Save Your Identity And Surf The Net

If you are a person who does not want to be in the view of hackers or unsolicited advertisers, or give yourself away to prying eyes, the Hide My IP software is your best bet. It comes in many variants that will fit into pockets of different sizes- I mean financially. It protects your identity by letting you choose a fake IP address and also lets you browse blocked sites. Overall, it gives you great peace of mind. For the different priced variants it offers, besides a guarantee of return if you are not satisfied by the product- it gives great value for money. They do what they advertise and it is good that you do not have to buy multiple licenses to use on different devices, nor worry about portability anymore. It will become your favorite app on your favorite devices.
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Save Your Identity And Surf The Net

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Why does one deserve to keep their privacy?

Are you someone who loves your privacy? Do you want to be in your world without people always peeping at you? There is nothing wrong in your wanting to safeguard your identity. Because your identity is your “self”, and a lot of us care very much for it.

You go down that traffic lane and there is a camera jotting down your movements, including the speed at which you drove. That is no problem. But when you are on the Internet, it is like you are globetrotting and there are only strangers all the time. No wonder why people do not feel safe sending messages and mail, files and pictures. You do not want the knotty guys to play mischief with your stuff, is it not?

There have been many instances of stolen data and identity being used for all the wrong purposes, and I have always been concerned. After all, can we not carry on with our business without interference? Can we not safe guard our financial interests, not to mention our personal interests? Several of my friends have been prone to scams on the Internet, besides being bugged by loads of spam mail. All of this was because their personal data was in the wrong hands.

There are many cases of monetary losses resulting directly out of leaked names, date of birth, bank account numbers, SSN etc. If this is not a good enough list for you, a constant head ache is one of those innumerable companies that track your browsing pattern and offer to sell you their products, ones you will never need.

And the worst of all- Cyber crime is not as easy to solve as the usual run off the mill cases.

And that brings us to:

Hide My IP

I have tried this, and found it wonderful. This basic version of this software is designed to:

  • Let you surf anonymously: By hiding your IP- your identity on the Internet. (Your computer’s to be more precise)
  • Unblock a website: Anyone from your local network administrator, to your service provider to your government could have blocked some websites for several reasons. It will unblock such websites. Imagine that you are traveling, and are in a foreign country. You immediately need to access a specific site for some information or services that it provides. You open your laptop and try to get at it, and the browser simply throws an error at you. There is nobody to help and no one to turn to. You desperately need the access and there is no solution. Well, ask anyone who has used this software and you can set your heart at rest. It simply gives you all that you need, and just in a few mouse clicks.
  • Send emails anonymously: Emails will be sent anonymously and untraceably.

The Premium version goes further by a few more miles. It is designed to:

  • Access all IPs in over 90 cities of the world: It is like having a whole directory at your finger tips. Just imagine that you are on the lookout for some specific kind of site, specific information or service, and you do not get it locally. Or imagine that you are in a foreign country, and access something from y
  • Provide smart DNS proxy service: Enables you to enjoy restricted services with ease and freedom.

Technological information

Let me explain a little on how this is done.

When you surf the Internet, an IP address is what recognizes your system on the network. Any data you send to anyone or receive from anyone on the World Wide Web, goes through multiple network systems and routers. It means servers from where you access data or to which you send data through all those sites you browse, goes as data packets from router to router throughout the route. As these data packets get transported via routers, a hacker listening in on the line can access any packet and identify several details. This includes the sender’s information and the receiver’s information, along with the message being sent or received.

This software simply masks this information for you. All you have to do is get this installed and running on your system, and leave the rest to it.

If you want to know how this masking is possible, the answer is that it is simply going to substitute your IP address with a fake IP from the immense database they have. The fun element is it will even show your IP as belonging to some other country where in you are not physically present at the moment, as you wish.

Benefits and advantages

Apart from the functional features that I have stated already, the following are the benefits and advantages you derive:

1) Encrypts all your communications with any server - So now I no longer worry about sharing anything. Even members from my family use iyt and appreciate the beauty of this feature. We all feel safe sharing photos and family pictures, personal files and even passwords and personal letters.

2) Works seamlessly on multiple platforms and OS - Just get this online and put it on Android, Mac, Linux, Windows, IOS and more. This means that you can use it on your Windows, Linux or Mac based personal computers and laptops. Further, you can put it on your Apple tabs and Mobiles, Blackberry and Android based devices from several manufactures. This just gives so much freedom that you cannot imagine right away. So many times, people get frustrated when software they love is not supported on their platform or operating system on the Computer, tab or mobile phone. But then we cannot trade away one for the other.

3) Use on 5 devices simultaneously, on your premium version - Now that this offers so much flexibility, I am having a tough time managing with everyone in the family wanting it on their own personal device. Seriously, it became more of a need than an advantageous utility. It is plugged in to all the devices I regularly make use of.

4) 30 day money back guaranty on your basic version; cancel anytime on the premium version - Any product needs to come with a guarantee. I do not see any point in buying things that do not provide an assurance for the good lot of money we spend on them. So I implicitly trust a product manufacturer who can vouch for quality. They need to see to it that their products meet the specifications or they need to let us keep our good money, is it not?

5) Easy user interface - Several of my friends do ask me if it is easy to use this software. Some of them do not have the patience to learn new tools and software when operating a digital device like a computer or tablet has taken them time enough to learn. Well, you do not have to be a geek. Some geeks have developed it and you get to use it easily by a beautiful user interface that is simple and fast.

6) Flexibility of purchase plans - Some of us may not need this on an ongoing basis, and do not find that purchasing it with a lot of money is not worth it. What is the benefit in buying something that you only rarely use, or need for one time or limited period? This they would have thought over; so is why they provide the option to buy a monthly subscription. The basic version costs you $29.95, the premium one costs $34.95 and just $2.95 if you want it only for a month. Besides, they have a quarterly subscription as well.

General questions some friends ask

When I told some of my friends about Hide My IP, they had some questions for me. They did not want to simply invest into anything without taking the opinion of somebody who has already been using it. These questions are apart from what I have already stated above.

1) Am I always going to be anonymous? (This was from a not so geeky friend of mine who generally loves to be in the limelight.)

I had to explain to him that the Identity the software covers here is not exactly him, but the device that he is using and its location based on the IP address. Anyway, to get back to this question, the answer is no. You can always choose to stop running this program and that would revert your browser settings to normal.

2) What if I lose the license number? Do I have to buy this again? (This was from a very forgetful acquaintance of mine. I had to remind him the whole history of our meetings before he remembered that he has indeed seen my face quite a lot)

You can retrieve it from their website. Just hang in there once so you see how that works. Then you get the freedom of being as forgetful as you please.

3) Does it work with one of my open source browsers? (This was from a geeky college grad who liked to experiment with different browsers. He never has the same one running for more than a couple of months.)

I asked him to check out their website, but of course I shared him the list I remember out of my memory. It supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Safari, Maxthon, My IE, Opera, Avant and Lolifox. There are some others not on this list.

4) I use different Internet connections at different times. Does it still work?

Yes, because all my friends who have purchased this do not use the same type of router or network connection. Some use Wi-Fi and others have a wired connection. They all seem to be using it without any problems.

5) Does this software consume a lot of my system’s resources?

Not at all, I would say. If you have use for this software, it is good to get it rather than load so many useless applications and burden your devices. My kids do it all the time, installing and deleting numerous applications of no use.

6) Does it “break” firewalls down?

Yes again. You may have need for using some site that has been needlessly blocked by your local network administrator. Cafes, schools, libraries etc have innumerable restrictions on sites you can browse in their vicinity. Imagine the freedom you get when you can simply by-pass that firewall and browse what you want. You do not have to wait until you get back home from that parent teachers meeting, for example. How convenient is it? Better yet, your coffee does not go cold as you sit and browse in your local café.

7) How many different IP addresses can I get with Hide My IP?

How many do you need? Because there are thousands out there…

  • Choice of subscriptions available- monthly, quarterly and yearly with a special premium package offering more features
  • Easy to install and use
  • Support for multiple browser and operating system platforms
  • Seamless working with multiple types of hardware
  • 30 day return guarantee
  • Premium package can be used on 5 different devices in one go
  • If you are a careful parent and have blocked some sites that you do not want your kids to get at, you are in trouble. Unless of course you password-protect everything, and protect those passwords well.


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