Organize Your Music Player With Taghycardia

If you have a portable media device that only classifies the tracks according to the tags, then this is the program for you. It has been designed with features that are going to scan your folder and organize the files in a simple design. You need to be careful though when you are downloading the program. Make sure that you have read all the details so that you can understand what the program is about and its purpose.
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Organize Your Music Player With Taghycardia

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What is Taghycardia?

Most of the portable media player have been designed with a system that can only organize the Mp3 tracks by tags. This means that if your tracks don’t have the required tags, it will be too complicated to use it. Most of the times the media player system will classify all the files that do it have the tags into one folder ‘untitled’. The devices also tries to create another folder for the tracks that have a different album or artist that are different from the other tracks.

Taghycardia has been designed to solve this issue and help you organize your files in a simple design. With Taghycardia, you will easily prevent the disintegration of the albums that have been uploaded. This is a program that has been designed for correcting the faulty metadata into the existing music folder. This makes the tracks to be easily accessible through the different devices. The action will minimize the option of renaming and configuring.

You can use this program as a diagnostic tool that will help in scanning the read-only files. The program will be able to tell what is wrong with the Mp3 track tags. The information collected will be used to recognize and also fix the library using the tags and the remaining tools. The renaming of the library will be accomplished using the integrated tag editor. This will allow the fixing of the tag faults in a semi-annual mode with the discogs database.

Another use of the product is that it can be used as an auto cover. It will use both the local and the online cover images to tag the Mp3 files that do not have embedded pictures. It can also be used to remove the redundant images from the tags. This will help you to save on space in your device.

With the system, you will also able to automatically get the lyrics of the tracks from the online sources. You will embed the lyrics into the tags for reading when you are playing the music.


There are different features that have added in the program and they include;

  • The systems comes with a scanning feature that allows you to scan the read-only files and folders.
  • There is the automatic discovery and also correction of the missing tags, artist inconsistencies and also the numbering errors. This will help to prevent the ‘decomposition’ of the Mp3 albums
  • It allows you to download the album art automatically
  • Automatic filing of the missing artist, album name, year with the discogs
  • There is the removal of the cover art
  • Detection of the composition albums
  • Automatic lyrics download and integration
  • Ability to transfer the files from your PC to your mobile device without losing its integrity. The files will be sorted by the format; track, title, artist, filename, album. Sometimes the sorting of the files will be done randomly
  • You will be given the chance to review edit or cancel the individual changes before they are applied
  • There is the full Unicode support


As mentioned above, the program will scan the folder in the read-only mode. So, if the music folder or the file is absent that is, the artist and the album fields are empty the system can ass and also rewrite the tags to make up for that. When it is unable to detect the missing information automatically, you are at the liberty to enter the name of the artist, album and also year manually or with the help of

The program will be able to detect the spelling inconsistencies in the folder. When there are two files or tracks that have the same name but different spellings, for example; ‘Depeche mode’ and ‘depeche mode’, you will be promoted to decide if you want to unify the tags in the folder.

There is also a button in the discrepancies processing dialogue for handling complications like correcting the folders containing various tracks from the different albums. This is designed so as to allow an easy access to the read-only media players. The buttons tends to schedule special tag rewrite for every track in the folder. Note that the artist field is left in its original state.

If you have tracks with the same artist name but different albums, the system will be able to detect this problem and fix it. There is a specific pattern that must be adhered to and it includes; artist, album and year. So, the Taghycardia will check if the files that have been complied adhere to this pattern. The system is also able to detect missing and also corrupted tracks. It will then correct the faulty ones by substituting the numbers from the file name.

Take note; the taghycaridia works at a folder level. This means that it can only scan the folders and not the tracks. It will treat each and every folder as a separate album. You should therefore not use the system to fix individual Mp3 files.

After the program has finished the process of scanning the folders, it is important for you to review the process. There are two actions that you can take; either cancel or accept the changes that have been made.

To cancel the unwanted operation, you need to right click the corresponding button. If you need to cancel the operations if the whole folder; right click on the name. Keep in mind that you can still change the folder manually.

If you are satisfied by the changes that have been done, you can press ‘apply change’ option. The program will them take care of the rest. It will make the files to be easily accessible.

The program will process the folders in the following format;

  • Artist
  • Album
  • Year
  • Artists found
  • Cover art
  • Critical errors
  • Non-critical errors

You need to look out for any red alerts after the process is done. The red alerts (critical errors) include the errors that are causing the inaccessibility of the album. The program will correct the errors automatically.

Using the program you can generate a Unicode playlist for a folder that you have selected as well as all the subfolders using the playlist generator. With this feature you will have different options; you will be able to specify the number of tracks that you want to take from each album in the folder. You can do this either in a sequence or randomly. In addition you will also be in a position of not choosing the first track number if it less than 2 minutes.

Program options

When using taghycardia, there are different options that you can you can choose and they include;

  • Renaming of the folders; do not remain the folders that you have. You need to keep the folders intact and only perform tag analysis and correction. If the folders are not checked and you press the option ‘apply changes’ the folders will be renamed in the pattern; artist, album and year.
  • Sort the personal compilations; if you don’t check the option ‘don’t sort’, the program will set the track number in your personal compilations according to the selected sort order.
  • Auto fill the empty track name with the folder names; once you check this option, taghycardia will always substitute the filenames as track numbers when it is detecting the empty title fields. There is no other automated way to fill in your empty files in the program. So if you want the files corrected automatically, you need to check this option. With this option, you can tell what track you are listening on your media player
  • Auto skip the official compilations; with this option, taghycardia program won’t pause when it counters folders that have common album name but different artists.
  • Getting the cover art from discogs; you will be able to download the cover art automatically. Take note; when you check this option, it may slow down the processing.
  • Limit mage size; with this option, the program will be able to scale down the large images into proportional sizes
  • Strip when present; you can choose this option when you want to save on space. The program will remove all the images from the music files.
  • Leave as is; this is an option that can be used when you want to auto-download the art for your music album only without necessarily embedding the images or removing them

One thing that you have to note before you download the program is that taghycardia does not have any warranty. This means that if you download it, you will be doing it at your own risk. Remember that in no case shall the author of the program shall not be liable for any of the damages that may occur when you are using the program. It is therefore important for you to read the instructions provided to make sure that you understand the purpose of the program and also how it works. It is important for you to review any of the changes that have been made before you apply them.

  • It has been designed with features that make it easy to use the program
  • It conveniently finds the missing tags and renames the files
  • The choice to regulate the image of the tracks
  • It can detect and fix any spelling inconsistencies
  • It also helps in compilation of the files
  • It has a specific pattern that is used on the folders. If the different files do not have the required formats, they are changed and renamed
  • It makes the Mp3 tracks accessible. You can be able to tell what type of music that you listening to on your player
  • It gives you different options that you can use on your media player
  • You can be able to copy the files from your PC to your device without compromising on the integrity of the files
  • You can automatically sort your files with the program according to the artist, album, track name and year
  • It can be able to make diagnostics of the folders
  • The program can only be used to scan the folders only. You cannot use the program to scan and change your Mp3 tracks direct
  • There is no custom renaming option
  • There is no enough documentation of using the internal manual tag


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