Run Your PC Faster And More Stable With Wise Care 365

If you want to run your computer or laptop faster and more stable, you must have Wise Care 365. It also offers 60-day money back guarantee for your trial. You can also order online with secure online payment. Their expertise representative provides online chat services 24 x 7 and you will get reply of your query in 24 hours on email.
Run Your PC Faster And More Stable With Wise Care 365

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In today’s computer world, It has been nuisance and irritation to remove unwanted and junk files from our computers. it has been most necessary to keep our desktops or laptops clean and up-to date from some unnecessary and junk files otherwise it accumulate unwanted space on PCs’ hard disks. There are so many disks cleaner in the market nowadays and daily new companies are keep launching their cleaner but according to me, wise care 365 is the best disk cleaner among all. I heard about wise care 365 from my relative and since then I thought to give it a try but the experience after using this wise cleaner is been most excellent and it never let my computer down.

As soon as my relative suggested me, I went on its official website, I had gone through reviews from other users which were excellent and I had immediately ordered. It’s been almost 8 months I have been using wise care 365 and experience is pretty incredible. Wise care 365’s benefits are like its name, it protects computers “365 days” round the clock.

The best things in Wise Cleaner is they are giving free trial of their software and even after your purchase, in case of any reason, if you are not satisfied by their products, you can still return it within 60 days and they will return your money. They have their expertise to answer and support our queries 24x7 by online chat. They also responses of your issues and queries via email support within 24 hours.

So if you want to know about each and every details of wise cleaner like its feature, pros and cons etc., just go through my following reviews thoroughly.

The profile of the company

Wise cleaner was founded by 3 young programmers in the year of 2005. Company’s mission is to deliver effective, simple and free software for windows computers. With millions of worldwide distribution and downloads. Software of wise cleaner supports more than 20 languages including English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian etc.

Following are the key products of wise care 365:

  • Wise Care 365.
  • Wise Disk Cleaner.
  • Wise Registry Cleaner.
  • Wise Folder Hider.

Here I have tried to elaborate each product in details for your better knowledge

Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 application cleans useless and junk files from your computer. It secures your PCs and shields your privacy. It makes your PCs faster and keeps its performance at the peak. Wise Care 365 supports in Windows 7/8/10 (Both for 32-bit & 64-bit) , Windows Vista and Windows XP. It takes rapid action if any unknown application tries modification in your PCs without your permission. This product immediately identifies and stops any such unaware process which tries to modify windows registry. It prevents if any outsider program or application tries to change your PCs’ Internet Explorer homepage. It does not allow adding any new unwanted application into the windows start up. It also stops changes to the default browser.

Wise Care 365 taking care to remove unwanted and useless windows registry files, invalid shortcuts, cache, Windows components, traces, cookies, download history, browsing history and gives hard disk more space and makes PCs’ window system faster in seconds.

Wise Care 365 holding world’s best technology. It optimizes PC’s function. It removes unwanted windows registry files and handles the services and startup process. Over the time, your computers junk files have been cluttered, Wise Care 365 can remove such files easily and making your PC even faster and stable. You will be surely surprised by its cleaning speed.

Wise Care 365 also protects your PCs from any spy eye. Disk Eraser protects from deleted data which are being retrieved by any other party. Disk Shredder deletes files completely from your PCs so that it cannot be recovered and misused by others. Privacy Eraser prevents your PCs by erasing all history so that your privacy can be confidential. Hardware overview gives user detailed & brief information about hardware. Process monitor provides users a list of all the application run by the user.

Wise cleaner is a perfect platform for mutual assistance, they have created a platform where any users can share their computer related issues and other side computer experts and other users can answer to those queries. Such billions of users have joined on the platform of Wise Care 365 and they get solutions of their issues faster and better.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner usually delete all unwanted and junk files from your PCs which makes your computer slower and occupy more space on your hard drives. You can download Wise Disk Cleaner from its official website at FREE. Wise Disk Cleaner also gives other custom option to let advanced users to delete more files which they don’t require. Wise Disk Cleaner is prepared in advance algorithm which finds and deletes junk files in seconds.

Wise Disk Cleaner can remove Internet histories, Internet Explorer cookies, cache files, Safari browsers, Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers and keeps users default setting intake. By deleting all these, it prevents your important data well protected. Over the time, your hard drives’ section gets divided into so many unwanted portions hence your computer takes longer time to boot and perform. Wise Disk Cleaner re-arrange such files on your hard drives and keep it well performed. You can also set a timer for your disc clean up. It has so many schedule like daily, weekly, monthly so you no need to remind to clean your PCs. When the schedule time will be up, it will run in background and remove all unnecessary files and it will not even upset your work. You can also make an icon and put it on your desk top to clean your PC by pressing “Clean with 1 click” option so now to clean your PC thoroughly is just a single click away. Software of Wise Disk Cleaner comes in very low size so it will not even spare your disc space any more, It is also a virus free. Wise Disk Cleaner offers a completely freeware. Anyone can go on its official website and download it at free of cost.

Wise Registry Cleaner

Nowadays, a single computer is being used by more than 1 person, in such places it has been hassle to login with each user and delete unwanted registry files. With this Wise Registry Cleaner, whoever has administration rights, can clean all users’ registry. So it has been now so easy and convenient. The more you use windows system, it keeps growing registry files and eventually makes your computer slow and sometimes your system can be crashed also. Wise Registry Cleaner scans such files and removes unwanted files and re-arrange the items onto disk drive so that your computer run faster & more stable.

Like Wise Disk Cleaner, you can set a schedule on daily, weekly or monthly basis so that you no need to remind about registry cleaner, you can put an icon also on your desktop so that it can be cleaned by clicking a single click on that icon. Apart from registry clean up and junk files clean up, Wise Registry Cleaner can also taking care about system settings so that your computer speed and your internet speed can be faster and more stable. After clicking on optimization, you can see improvement on your PCs. Wise Registry Cleaner also offers a completely freeware. Anyone can go on its official website and download it at free of cost. In Wise Registry Cleaner, they have given different options of scan like deep scan, normal scan or safe scan. You can select any option from this how you want to run scan. It also allows exclusion, so you can direct Wise Registry Cleaner to avoid cleaning some specific words registry files.

Wise Folder Hider

In today’s internet world, Prying eyes are being increased day by day hence our computers are not safe from such eyes, we must have some application like Wise Folder Hider by which our important and secret data can be more safe and secret and we can have peaceful sleep. Wise Folder Hider is specially designed for your password protected files and folders from being modified, read or seen by other third party. It provides advance security for password protected files and folders on your windows PCs. Blocking those unauthorized access from reaching to your personal files and folders. This is the best stuff for the one who is concerned about the safety of their private and confidential data. Wise Folder Hider doesn’t allow any other third party to enter in your computer system.

Wise Folder Hider allows user an optional higher security level. PC owner can set a second password for each such file which has been hidden by this application. Who have some real secret files, now they can sleep peacefully because their files are now double secured and its impossible for hacker to reach up to your such secret and confidential files and folders.

In Wise Folder Hider, It’s very convenient to modify the file which has been hidden, in other companies’ folder hider; you first unhide such file, edit or modify it and again hide it. Such process is very pain less and time taking. In Wise Folder Hider, it’s very easy to modify and edit the files without unhide. This incredible feature really becomes handy when you need to modify hidden files frequently. It is very user friendly and hassle free operation to hide your files. You no need to launch Wise Folder Hider every time to hide your files, you just right click on your file and you will get option right away.

Interface of Wise Folder Hider is intuitive. If you are new to Wise Folder Hider, you no need to learn how to use it. It is so user friendly and first time user also can hide folders and files easily. After the installation of Wise Folder Hider, It will be automatically added to context menu so you will just have to right click on files and select option to hide it. Wise Folder Hider is completely freeware and supports all Windows (32 bit and 64 bit) and it is fully tasted also on Windows 8, 8.1, Windows XP and Upper operating systems.

  • Speed up computer.
  • User friendly software.
  • Some products are freeware.
  • They are offering free trial and even if you will purchase, you are covered with no risk 60 days money back guarantee.
  • 24 x 7 online chat support service for your queries and questions.
  • According to me, there is no any cons of this product, Wise cleaner have cut of all the issues which we are facing from another cleaner application which are available in the market.


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