Real Stripper Girls On A Virtual Show

In shorts (pun not intended), iStrippers is a real treat for guys who find it tuff to take time off for an erotic pleasures in some situations. They can get it straight in their computers and in tons of it till the desire is satisfied.
Real Stripper Girls On A Virtual Show

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Here is an exciting thing that I discovered and that I want to tell you about.

It all happened a few weeks back. I was deep into completing tons and tons of work and working against deadlines after deadlines. The work on my desk didn’t seem to get over for ever and ever. Like all humans, I do have a limitation on how much work I can do continuously without breaks. Like you all, I too needed breaks. And for an adult male like me, some of these breaks went by dry; without any engagement for sexual tantalising experiences. What I missed the most was my occasion’s indulgence in visiting strip clubs where my fantasies could get some real time play. My earlier exploration of a few porn sites was not too encouraging. It was simply not too productive! You know what I am talking about if you have too tried porn sites. You just don’t know what is in store there until you spend a lot of time to figure out that. And in my “deep in work” situation that I was telling you, time was something I really didn’t have in enough quantity.

Do you guys too feel you have been into this kind of situations before? A situation where, you just didn’t have time to go and enjoy a company of sexy dancing girls who play on your fantasies? Do you remember if you found any ways to handle frustrations then? Or, you just lived with them and supressed your feelings?

In all probabilities, most of you must have just accepted that as a bad period of your life and would have tried to get over that as soon as possible. Guys, this is the road what I was too headed to, unhappily though.

And guess what?

By sheer luck, I happened to vent out my frustrations to one of my colleague. And he casually suggested my! And who, it changed my world.

iStripper is an awesome site where you get to see videos sexy girls straight on your taskbar, with no background, and it almost gives a feel as if they were living girls dancing in a strip club, inside of your computer.

This was simply the perfect solution for me then when I just had limited hours of break from work and I couldn’t afford to waste any of that time to find the right stuff on porn media sites. This became my private cosy trip club to visit and in no time I started looking forward to my next break from work. Okay, my work productivity too got improved, but it is just a by-product. The real benefit was a complete fulfilled promise to titillate my erotic senses.

I am so hooked to now days. Let me tell you a secret, a lot of times I feel like going to my favourite strip club but to just turn on my computer when I want an erotic fantasy flight.

Are you just turned on now?

Hold it, before you type the characters –“ i s t r i p p e r . c o m” on your browser, just know more facts about iStripper.

As I said, iStripper is emerging as a face of erotic entertainment by bringing the VIP Champagne Room strip club experience to your click reach. They use a specially designed proprietary technology that provides in ultra-HD resolution of videos real nude dancers seducing you non-stop. You get on your computer, real exotic dancers and some of the top porn performers in the US and Europe. Not surprising that a lot of work - work of over 15 years, in technology has gone in to see the flesh on your screen. The team behind making this site say, their aim is to revive romance to adult entertainment and hope to see real increase the libido in more guys, as a result of using this site.

Are you game for hitting on the site ?

Hang on ! Here is what I can give you a snapshot of features of

Hot girls stripping naked

iStripper just works on getting your erotic senses and trigger your sexual desires. So, hot girls, yes almost all of them that I have watched till now are hot. The website has really maintained high standards in the matter of beauty and sexiness of the girls that they have chosen. There are like 2,000 full length complete nude shows performed by 500+ of the performers, including known dancers and famous porn stars. And they keep adding more shows and more dancers practically every day. So, guys, no doubt, this is a place to meet the most beautiful women, showing you their erotic beauty and sensual power.

On your taskbar!

The biggest advantage for you is that you don’t need to waste travel time to visit a strip club to meet the beautiful erotic dancers. They all come to your desk top and you get to see them at a click of a button. More ever, you are in complete command to choose the girl you want to see dancing and when you want to engage with her erotic movements. So, it is all a strip club on demand, with out need to travel out of your home. The whole experience is more like a live strip club experience rather than a porn site visit, thanks to an unique FullScreen functionality that they have to turn your desktop screen into a real stripclub environment to enjoy watching sexy girls pole-dance and strip!

100% safety

When I went for iStripper first time, safety issue was on the back of my mind. But guys, it’s all safe to be in sStripper club! No one is stalking you or peeping in to know your dirty secrets.

iStripper respects your privacy and its backers work towards earning trust of users. They do collect some information about the purchasers, like information you provide during registration and information that gets automatically collected during your visits to the website. They use this all information only for their own internal purposes. They will not share your information with any other parties, unless it is required for compliance under any laws or court orders.

iStripper team ensures 100 % safety of personal information by not allowing unauthorized access by the use of network firewalls and also physical security.

They do use cookies for allowing you to carry information across the pages of the site, thus avoiding the need for you to enter information again and again and also to maintain your logged in status. They also use some more cookies to help them recognize a specific user as a unique visitor when he returns to the site. If you decide to turn off all cookies, you can still use the site, but some features might too get turned off as a result.

So, iStripper is guaranteed 100% safe. It doesn’t contain any virus or an adware or a spyware. Only thing it has is sexy girls.

Best technology

Each iStripper show is filmed in UHD 4K format and they come with a resolution of 720p, 1080p and 4K. You can choose any, that will give you the best quality experience for your device. Their production process is fully optimized to give the best quality of the content, using the best shooting equipment and post-production software tools so that a right kind of display is managed. With a file size of 28 Mb, it’s not a heavy download and it runs on all windows OS (XP SP3 / Vista / Seven / 8 / 10).

Not heavy for your pockets

iStripper allows you to enjoy unlimited non nude previews of girls shows for free. If you want to watch them nude, you need to buy some credits. iStripper credit is the virtual money that you use to get an access for a stripping show. And it’s not too expensive. For $4.99 you get 25 credits and for $49.99 you can buy 500 credits. For one single show, you need to spend 20 credits. And if you get hooked on to iStripper, which you will, you can earn free credits as a reward for your loyalty.

You are not alone

You might think that watching a virtual strip show could get into a loner kind of experience. You are wrong here, if you think so. iStripper gives you a private space to enjoy the erotic pleasures, and yet makes you feel you are a part of a big community. There are about 22 millions of guys like you and me out there in this community. This community has forums and platforms on the website to meet, share and talk about the girls with other guys.

Yes, iStrippers is too good to believe kind of the thing. If you don’t take my words for it, here is what some of the other users have shared about their experiences.

  • I actually feel uncomfortable going to a gentlemen s club and seeing exotic dancers in the flesh. A little distance between me and my fantasies is just what I need.
  • The main screen is intuitive, beautifully designed, and easy to navigate.
  • The new iStripper software has an awesome interface making selection of girls or downloading new ones very easy and pleasurable.
  • I have never ever seen something as beautiful and pleasurable as the scenes that they offer
  • Don’t you blame me, if you are hooked to it!!
  • Effortless pleasure

iStripper’s parent company, VirtuaGirl, has been into adult entertainment business for more than a decade. They have been demonstrating their leadership in adult technology space, including filming in 4K resolution for a while and were perhaps the first in the industry to do so.

  • Privacy protection
  • Convenience
  • Range of girls
  • Real sexy
  • Easy to use
  • Missing real atmosphere


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