Photo Commander 15 A Comprehensive Solution For Editing And Organizing Images

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is a profound tool for editing and viewing videos and images with a single application on any device. Once can easily create numerous collections and burn the content on DVDs and CDs without much hassles. The files can be converted into numerous formats with the aid of this tool. This can prove out to be convenient for professionals who keep on sharing their collections of images and videos on various platforms where the image requirement varies from one platform to another. This tool is ideal for both professionals and beginners. There is no need to have prior knowledge of utilizing any tool for using Ashampoo Photo Commander 15.
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Photo Commander 15 A Comprehensive Solution For Editing And Organizing Images

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Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is a proficient program that has been developed and designed for organizing and gathering your content. This application permits you to maintain your videos, images and other content sorted in the form of categories and folders. With the wide range of settings and tools offered, this application helps users to organize and edit media content with much ease. This tool includes geotagging feature which helps you to save information pertaining to the location where the images where captured. If your photo library had been a mess, then this solution can help you bring in order and batch help multiple files at once. You can create as well as design your own greeting cards, slideshows and calendars without any hassles with this solution. You can navigate and control your slideshows while the slides appear on a beamer or external display in a seamless manner. In a matter of few clicks, anybody can achieve stunning results irrespective of being a beginner, amateur or professional.

What sets Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 apart?

Ashampoo photo Commander 15 has numerous benefits to offer to the users. This tool is ready-to-use and offers individually customizable web albums, calendars and greeting cards. This implies that the tool not just makes everything easy for the users but also offers the freedom to bring in individual choices when it comes to organizing. This tool permits conversion of GPS data from JPG. The images can easily be filtered by street number, street, city or country. Fascinating design tools have been offered for maximum creativity. The tool also allows cutting objects and people with much ease from the images. More than 60 stunning effects can be employed by the users for breathing life into the images shot. With increase in the content in your library, it can become really difficult to keep a tab on all the images. However, the solution to this problem is offered by Ashampoo Photo Commander. There are several group settings and filters available which can help to sift through the extensive library based on format, rating, date and location. This permits the user to sort the images in a thematic, chronological manner or based on any individual criteria. This feature permits addition of structure to one’s massive photo collection.

Power of geotagging included

Modern cameras and cellphones employ the feature of geotagging for storing data based on the location where the shot was captured. Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 quickly processes the data and also converts the information stored in the form of latitudes and longitudes into addresses that can be usable. Saving and organizing images pertaining to business, family events or a vacation can now become much easier with the use of this efficient tool. There is no need to fret, if your images do not have geotags. You can create them on your own for any number of images utilizing this tool. You do not really require any expert knowledge for making use of this feature. All you need to do is fill in the address of position for including the geotagging feature in your image. Once you are done with inclusion of geotags, you can easily filter your images based on the location. This would permit you to locate what you are looking for no matter how mammoth your collection of images is. You can as well browse through your recent vacation images swiftly. You do not have to scan your entire library for locating the images while showing it to your friends and family.

In addition, the tool comes with a miniature bar in the viewer. The tool is user friendly and permits automatic import of the existing settings. The solution supports optimized hardware acceleration as well as auto-backup feature for creation of image backups prior to modification made. If you are looking for a tool that offers easy scrolling with image mini caps, then Photo Commander 15 would be your best bet. This solution offers a customizable user interface with skins and requires less disk space. The tool supports accelerated photo browsing in addition to faster program startup. Export and import program settings are also permitted by this tool. You would be amazed by the offerings of this solution which is one of its kinds. There is so much to utilize for creating a memorable photo editing and management experience.

Seamless presentation and editing

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 helps you enjoy the images that you have captured with friends or on your own by utilizing the presentation mode. You can control the flow by using your primary display and present the images by using the secondary display. You can modify the images in real time without having to exit the presentation mode. Your presentation can become more powerful with the seamless new animations added to this tool. Image editing cannot get any easier when you use this flawless tool. You can easily cut out objects and persons from the images. You can correct image defects and correct red eyes with just a few clicks. You can as well experiment with stunning effects and modify the perspective of your images in a hassle-free manner. You can utilize the tonal value correction feature as well as gradation curves which bring out the professional aspect of this tool. This tool can offer you everything you need and anything that you want when it comes to editing, presenting and managing images.

Compatibility with operating systems

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is a universal solution for people looking for an easy application for editing and viewing images through a single solution. The intuitive interface offered by this presents the possibility to get acquainted with tools and features that can benefit both new users and experts in the field. Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 can be used on various operating systems such as Windows 7, 8 as well as on Windows 10. The tool can be downloaded easily from the official website. Installation of the tool can be accomplished in a couple of minutes and is hassle free. You can as well try the application for free. Testing during the trial period will help you understand the features being rolled out along with the solution. You can as well extend the trial period which is usually 10 days from the day of extension. The support team can be contacted in case you wish to extend the trial by 30 days. You can purchase the license in case you like the application during the trial period and wish to use it further.

What is new in Photo Commander 15?

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 comes with a package of features which makes this solution attractive to both beginners and professionals. This tool offers several features for automated work and numerous smart wizards which makes the tool easy-to-use for everybody irrespective of the experience using photo management tools. One of the key features of Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 is that it can track the huge video and photo collections as well as perform optimizations on them. For instance, there is no need for external applications for creating posters, greeting cards or a collage of images from your collection when you utilize Photo Commander 15. These tasks can be accomplished in a couple of clicks and without any hassles. A wide range of tools is offered by Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 for maintaining the extensive library.

RAW support is offered by Photo Commander 15. This is the second most efficient feature needed by those who wish to tag somebody in their images. This tool also helps in easy import and export of content. The user can easily transform images to any format as desired. The content can as well be extracted to external hardware with much ease. Photo Commander exhibits different scanning capabilities which offer an opportunity to move in and out of the collections anytime and in a seamless manner. Bug fixes and general support are offered by the team of technical managers on a regular basis. This makes the tool competitive as well as relevant to anybody who makes use of it.

Is it worth investing in Photo Commander 15?

More than 50 new enhancements and features can be found in Photo Commander 15. The tool permits to edit images in a creative manner with the use of effects and filters. The tool permits manual and automatic image optimizations. The tool helps producing slideshows with individual sounds and music. One can create vignettes, frames and cards with the use of Photo Commander 15. In addition, the tool permits burning videos and photos directly to DVD or CD. This tool is ideal for those who are looking for competitive advantages. Photo Commander permits quick work which makes it a valuable tool among professionals and beginners. The user is provided the opportunity to utilizing different editing tools with anti-aliasing for all images. There are numerous tools offered for editing images which makes this tool a great choice when it comes to photo management and editing.

The batch-processing tools offer the possibility of maintaining and conversion with the use of numerous filters. In case you are utilizing several filters and effects, then you can easily see the “before” and “after” images for comparing and choosing the most relevant and appropriate one. There are several features in Photo Commander 15 for video files as well. The videos can be rotated backward and forward by utilizing the scroll tool and other buttons offered for the convenience of the users.

The intuitive design makes the usage of application quick and convenient to the users. The fully customizable GUI in addition to the comprehensive file manager make it possible for users to add a personal touch to the videos and images present in your library. This tool is definitely worth the investment that you are making as you are being presented with a wide variety of features which can offer numerous benefits to the users. Seldom would you come across any tool that offers much convenience coupled with all the features which can be easily utilized by both beginners and professionals alike. You would not be disappointed if you really invested in this software. Go ahead without any hesitations as this would make a wonderful management tool for all the images and videos that you have captured.

Support service

If you have any issues while utilizing the software, you can immediately get in touch with the support team. The team not just offers help but also takes in suggestion for making improvements in the products based on their requirements. The support team strives to resolve the query of its customers as soon as a request is made. There is as well as a FAQ section of the official website. The user can check it anytime for dealing with commonly faced issues while downloading, installing or while facing any other issue pertaining to the usage of the tool.

  • Well-designed tool with intuitive interface
  • Burn to DVD, CD
  • Geotagging feature
  • Image editing option with effects and filters
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Limited collection of photo filters


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