Save Time With BootRacer While It Takes Control Over Your Startup Programs

BootRacer is a great tool for PC enthusiasts who love monitoring all aspects of their computer’s performance and health. This tool is a must have for those who are looking to have their boot times speeded up. BootRacer is a great tool for testing how the decisions taken by you impact the startup time of your PC in the longer run. Programs and registries tend to slow down your system. This efficient tool permits you to track it. There is as well an option to speed up your system. This however offers you an external link to a program SpeedUp which claims to fix your slow PC. BootRacer just offers an insight into the statistics pertaining to the speed of your device but does not offer any solution for fixing the issue.
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Almost every single program that you try to install on your device ends up making some entries in your startup folder. This can result in you ending up having several programs that start whenever you start your device. This can slow the boot time and can as well impact your system performance. Although there are several programs that can help you manage or disable startup programs, there are none that would let you measure your Windows boot time. This is when BootRacer comes to your rescue.

BootRacer is a free tool that permits you to measure the time required by your Windows system to boot. The key function of the tool is to offer total control over the boot time. It automatically traces the time consumed during the startup of your Windows system. It offers you warnings if your device slows down and demonstrates degradation in the speed. Windows slows down with time and it is a well-known fact. BootRacer warns when there is degradation in performance. It offers warnings if there is any urgent action needed. The newly released version of this tool is loaded with several features.

What exactly does BootRacer does?

BootRacer is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that helps in controlling startup programs as well as for monitoring the boot time required by Windows PC. The main approach taken in this tool is it excludes the entry of a user password timeout time from the total that is calculated. A countdown timer is displayed at every startup which tells you of how many seconds you need to wait until your computer is ready to use. The tool is not just any other progress bar. The estimate offered by the tool is accurate and is based on your device’s previous startup events. This will permit you to know how much time is precisely needed for you to start working. The time required for password login is not considered during the estimation. The time required by your system to load is only measured by the tool. All you need to do is to download and install the freeware for running this useful tool.

BootRacer permits you to carry out analysis and comparison to boot times whenever you install any new program. Realistic measurement is a cool feature that this tool offers. The remaining time counter feature permits you to know how sooner your PC would be ready to use. Password timeout is excluded from the results. You can utilize the result by sending it to the boot speed contest directly from the applicable on the official website of BootRacer.

What are the system requirements for using BootRacer?

For using BootRacer, all you need is a Windows XP/Vista/200/2003/2008/Windows 7/Windows 8. This tool works well with both 32 and 64bit system. You would require a boot space of 8MB for installing BootRacer on your device. The memory requirements of the tool are same as that of your operating system.

What are the steps for getting started?

You need to install BootRacer software on your Windows system. Click on Boot Time Test or Start when the main window pops up. You need to then restart your computer. The time counting window is then shown after the login into the system. The makers’ advice the users to pay attention the closing or auto opening of the start menu of Windows as well as the changing position of the cursor. This process is normal and is essential for measuring the response time of the desktop. This occurs only during the first time after installation.

How can you understand the results?

The “Time to logon” helps you understand the number of seconds required from the start point of Windows. This is usually until the Windows logon screen is displayed. “Password Timeout” helps one understand the number of seconds required from Time to logon session to successful user logon. This is the time required for entering the password. “Logon to desktop” helps you understand the number of seconds required for Desktop Ready Event from successful logon. “Boot Time” helps one understand the number of seconds needed for Desktop Ready event appearance from Windows Start Point. Total time to desktop helps one understand the time to logon as well as the time required for logon to desktop. It excludes user password timeout from the total boot time. If you open BootRacer, you will be able to see previous boot results on the main screen.

How to analyze the results?

For analysis of previous boot times, you need to choose “Show History” option from the tool menu. The users need to note that the BootRacer does not display logoff measurements. It just displays the boot results. The users need to right click on the history table for accessing the popup menu. You need to then choose the Display Details for viewing further information. The history can be exported by the users to Microsoft Excel, Word, HTML and CSV formats. The users can choose Advanced Options for customizing the tool.

What are the benefits of using BootRacer?

BootRacer is easy to install as well as use. It automatically estimates the Windows boot time. The estimation does not include user password timeout from total boot time. It permits minimum use of computer resources and runs under the non-administrator accounts. All the results get logged into the history report. Events can be checked through the Windows Event Viewer. BootRacer is offered free of cost for non-commercial usage.

BootRacer displays a summary screen when the PC has completely booted. It reviews your score and time. You can check a breakdown of the section that consumed the most time for boot-up. The tool offers a star rating in comparison to other PCs. There is a provision for everybody to upload their results and compare theirs with other BootRacer users. You can claim a global rank by uploading your results. The data submitted by you would help the makers of the tool to improvise the future versions of the tool.

Although the options may seem scare, the users can choose whether they wish to run the tool every time while they boot their device or would they prefer having only single tests. The users have the option to choose whether they wish to see the timer or not and what statistics would they want to be recorded while using their device. The history page offers previous boot results as well as analysis of change in time from the previous boot. This will help you understand whether you system is working efficiently or there exists a lag from the previous boot time. This would keep you system functioning optimally. The tool offers the provision to add notes to each boot time result. There is as well a provision offered for uploading the results on the official website for obtaining global rankings.

Several studies reveal that an average user of Windows PC requires thirteen minutes every day for receiving a response from the system. This can be added up to three full days a year. It has also been received during the survey that about 81 per cent of users experience tremendous amount of stress during the waiting period. This can be severe in case of enterprise PCs as there is so much pressure for meeting the deadlines at the workspace. BootRacer eliminates the stress associated with PC startups. It revolutionizes the manner in which your computer starts as well as displays accurate time you need to wait until your computer is ready. It helps you figure out what is wrong with your device.

What is the use of BootRacer for business?

The enterprise edition of BootRacer can be purchased by the users by paying a nominal fee. This is a great tool for businesses and helps in keeping a tab of boot time on office PCs. This tool is flexible and customizable. This runs hidden in the background and requires no interaction from the users which makes it a wonderful tool that can be utilized by enterprises. License is offered for single system, 10 and 50 based on the requirements of the users. Business roaming license of one year can as well be purchased by the users. Firms can as well place an enterprise quote which will require an evaluation of the requirements of the firm. BootRacer Enterprise automatically collects the boot results from computers and stores them in an SQL database which can be accessed any time by the users for analysis of the performance of the devices. The enterprise edition as well offers network and software inventory, report as well as analysis.

Is BootRacer Enterprise beneficial for firms?

Opting for BootRacer Enterprise would be a great move to make. The minimum number of licenses offered is 100. The price charged per license is based on the total licenses purchased by the firm. Education institutions are eligible for discounts. The firm offers 50 per cent discount to schools and universities. Special discounts are offered to institutions that are run by the government at local, state and federal levels. The same is also applicable to non-profit organizations. Opting for a lifetime license can prove out to be immensely beneficial for firms. This is because it covers unlimited number of installations. The only thing one needs to note is the enterprise license cannot be utilized outside the organization. This implies that one cannot use it for personal usage. BootRacer cannot be utilized on the devices of customers as well. They have to secure their own license. Roaming license needs to be purchased by the users if they wish to run BootRacer anywhere else. This license permits the users to perform unlimited installations as well as re-installations during the period of license which is usually one year. Another requirement while using roaming license is that the tool can be used only on one computer and not simultaneously on any two devices. However, it can be run on different computers one after the other.

What are the support options available?

The best thing about BootRacer tool is that support is available to the users. The users can contact the support team any time in case they have queries pertaining to the use of software as well if they face any issues during the installation of the tool. The users can fill up the contact form that has been furnished on the official website for contacting the support team. There are as well links placed on the support page for accessing the support center and LinkedIn page of the company. Clicking on the support center link redirects to a form where the users can enter their message, name and email address. The support team would promptly response to all the queries of the users.

  • Easy installation and usage
  • Global rankings of start-up times
  • Detailed report on previous startup times
  • Offers links to external programs that helps in speeding up PC


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