Panda If You Want To Protect Your Device For 100%

Panda Antivirus pro 2016 is a great solution for all users of Windows, any version, Android devices and iPhones. Those who use MAC, may forget about this product. The antivirus offers all features, that are necessary to provide the basic and a very reliable protection for your computer. Moreover, this product doesn’t include those features that assume vulnerabilities. Panda developers believe, that their product can guarantee 100% elimination from viruses and malware as their as prevention from them. Panda is general offers an extensive range of products, for any life situations, for any level of a user, depending on his / her financial condition and experience level. All in all, Panda Antivirus Pro is a solution that combines the most important features for a very reasonable price.
Panda If You Want To Protect Your Device For 100%

Panda Antivirus Pro Panda Antivirus Pro 2016

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100% Protection For All Devices From Panda Antivirus Pro

Computers have become an integral part of our lives, and the web is the source of any kind of information. You can read books, online or downloaded, you can watch movies of favorite programs, you can buy and sell, you can even find friends. Anything is possible with a computer, connected to the web. Even loss of confidential information is possible, too. How, you may ask. All is very simple, as when you are connected, you are the target of cyber attacks. Scammers do this for different reasons. But in most cases, they want to get information – about you, your bank account, your credit card. Or, there are hackers that develop viruses, for different reasons, too. Sometimes, even just for fun, to check your system for reliability. In order to protect us from such threats, antivirus programs are developed.

Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 is one of those products that offer a really great service and which you can use for any case of your life. First of all, it offers protection for all your devices, for a computer, a tablet, a mobile. It is not a secret, that nowadays mobiles are so advanced, that some of them can be compared with a good computer, and some exceed computers regarding their performance and speed. Do not mention, that they aren’t so bulky and a mobile you can take anywhere, while with a lap, even a small one, it can be more problematic. The same situation is with a tablet. This device is not just popular, in some areas it even replaced the computer. The reasons are the same. It is simply lighter and more portable. That is why, antivirus developers concentrate on product creation for those devices, too. The same do the Panda developers. Thus, you buy one software, but for all devices. And the good thing is that it works equally well on all kinds of devices. A good solution for those, who do not like to waste their time for low quality products.

As any other antivirus product, Panda offers protection against all online threats. It guards your devices – all of them, - from viruses, known and unknown, all possible malware, Trojans, and so on; it offers protection against all threats that come from the web. So, you can feel protected and do all your activities without a fear, that some of your data will be stolen or infected.

Panda not simply protects your lap, it offers a protection in real time mode. What it means? The antivirus product works constantly, and, as soon as a virus intends to get access to your system, Panda blocks it. This feature is very important, as it keeps your computer clean. But imagine for a while, that the antivirus software can detect a virus not when it is trying to infect your system, but when it is already there, doing its harmful activities. Ok, let us suppose that the antivirus will remove it efficiently. Of course, that is not at all bad, but the damage caused by the virus is already there. Thus, the protection system did not manage to perform its task appropriately.

Firewall? With Panda, it is included.

Not all antivirus software offers such feature, but Panda does. The bidirectional firewall provides the protection of wireless network. This is a quite useful feature, and this is what some antivirus developers offer for a separate price.

Identity theft is a plague of the internet nowadays. Just imagine, that somebody can steal your personal data and use them. They can be used in different ways, like getting a loan (some banks would give it!), stealing your money from the credit card, use online banking, if one has a password to your account. There are plenty of options. Also, phishing websites are quite a trouble. What would you feel if you want to log in into your internet banking account, or your Paypal account, but some malware redirects you to a phishing website? And there, you enter all your data, even without suspecting what is happening. Panda blocks all such malware and such websites. It also provides you with an appropriate notification. Of course, if your target is to open that website, then you will do it by deactivating the software, but we doubt, that you really want it.

It works constantly, but it doesn’t disturb you. You don’t have unnecessary notifications, windows opening, etc. it simply protects you, protects from threads that are already familiar to the software, and from those threats, that have been just developed and are new ones. Yes, the software is able to identify them, too. How? Very simple. It uses Cloud technology. In a Cloud, it shares the data about those threats with which the different products of Panda installed in the computers of users were dealing. This is really important, because this way, Panda collects information about viruses from the whole world. Now, you can imagine, what kind of protection level this software can offer you.

And now, just imagine, that some malicious program still got access to your lap! That is awful, because when you turn the computer on, this can damage your data of even the hard disc. You cannot predict the behavior of the malware. Well, Panda knows what to do in this case. Safe mode is the right solution. In safe mode, Panda will treat this malware, and you can turn on your lap, once the harmful program is eliminated.

Android devices are becoming very popular, mostly because they are relatively cheap comparing to competitors` brands and offer practically the same functionality. That is why, protection solutions for Android are in more demand. Panda is following trends, that is why, now, it offers protection for Android, too. You can install the antivirus on your android device in the same way, like in any other device. And it will work with equal efficiency. For Android, Panda offers such features as Anti-theft protection, antivirus protection and device optimization.

Anti-theft protection for Android

Mobile devices are stolen quite frequently. Though, they contain so much information, that they can be even compared with a computer. That is why, their protection is equally important. First of all, they have Anti-theft protection. Basically, we cannot speak about one function only within this feature. Mostly, here are included tracking the phone on Google maps and data wiping. Once the phone is on, the protection system sends an SMS and all your data will be deleted from the mobile. The thief will not be able to use your private or any other kind of information. Moreover, the phone location will be detected by a satellite and indicated in Google maps.

Antivirus protection and device optimization

Smartphones do not differ much in their functionality from laptops. That is why, they are vulnerable to similar threats including viruses and other malware. That is why, Panda developers believe, that antivirus protection for Android devices is one of the most important features that shall be offered. Moreover, your device can be optimized depending on your needs.

Are you a user of Windows 10 or Windows XP? Then, you can use Panda, too. It works with ALL Windows versions, even with those problematic ones. That is why, this product is the best solution for Windows.

Though, it doesn’t support MAC. By the way, MACs are very well protected, it is quite challenging to write a virus for them. That is why, hackers prefer Windows. Antivirus software developers prefer Windows, too, for the same reason. It is very difficult to create an antivirus software for MAC. That is why, the developers of Panda concentrated their attention on the aspects that really need their attention – Windows and Android. And for them, this is a perfect system. It works constantly, checking all incoming traffic, and by the way, it does not influence the performance of your computer. You simply do not notice it. Though, you stay protected constantly.

Though, it still offers a function for you iPhone! Anti-theft protection. And this is rather good, as such devices are stolen very often, and finding them is something that sounds like science fiction. But not with Panda! This product tracks the iPhone location on Google maps and like this, you can find it.

Digital Life Sharing – this function is offered by other Panda products, but not by antivirus. That is why, if you like sharing photos, videos, notes, sure you can do it, but this traffic is not protected. Thus, you do it at your own risk.

But what is really wonderful by Panda, is its Free Customer Support. They are available all time. Doesn’t matter when you have got a problem, and what kind of problem it is, they will do their best to help. Moreover, this help will be very professional. You can address to support if you have some issue with a software, for example, if you have activation issues, or it doesn’t work properly. Also, if there is a bad virus or malware in your system and you cannot handle it on your own, they will help you by giving professional instructions. Though, Premium Chat Support is not available for antivirus users, so, you will have to write a mail. Though, do not let this fact disappoint you, as support service is efficient even through mail.

Parental control. Do you still need it so badly? Or maybe it is better to establish trustful relationship with your kids, thus, make sure, that they will not check the forbidden websites? All is up to you. Panda believes in trust and good relationship between parents and their kids, thus, parental control function is not available. If you have a different opinion or experience, then you can either create a huge super difficult password or check other products offered by Panda. They have this function.

VIP services are not available for Panda antivirus users, either. If you want to be a VIP and use the VIP services, check please the official Panda website and select a product that offers such services. Here, we are offering something more general, that meets the expectations of most ordinary people.

Backup function? Well, antivirus doesn’t provide it. The main function of any antivirus software is to prevent the virus infection and protect the computer, rather than expecting that viruses will break through the protection system and damage the computer. That is why, Panda has made this decision – no Backup option! It guarantees that all your data will be safe.

Password manager is also not included in the suit. Hence, you will have to manage your password on your own. Just create a document or a folder somewhere in a safe location. Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 will protect this location, like the computer on the whole. Like this, you still can be sure, that your passwords and login data are protected.

  • Offers protection for almost all OS
  • Compatible with Windows XP and Windows 10
  • Doesn’t slow down your PC
  • Free customer support
  • 100% protection from all threats
  • Doesn`t support MAC
  • Doesn’t support digital life sharing
  • Doesn’t offer VIP service
  • Doesn’t offer parental control and password management


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