One Stop Solution To All Kinds Of Desktop Calculations

ESB UnitConv Pro has left the jaws of its clients drop with its amazing performance and its user intuitive design which allows for even an inexperienced person to perform from the most mundane to the most complex calculations in the simplest and easiest possible way, resulting in saving money and time for the clients to train the end users. Being such a simple and convenient utility which covers a vast stretch of customers as it is extensively useful as well as educational. You can never be too young or too old, amateur or professional, veteran or a novice to use this advanced calculating software But enough has been said, it’s a universal fact that until the experience is personal, the words aren’t read and the voices aren’t heard. Hence, on a closing note, it would certainly be a product you would recommend further once you experience it yourself.
One Stop Solution To All Kinds Of Desktop Calculations

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When the world today is getting closer, well-connected and more advanced, the gaps between people are bridging at the speed of light, it brings a new concept along with it. This is called the concept of universal understanding. Be it language, topics of discussions or technologies. With brand new innovations, where distances are going into the ranges of nanometers, precision and accuracy have found a whole new face on the map of calculations. Isolated studies can never take the whole intelligence of humanity move forward on the path of development. And having said that we know that different parts of the world may follow different unit systems for these calculations, the unit conversions become an important factor for the purpose of clarity and connectivity.

Now various tools and software platforms will flood the market to meet this requirement but it always pinches the skin in choosing the right one for your need. If some are faulty, then some are not user friendly, most of the times, some are just false promises and spam looking for any opportunity to fill your mailboxes with junk. In such cases, trust me ESB UnitConv Pro comes to your rescue as the unit conversion task is lifted up from your head.

So what is it exactly?

ESB UnitConv Pro is a unit conversions utility designed for Windows’ user for desktop calculations which covers a huge range of units with utmost simplicity. If you see the wide range of units, the bets are on that you will be awestruck because that is what makes you fall in love with it. To bolder this statement lets’ have a quick reality check on this range which is so being talked about. For starters, all kinds of units for measuring temperature like Celsius, Delisle, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Newton, Rankine, Réaumur, Rømer are available. Honestly, most of us wouldn’t even know if all these units existed before coming across this tool. And conversions and calculations become even easier and precise once the Utility starts doing what it is designed for.

What all does it do?

Someone might say so what if it has got some unheard units for Temperature- a very common quantity, it might not have got the vast ranges of units for various complicated quantities like Mass, Force, Energy or the most interesting one Computer Storage. Well, I can assure you for sure here that these are just the beginning words for quantities, as it goes from Mass to Quantity, Force to Accelerations, from Radioactivity to Radiation Absorption, from Energy to Illumination, from Computer Storage to Data Rate, Thermal Conductivity, Electric current, Magnetic Flux, Dynamic and Kinematic Viscosity, Fuel Consumption and many more. Phew!

The list of quantities is long and for units even longer. This makes it educational even for any eminent professor.

How is it different from any other tool in the market or the calculator on the Windows itself?

It is much more than a regular calculator that comes along with the Windows as the features quadruple in ESB UnitConv Pro, be it in terms of number of quantities, units of those quantities, the visual appeal compared to a basic calculator, the conversion log panel and supporting various tricky things for example Exponential Notation. If asked why it is different than any other utility in the market, the answer best lies in its convenience at use and user friendly experience. The simplicity and ease with which it can be used to perform much more complex calculations and conversions make it stand tall among all of its competitors.

How to commence your journey with ESBUniConv Pro?

ESBUnitConv™ Pro Trial v9.2.0 can be easily downloaded in its zip or rar format from its Registration page. It is compatible with almost all of the Windows versions. The beauty of incorporating this utility in your everyday massive calculation tasks is that you just need to register once and all upgrades thereafter for this product are free for life. Hence, none can say that it is not value for money because before purchasing, you can experience what ESBUnitConv Pro has got to offer us in its free Trial version. If you have just installed the trial pack and still savoring this experience, then you will feel blessed because the purchased version of ESBUnitConv Pro gets even better with its more advanced features.

What are the system requirements for using ESBUnitConv Pro?

For enjoying the privileges of this magnificent utility, if you have any of these Windows versions Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and above, and Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 or above, you are good to go. For experiencing the optimized visual appearances of ESBUnitConv Pro, you will need Windows 7 or above. It is quite independent of the System Type: 32 GB or 64 GB.

How do I roll the wheel to get the work done?

Once the trial or the purchased utility is installed on your machine with its simple and easy to follow steps, it is quite obvious that you are itching to get your hands dirty on it. You will observe that the user interface of this suite is as easy as the apple pie. It has got clear segmentation of the measurement categories on the left side of the main panel under the ‘Measurements’ tab. This helps us in making sure that we don’t try to commit any mistake while converting values from one unit to another. For example, it’s may be a very common error to convert values of Liters to Grams etc.

Next you will see are two highlighted empty text fields marked as From and To. These fields are where you put the values which you want to convert. But convert into what units? That can be selected below these text fields where we get to choose from a wide variety of units for that particular Measurement Category selected under the Measurement Tab. There are fields for setting decimals by incrementing or decrementing to set the number of decimals upto which you want to get the conversion results.

How to analyze the conversions and results?

We can also trace the log of our work by enabling the logs which are pretty helpful to keep of a track of our work and comes handy to check any possible mistakes while working on a huge set of data. It can also be printed for future references and documentation.

What else has it got to offer?

If you see the small tabs under the bottom left corner of the main panel, you will see Measurements, Setup, Tools and Info.

This is the section which impresses the most with its simplicity yet elite features.

If we get into the details of Setup section, it can be called as your pit stop where you can customize your user interface experience with its controls extending to Display Style; Language to Display: which can be English (International or US); Textual Colors; controlling the minimum and the maximum values etc. Just Save your custom changes and feel the magic yourself. Another pretty amazing section is the Tool Tips Section under the same Setup Tab where you get important guidelines and tips to extract the maximum out of this utility. Such sections can sometimes be ignored if you are a pro at it and know what you are doing here. But personal experience is the best advice and it speaks that sometime a little more awareness about the rules of the game can actually make you a better game player and win the race without wasting any time or facing trouble mid-air.

Tools is another fascinating section where all the convoluted complexities get untangled with its various impressive cool features. To mention a few, Sphere Calculator, Circle Calculator, American Wire Gauge etc. All of us remember those times when remembering the formulae of finding the Surface Area of Sphere or calculating the Volume of the Sphere was a hard row to hoe. A few of us might still get nightmares to calculate such things as first we need the formula, then substitute the given variable, calculate those cubes and then arrive at the result. Sometimes, that is not the end when unit conversion also becomes necessary for a better understanding of the picture. Sphere Calculator tab, for example, makes your worries go away where all we need is to enter one value and it provides all the crucial and key information about that sphere within no time. Now that saved our time hence money. Why? Because in today’s world, time certainly is money.

There are many other flavors which I want you to taste but cannot serve. And for that you yourself should cook and explore to savor on your own sweet dishes.

What else can I club it with to make my experience at par with excellence?

ESBUnitConv™ Pro v9.2.0 although is a full proof complete package in itself but having a few more extensions of this utility are never a matter of loss but actually can prove to be a deal of profits on the usability front. For example, considering taking ESBCalc Pro Suite which provides all the ESB Calculators at the peppercorn and justified price can be a well packed deal of a cherry on a cake.

Consider a situation while using the ESBUnitConv, you realize that you need an advanced calculator on the side to perform certain tasks. ESBSmallCalc v9.0 which comes with the package for all registered users can be your right hand in that hour of the clock.

The deal here becomes even more attractive when buying suite opens the doors of licenses to all these calculators: ESBCalc Pro, ESBProgCalc Pro, ESBFinCalc Pro, ESBDateCalc Pro and ESBUnitConv Pro. Again, to avail all this, you only are required to register once and all these handpicked utilities including the new ones designed for a wonderful user experience on calculations and unit conversions get added to your purchased suite. It is undoubtedly a point to notice that price of this Suite will surely increase as more Calculators are added but registered users remain unaffected from its impact.

If we notice that in the world below the sun today where competition is so fierce, the offers are tremendous in every sector- be it a service or a product, coming across a genuine deal is extremely difficult as they are really scarce and rare, I find this clubbed package a fair bouquet of flowers where every petal of products shines in its own light and has its own scent of user experience

  • Easy installation and usage
  • Wide range of units to choose from for conversion
  • Log Tracing, easy documentation
  • Zero Spyware
  • Only 20 executions
  • Printing is disabled


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