and one must be even a more genius to write a software that will detect and neutralize that virus. Norman team is more realistic and prefers to deal with realistic tasks.

Thus, with Norman Security Suite Pro you can surf the web, any locations, any pages, any websites, shop online, pay and receive payments online, without any fear that your data will be stolen and misused. Still not persuaded, after so many advantages mentioned? Then, you may want to use the 30-days free trial. You can use the software for free during a month, and then you can either buy a subscription, or quit using it.

  • Reliable real time protection
  • Identity theft protection
  • New interface, user-friendly
  • Improved firewall
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • Privacy protection
  • Intrusion protection
  • Free support
  • 30 days free trial
  • No MAC support


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