OnlyOffice Ideal Documentation And Accounting Software

For anyone who is in need of computer software for creating and manipulating documents, OnlyOffice is the ideal choice. These days, every business needs such software for proper documentation and accounting. And hence it is safe to say that Only Office is a must have for every business. Also it is suitable to individuals who require powerful but simple document editors. I recommend it to anyone looking for powerful tools for their use.
OnlyOffice Ideal Documentation And Accounting Software

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Formerly known as TeamLab, OnlyOffice is a business suite comprised of CRM software, document editors, email, projects and document management, everything together in a single package. It is a cloud based and open-source software. It means you never have to switch between different applications to perform various functions. It offers a single system to organize and complete your tasks which, in turn, improves your functionality and productivity.

There are numerous different kinds of document editing software that OnlyOffice provides to the users. And one of the most popular among all its releases is the desktop edition of the OnlyOffice. The user can simply download the software from the OnlyOffice site and can start working on the variety of documents that he or she has without even connecting to the internet. This is a major advantage to those who are on the move. While travelling people may not be able to be connected to the internet. Even if they manage to be connected, the connection will not be a healthy one and the speed will be very low. In such situations the need for a offline software that can handle documents very efficiently is very high. And this can be fulfilled by the OnlyOffice desktop edition.

Also this offline document editor can be a very effective solution to the problems faced by people living in areas where an internet connection is a luxury especially in the Asian and African countries. In such regions, people would be completely dependent on offline editors like OnlyOffice to manipulate documents and to create presentations.

An alternative to more popular Microsoft Office, it is now widely used by over 10,000 clients around the world to manage documents even when not connected to the internet. The main target market for OnlyOffice is small to medium sized businesses and the countless number of customers who use document editors on a daily basis.

The major advantage that this software has is that it is completely free of cost to the users. In fact most of the other similar software including the Microsoft office suite is not freeware. And the customer will have to pay a considerable amount of money for making use of these services. But in the case of OnlyOffice, the case is not so.


It was first released as Team Lab and was developed by Ascensio System SIA. The Latvia based company was established in 2008 and is privately owned. It centres on providing software-as-a-service (SaaS), along with server-based services. Reputable management tools and collaboration software are available for small to medium sized businesses. The company now specializes in providing business automation and enterprise collaboration.

It was very recently that the team has launched an offline software to handle and manipulate documents even when not connected to the internet. The major aim was to be an alternative for the MS Word. This is something that they have achieved to a certain level. This software provides most of the services that are provided by the Microsoft word.

Overview of benefits

In addition to reducing your effort, OnlyOffice helps you to save time and money as it offers many stellar benefits. You need to use it to really believe them, for seeing believes.

It offers an advanced document processor, featuring editing and commenting capabilities. It provides support for popular formats like PDF, DOC, TXT, HTML and DOCX among others. It is compatible with MS office and Open Office documents. Only office editors allow your peers to edit your documents, both collaborative and simultaneous. You can review the changes made by your team mates. It even handles document imports from Drop box, One Drive and of course, Google Drive. The various modules comprising Only Office are well integrated. This is indeed a very important advantage that only office has. If you possess a team of numerous members and want to create a document or a presentation as a team, you can achieve this with the help of only office even if the members of the group are located far away from each other. The different members of the group can interact with each other about the different changes that should be made in the document. This is achieved with the chat option. But for these functions to be available, the local computer needs to be connected with the internet through a very healthy connection. So only office desktop editor is not entirely an offline software after all.

In addition to supporting third party add-ons, you can insert videos and create templates, among others. They can be easily integrated into the file. This helps to make the documents even more appealing.

One other advantage of using an office editor is that the user will have immense processing capability. If the customer is using an online editor then he will be limited, by the browser’s capability. And in most cases the browser will be extremely slow. So the user will have to spend loads of time in editing a single document. But if the editor is an offline one, then the capability is not limited by any barrier. Hence the time required for the completion of the editing process is reduced by a huge factor.


Three editors:

Even though there is only the need to download a single pack, the customer gets a collection of three editors. This is indeed a bonus for the users. The users can edit text documents, they can make presentations and they can make and edit spread sheets. All these editors come in a single pack.

Handle large files:

Large files may be difficult to be handled if you are using software that are not powerful enough to process bulk data. Bu in the case of OnlyOffice, there is no problem like lack of processing power. The software is perfectly capable of handling documents, no matter how large they are. Hence the first feature of OnlyOffice desktop edition is its ability and power to handle and manipulate files that are large in size.

Basic operations:

There are numerous basic operations that a user would need to use regularly while he or she is manipulating a document. These operations include copying text and images, moving and deleting unwanted data from the document. The software must be able to cater to such needs of the user without any fuss or lag. This is the sign of a healthy and efficient software. Thanks to the developers of OnlyOffice desktop edition, these operations are very easy to carry out. There is no situation when a hiccup occurs when a person is performing one of these operations. Also there are numerous key bindings that can be used as shortcuts for doing these operations. This helps the user to save a lot of time.

Direct printing:

People would need to print the documents that they are working on so that they can have a tangible output. But in most software, the printing process takes a long time. But in the case of OnlyOffice, there is a direct print option and hence there is no lag in the process of printing a document on to paper. This is one of the many shortcuts that the only office desktop version has in store for the users.

No need to manually load fonts:

This is probably one of the most important features of the OnlyOffice desktop edition. In most of its competitor software available in the market, the user will have to manually load the fonts which are present in the computer. Only then will he or she will be able to use them in editing the documents. But in the case of OnlyOffice, all the fonts in the local computer will be automatically loaded and the user need only to use them wherever required.

Free and regular updates:

OnlyOffice provides better customer support and regularly sends out new updates for their software. All kinds of queries regarding the software can be cleared very quickly, thanks to extremely responsive team of professionals who work in the customer support department of the company. They constantly work on developing new updates that make the software more reliable and efficient in handling documents.

Language detection:

There is no need to select language for each paragraph or so. The OnlyOffice desktop edition is completely capable of making decisions. It will automatically choose the language when the user begins to edit each paragraph. This makes the process of document editing even more swift and accurate.

Ability to include add- ons:

As mentioned already, the OnlyOffice desktop edition allows the user to insert things like videos from YouTube, templates etc. in their documents. This again is a very unique feature that many of the editors cannot offer.


As mentioned above the desktop version of the suite is absolutely free for the users. This is the factor that makes this software popular among the people and an alternative for the market leader MS Word.

OnlyOffice desktop version is also available free of cost for educational institutions and non-profit organizations without restrictions. Simply download them from the site and install them.

User satisfaction

We know the importance of going through reviews of a product before choosing one. Even after going through expert reviews, you would like some first-hand reviews from people and firms who actually use these products. All the surveys that were conducted to know about the customer feed back ended up with the conclusion that the OnlyOffice desktop edition is one of the most efficient and trustworthy software that only office has released so far. Over 90% of users are completely satisfied with the product and are even recommending it to others. They are comparable in performance to MS Office but at the same time are free for personal use.

Also there is a forum where the customers can clarify their queries and doubts about the editor. Also all kinds of function problems can be discussed at the forum and the customer support team will respond immediately.

Devices for which OnlyOffice is supported

OnlyOffice is supported for almost all platforms. This is again very important because in a team, different members might be using different operating systems. And if the software is not compatible in any one of these operating systems, then the project cannot be completed. But once again thanks to the efficient developers of OnlyOffice desktop edition, it is completely compatible with almost every platform that is now in use. The platforms on which only office can be used are:

  • Linux
  • Mac OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7,XP, 2003, Vista
  • For anyone who is in need of computer software for creating and manipulating documents, OnlyOffice is the ideal choice. These days, every business needs such software for proper documentation and accounting. And hence it is safe to say that Only Office is a must have for every business. Also it is suitable to individuals who require powerful but simple document editors. I recommend it to anyone looking for powerful tools for their use.
  • Lack of wide range of editing tools like there is in MS word.


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