Norton Utilities Protects And Optimizes

Norton Utilities is a perfect product that has ever been developed for Windows. Note: Windows only, no MAC and no Android. Other than that, doesn’t matter which version you use, Windows 10, XP, Vista or another one, it is your product. Ah, you use Windows XP in our desktop and Windows 10 in your lap? But what is the problem? This toolset can be installed in 3 PCs, with any Windows version, as it was already mentioned. And it as all. It wil optimize the hard disk and clean it, if necessary, defragment it; it will clean and defragment the registry, remove old files, junk files, duplicate files. It will detect and eliminate the leftovers of programs that you were deinstalled don’t know how long ago. Moreover, it protects you when you are online, browsing, playing, paying, working, just listening for music. It protects you from viruses, Trojans, malware, cyber attacks and many those dangerous things that spoil your life and nerves. Like this you are totally protected and your system is totally optimized.
Norton Utilities Protects And Optimizes

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The best software for all users

Nowadays, we do not live in an isolated space. All parts of the world are closely connected through the web. We communicate, we share ideas, texts, images, video. We make friends or look for a job. There are so many activities connected with the web, even buying and selling.

But are you sure that all, that you are doing in the internet, is safe?

Just think about these probabilities:

  • Identity theft
  • Virus infection of your computer
  • Financial data theft

And many other options, all of them have consequences and are not the most attractive ones.

But besides that, there are other things, that probably aren’t so damaging for the system, but still they influence it greatly and cause interruptions in work and even crashes. It seems, that nothing can help, or at least you have to invest so many efforts and money and time, to solve all the issues and make your computer work as well as it is possible. But let us check, if all is really so hopeless.

Norton Utilities – if you still aren’t sure what you can do with your system, then maybe it is time to check Norton Utilities?

What do you win with Norton Utilities:

  • The software maintains your online activities in privacy.

When you are browsing, there are some malware, that are able to track your activities, including websites that you visit and passwords that you insert. It protects you from viruses, malware, cyber attacks, privacy intrusion. That is why, if you have Norton Utilities installed, you may not be afraid of any internet threats, just use it and surf the web, make shopping online, buy and sell without any fear for your financial or private data.

  • The product is able to fix damaged files and recover the deleted files.

It happens sometimes that you have been working hard on a text or video, or a soundtrack, and then, by accident, deleted it. From everywhere. Even the bin has been cleaned. Normally, you would be desperate, as it would mean that you have to redo all your work. But not so fast! Do you know that files do not disappear completely? That they still stay some time in the hard drive? If not, then, now you know it and moreover, you can use it. Norton offers a special tool to recover such files. So, now, if you have deleted something by accident, it is not a reason yet to get upset. Just use Norton to recover all that you need to recover.

  • In the run of time, the computer gets overloaded with many unnecessary files, leftovers of software and much other trash, it influences the system performance in a very negative way.

That is why, it is needed to clean your system. Cleaning means not just deleting those files which you don’t use, but cleaning professionally, with a special software, that will go through all hidden files as well. Only like this you can speed up your computer and remove all from your system, that has to be removed. Norton suite includes such a tool. And it not only removes all the trash from your system, but also optimizes its work, so, it makes it work faster and more efficiently.

  • With time, the system gets more loaded, starts working less efficiently, hence, there are more errors and crashes.

Do you want to avoid those problems? Then, it is better to select some reliable software which will fix all issues and eliminate errors and crashes. Norton Utilities is definitely one of them. Even if you already have troubles, this product will fix the issues and most likely, you will forget about them for quite a long time.

  • Hard drive with time also looks more like a bin, because there accumulate leftovers of deleted applications, files, temporary files, some software downloaded by Windows – many things that you will never need, but they are there, slowing down the system.

Norton Utilities knows about it, as well as it knows about the locations where all these things are stored. It cleans all efficiently and doesn’t leave leftovers. Moreover, besides the hard disk, it cleans the registry from the unnecessary software and junk files.

  • In a computer, there are stored many applications that haven’t been used for ages. Most likely, a user forgot about them, or simply is lazy to remove them.

But Norton Utilities is aware of that, too. It checks the system constantly for such files and reminds about those that are either outdated or not used, offering removing them. It cleans up such files completely, without any merci. Like this, it is possible to release several Gigabytes of memory, and just imagine how much faster your computer will work!

  • Memory stores also a lot of useful files. Some of them seem to be so useful, that they are duplicated. It means, they take twice more space than necessary.

And again, here comes this product to help your system. Norton detects all duplicate files and removes them from the system. Like this, you can make free plenty of space, and that will be a very significant relief for your system. Just imagine how many such files there may be in the memory of your computer! Plenty. And now, imagine, how much space they may take up.

  • When you are online, you are exposed to so many dangers. Viruses, Trojans, cyber attacks, malware – this is just a part if a list…

What to do? How to protect your computer and our information? With Norton Utilities. This toolset protects your system from all common threats, while you are online. It will fight off cyber attacks, block phishing websites and applications, protect the system from malware. Moreover, you may already know that all your online activities are kept in the browser history. When somebody has access to it, then, he / she can open closed websites, and if you save your password everywhere, it will be possible even to open and get access to your internet banking and other websites here the confidential information is kept. If we speak about financial websites, the consequences can be ruining, as the person an use your finances as he / she wants. But well, getting an access to profiles even in the social networks may cause much harm, not only economical, but also psychological, and not only you my suffer, but also your family. How?

  • A stranger can send offensive messages to your friends, colleagues and even if not ruin your relationship with others and your reputation, but still cause much trouble an spoil many moments.

That is why, it is very important to clean the browsing history. Norton does it whenever it is necessary, so, you may work or do whatever you need online without worrying about this issue.

  • You have more than one computer? Or a computer and a lap?

Well, Norton developers know very well, that a modern person usually has at least two devices of such kind: a desktop, to enjoy the advantages of a hard drive able to handle Gigabytes of information and wonderful features, and a lap, maybe less powerful, maybe with less memory, but very comfortable to take to journeys, especially if we speak about a business trip or a long term trip, and if you want or need to keep in touch. That is why, you buy one license, but it allows you installing the software in 3 PCs. Desktops, laps – up to you. Moreover, all features will be kept, doesn’t matter whether it is installed in the one computer or in the three.

This is not only comfortable, but allows to save a good sum of money. The license costs 49,99 USD per year, which is not expensive at all, but if you divide it by 3 (3 PCs), the price then becomes really ridiculous.

  • MAC or Android? Sorry, but Norton Utilities doesn’t deal with it.

If you are a MAC user, you know, that MAC is a very safe OS, almost not vulnerable for viruses and malware. It is super difficult to write a virus that could infect a MAC. But the same difficult it is to write an antivirus software. That is why, this product simply doesn’t deal with MAC. Android is a different story, but Norton Utilities doesn’t work on Android, either. Why? Simply put, this software was developed for Windows, that is why it works only with Windows. Different operation systems have different features, that is why, if one is trying to develop one universal software for all OS, he or she will have to compromise the quality of protection, optimization or whatever. The software will not be perfect anymore, it is impossible. But the Norton team are making so many efforts not for that. Their aim is to create the best products, that is why, this product was created exclusively for Windows.

  • What to do if something goes wrong? Or if the toolset doesn’t work? Or anything?

You are not alone, Norton offers professional help to all its clients. How you can get it? Well, as soon as you face a problem, check out the official website of Norton and there you will find many options. First of all, you can address your issue to customer support, they are available most of the time and will help you with their advice or even render online help. Then, if you want to know much more about this product and in general about the world of software, you can check the Learning center. This is a good source of knowledge for those who are interested, and it is available for free, for all subscribers of Norton, any product.

If you want to know all about the coming products, or about the new features of the existing applications and tools, you can check the Norton Update center. There, you will find all news about this product and about other products offered by Norton.

  • Protection online – browsing, playing, shopping and other activities
  • Damaged and deleted files recovery
  • Computer optimization
  • Registry cleaning and defragmenting
  • Hard drive cleaning and defragmenting
  • Customer support – available all time and efficient
  • One license for 3 PCs
  • Learning center
  • Windows only


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