Retrieve Removed Files With Search And Recover

Taking into account, that computers became a noticeable part of our life, everyone knows about different problems that can happen while using new technologies. Eventually, your hard drive, or flash drive, or memory card stop working properly and you cannot get access to them; or, for instance, you accidently deleted important files, photos, videos, letters and do not know where they are. Here comes a nervous time for those who do not do backups. To solve this problem you can search deleted files in various places of your computer or use professional file recover software. Recovery is a process of data retrieval from memory storage, in case if information cannot be read in a regular way. The necessity of recovery may appear, if a carrier has program or other damages, or if data files were marked as deleted, but they continue to be kept before overwriting.
Retrieve Removed Files With Search And Recover

Search and Recover Search and Recover

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Get back deleted files

The twenty first century is a century of innovative technologies and they became a big part of our daily life. It is difficult to imagine how people lived without computers before. Now people get used to it. These days each family can afford purchasing a computer or a laptop, and sometimes even more than one.

Taking into account availability of computers, people started to use the Internet more often. Nowadays each morning of an ordinary man starts with standard revision of own news feed, checking of content review in a personal e-mail and opening different popular social networks. The Internet became a constant assistant in daily pursuits.

Owing to the Internet, people can travel to various countries or go shopping when they stay at home. It is a kind of the other world, alternative reality: there is an extensive library for avid readers, dozens of recorded songs, diverse videogames, online shops and more. The Internet helps to communicate with others and it breaks language barriers – now you are able to chat with your mate even if he is far from you or lives in a different country. This World Web gives the possibility to get access to almost all information which essentially facilitates with educational and working processes.

Every day we carry out many operations on our computer and, as a result, sometimes we can lose, delete or erase some information accidently.

Data loss is a painful event that can happen to users. Reasons of data loss can be different: a trite mistake (few years ago a list of stupid and absurd actions was posted in the Internet, and these acts were committed by people working on computers, and the first place in the list was taken by a man who by mistake deleted all his valuable information and noticed that only when deletion was completed), Winchester downfall, virus invasion and many other unpleasant things. You have to be fully armed at all points, if this situation happened to you.

Loss by itself is not as awful as it might look. The operating system actually does not delete anything during data deletion; it just renames that old file by putting a special tag at the beginning of its name. The file with such tag becomes invisible, but physically it does not disappear anywhere. However, that space where the file placed is considered as free, that’s why if you want to record new data in that place – the deleted file will be erased without remorse forever. The same thing happens with formatting: a new section table is being created and all data on a disk remains on its places, even though they are considered deleted (it does not apply to low level formatting).

Special methods and software products, which we are going to explore next, will help to restore all erased files. Please remember that these utilities are not designed to “pull out” information from damaged disks.

Ways to restore information

In case if you have shed some information, first of all, you need to do nothing. In other words, you should on no condition do anything with the disk where files were deleted (it is complicated with a system disk – an operating system creates new temporary files all the time, for this reason, it is complicated to evade data loss; in view of this, by the way, it is not suggested to store the most valuable information over there). Nevertheless, while you are searching for means to regain your information, new files might be rewritten there. Because of this, you have to download any programs or instruments to a different disk. Besides, you need to discontinue operations with all unneeded apps, so that they could not create extra files.

You will need to exploit a special program to restore removed information or files. The perfect method to do that is to link your hard drive to an alternative computer, and with the help of various programs to find erased files. If there is no such opportunity, you should take startup CD or DVD with installed programs on them to conduct recovery (usually it is easy to prepare such bootable disk using these programs). The core problem in this place is that while the computer is used for searching, downloading and installing of a needed program, there is a high risk to wipe out lost information.

Simple methods to revert shed or deleted files:

1. Look over your Recycle bin

It may seem a bit evident, but check out your Recycle bin to be sure that the file is in it. Everything that you have deleted from an internal repository arrives to the bin, excluding big files and other exceptions as well.

If deleted data was not put into the bin or just it could fit into it, the next thing you need to remember for the future: clear the tick from “Files deallocation directly after deletion” in bin’s property box. It is also recommended to set maximal volume for the bin, and put a tick for the request on confirmation when deleting.

If you pressed SHIFT+DELETE, files will be constantly removed. Portable carriers are not really reliable in this case – some of them can be kept in the Recycle bin and some cannot. Otherwise stated, do not put dependence on the bin too much.

If you have deleted files without using the Recycle bin, follow further advices, if it is possible:

Stop recording on the disk. Desist downloading, copying, and other actions which may lead to data overwriting on the disk. Install programs for file recovery on another disk or do it in advance. Remember that programs also consist of files, so that means that data overwriting can happen while writing these programs on the disk. It is advisable to restore deleted information on a different disk. The point of it is that while retrieving data recording is possible as well.

Data recovery can be realized on any computerized device, including CD, DVD, hard disks, flash drives and so on. Search and Recover is a program among popular recovery programs.

Search and Recover is a rescue team for hard drives; it helps to detect and restore deleted and damaged data from different devices. The utility recovers deleted files after cleanup of the Recycle bin, files from formatted disks, even after Windows reinstallation, recovers data after a virus attack or computer freezing, from floppy and hard disks, CD/DVD media, digital cameras and more. The program provides the function of complete deletion of private information from a computer or digital mechanisms.

2. Use backup software

Deleted files can be in backup programs, if you exploit them, for instance, such service as Dropbox stores removed files for 30 days. In case if you have traditional backup tools, copies of files have to be accessible in the recent backup version.

3. Install special file restore programs

If above stated methods do not assist at all and you still looking for your files, you need to exploit file recovery instruments. If you use these programs, they will help to scan your hard drive searching for available files that lately have been erased from the file allocation table. If one recovery program failed, you can try different one.

Search and Recover is one of the most prominent file recovery software.

Search and Recover

Iolo Search and Recover is a file recover program that is full of a diversity of functions: high working speed, support of different file systems, search of deleted files on a hard drive and on any devices that have constant memory (digital cameras, flash drives, memory cards, music players), preview function that helps to peruse the removed file without restoring it, recover of lost letters (Outlook Express, Netscape Email and Qualcomm Eudora are supported), a chance of irretrievable data deletion (it can be practical, if you desire to remove, for example, the file with passwords to some resources or some important business information).

It is simple to install this utility. You just have to download the setup file from the official Iolo website and conduct simple steps for installation. After that you will be referred to insert an activation key which you will get after buying the tool. The minimum feasibility conditions are not high, requesting Windows 2000 and above, for this occasion, you should be unmoved when using the program. After prelusory setup, an easy interface will welcome you.

Main features of Search and Recover

Convenient TotalRecovery helps to retrieve removed information from drives, folders, CD/DVD or devices. SmartScan scans your computer system to detect data loss, so you could continue working. StrongScan is able to find data lost many years ago. Safe storage and back up designed to your personal data. Make reverse copies of disks for effortless recovery and elude possible information deprival. Function to use Search and Recovery straightforwardly from CD for maximum data retrieval and to preclude troubles (it is accessible in retail trade CD variant only). Make virtual memory disks to assure DVD or CD work at quicker hard disk speeds. Constantly and sedately efface delicate data from the computer or any other devices. Restore erased tasks, journals, notes, contacts and other things from Microsoft Outlook. Displays step-through wizards and single-click actions that make data retrieval rapid and simple.

The program runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP and Vista. What is updated in the latest version unspecified renewals, improvements and mistake fixes.

Tests were conducted on Search and Recover: they showed that 90% of lost data was retrieved. However, some presumably intact files were unable to be recovered. Even when checking after removal, files were not detected.

This data recovery tool is very helpful software that you will not deplore purchasing. It is very impactful and simple in use. It restores a broad range of file kinds that even contain electronic letters from numerous email customers.

The disadvantages of the program are dilatory scanning and paltry support. While different recovery tools provide live-chat and telephone help services, Iolo Search and Recover can propose support via email or some elementary instruction materials.

While flushed in its efficiency to recover all information and software support, Iolo Search and Recover 5 offers a reliable and useful data retrieval instrument.

  • Deep and effective scanning
  • Limitation of usage
  • Handy wizards
  • Works with different e-mail programs
  • Useful set of tools
  • Data deletion tool
  • Good interface
  • Slow speed of scanning


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