Say Hello to Sexy Girls Dancing And Stripping Right On Your Desktop With iStripper

I took a lot more time than I had expected to write this iStripper review. But I can’t really blame myself for it when I have these sexy babes stripping, playing, dancing, kissing, and providing me with all the kinds of pleasures on my screen. On a serious note, it is after a very long time that virtual stripping was actually able to entertain me in the right way and I will definitely continue using iStripper in future too. The website as well as its software is pretty simple to use and if we talk about the content offered by iStripper, I have never ever seen something as beautiful and pleasurable as the scenes that they offer. Moreover, as you can view the preview of the scenes for free, there is no harm in visiting iStripper atleast once right? But don’t you blame me at all, if you are hooked to it!
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Say Hello to Sexy Girls Dancing And Stripping Right On Your Desktop With iStripper

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Is iStripper actually as good as it promises to be? Let us try to find out in this iStripper Review

As humans, we regularly look for new things to add excitement to our lives. And if you are reading this review, we definitely share common interests. Porn is something that we look up to, to add some spice to our lives. While you might find it difficult to believe, hardcore fucking does not entertain us all the time. While we definitely enjoy hardcore videos and stuff, sometimes it is an excellent idea to tune things down a little. And this is where a strip show gets into the picture.

However, if you’ve had any experience with virtual strip shows in the past, you might already know that it can be very difficult to find good stripping platforms. But that was the past right? Fortunately, now we do have something new, unique, and perfect for our kinky needs in the form of iStripper.

If you love virtual strip shows just like me, VirtualGirl and DeskBabes might have been your childhood friend as well. Virtual Girl was brought to us by Totem Core Ltd. and the same company has now come up with an advanced version of virtual stripping on our desktop through iStripper. The iStripper website and software are pretty simple to use and are sure to take care of all your kinky needs. In this iStripper review, we will talk about the iStripper software, how amazing the available shows are, and whether or not you should think about purchasing the full version.

Some Background….

If you’d ask me to define the iStripper software in a single word, pleasurable is what I’d choose. Guess this is because of the fact that Totem Core already knows a lot about the world of virtual stripper. As a matter of fact, the company can easily be known as the best virtual stripper entertainment provider currently available on the internet. It was in the year 1998 that the company first came up with VirtualGirl and as far as I remember, I downloaded it in the same year after one of my friends recommended it to me.

It was 1998 and at that time, VirtualGirl was definitely a breakthrough in the world of virtual adult entertainment with beautiful two inch strippers stripping and bouncing on the toolbar. But since then, the world of virtual strippers has changed by leaps and bounds. Now with iStripper, you can download hundreds and thousands of stunningly sexy videos in many different qualities, like 720p, 1080p as well as 4k. iStripper already has more than 22 million users all over the world. So, they might actually be doing something right and with a tagline that says ‘Desire on demand’, you can always rely on iStripper to deliver the best of virtual entertainment.

For a lot of users, iStrippers is not a website but a software. And these users are not really wrong. You can easily download iStripper desktop software and have the sexiest of babes stripping on your screen. But if the technicalities are to be taken into consideration, iStripper is actually an adult entertainment website which is available in an evolved desktop version. The website is created with a goal of titillating all your senses and trust me, it will do so effortlessly.

The website currently has more than 3,000 steamiest of shows that are sure to send chills throughout your body. There are short videos as well as full-length videos that will definitely make you believe that you did nothing wrong for signing up on iStripper. Also, if you do have any kind of knowledge about the best of performers, you’d be glad to know that you can find dancers like Arianna Marie and Skin Diamond on iStripper. While you might have already seen them in hardcore action in the past, a full strip-tease by them would be something new for you and you are sure to enjoy every moment of it.

iStripper Website Content

Needless to say, the performers on iStripper are simply gorgeous. While growing up, I do remember that I used to enjoy some of the best of VirtualGirl’s scenes on the screen of my computer. It was these scenes that used to provide me with my daily pleasure dose. There was a time when I used to believe that things can never ever get better than these sexy girls dancing on my screen. But I was so wrong!

While there are several other virtual stripping platforms on the internet, none of them were actually able to keep me interested for more than a few days. And then came iStripper to change everything upside down. The moment you get on the iStripper website, it only takes a few moments to understand the fact that you will definitely be spending some of the best time of your life with these naked beauties available on the website. Every single show has been so carefully created that it is sure to make you feel things down there, every single time. Trust me, I have seen girls dancing and stripping on poles live in front of my eyes, but even the live shows were never ever as good as the shows on iStripper.

Moreover, the iStripper models have clear idea of what eroticism is and how to get your pulse high and you will definitely be offered a lot more than mere an entertaining strip time. The beauties sometimes pull out every single stop just for you to get you completely addicted to them in no time. Apart from men, a lot of women too enjoy iStripper. And not because they are looking for classes on pole dancing, but to pick up some skills which they can use for their partners and add some spice to their life.

Website Layout

iStripper is one of the handful of adult entertainment websites that are loaded with amazing features and have an interactive design. The people behind iStripper regularly improve the interface to ensure that they are able to provide the best to their visitors. This is itself is an excellent sign which suggests that iStripper actually focuses on providing an entertaining and pleasurable experience to the visitors.

he card search feature on the website is my favorite which makes it extremely easy to search for the scenes. If you are on iStripper for the first time, sheer number of categories available to explore is sure to set your pulses high. Once you’ve finally selected a sign, you can download it instantly without any hassles.

Trial Version

In this part of this iStripper Review, I will talk about one of the best things that this platform has to offer- free scenes. Yes, downloadable stripping videos from a website that has so much to offer and has so heavily invested in providing the visitors with the best of virtual entertainment, sounds too good to be true. But as I said in the beginning of this iStripper review, this platform has completely transformed the way the conventional virtual stripping platforms used to be.

You can download several scenes in a variety of qualities free of cost. However, you will not be able to download full-length, nude scenes for free. But trust me, even the short, non-nude videos are too damn hot! While I am definitely sure that the first time you get on iStripper, you will be hooked to it and will buy tokens for full-length scenes, people who are not impressed too easily can always download these free scenes first to get a preview of what iStripper actually has in its store for you.

How to Watch Full Scenes on iStripper?

Rather than paying a one-time fee for all the content, which is generally too high for most of the visitors, iStripper has a unique payment method. You are required to purchase tokens which you can use to unlock full scenes. For instance, you can buy 500 tokens for $50. The new scenes cost around 16 tokens, whereas, the older ones are generally around 6 to 10 tokens.

Every single scene or card that you unlock comes with an animation for your desktop, photo set which can be downloaded in the .zip format as well as a single or a couple of bonus clips that can be downloaded as well as streamed online. You can use all the common online payment methods, like Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, VISA, etc. for buying tokens.

Almost 7-8 new full-length scenes are added every week and there are more than 3,000 scenes already available. So, 500 tokens will surely provide you with loads of entertainment. If you ask me, this definitely is more than a fair deal. And not to forget that all the new scenes are available in 4k resolution.

You are allowed to unlock a total of 10 scenes at a time. This enables you to easily customize the kind of desktop scene and babe you want. Just imagine, 10 sexy girls dancing and playing on your screen….heaven right? Moreover, there is also safe-for-work feature which you can activate for no sex and nudity. Apart from the gorgeous babes, you can also find some gay scenes on iStripper if you are interested in that kind of stuff.

Moreover, once you sign up on iStripper, you can click on the ‘Girls Store’ button where you can find all the scenes that are available for download. Moreover, there are also filters which you can use to sort the scenes alphabetically and as per their ratings. There is also a ‘My Collection’ button which you can use to access all the scenes that you have downloaded till date.

And if you are looking to download its desktop software, it is compatible with all the common versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, you can uninstall the software with a single click. So, you easily uninstall it if at all required. Also, when a stripper is performing on your desktop, you can easily access all the options available for the stripper by a single mouse click. You can minimize her and she will only perform within a two inch area on the desktop, or you can select the full screen mode where she will start performing inside some of the most popular strip clubs all over the world. Apart from the display settings, you can also know more about the model, make adjustments to the settings, or command her to start stripping.

  • Thousands of scenes to choose from
  • Free preview of scenes
  • Scenes are available in many different resolutions, up to UHD 4K
  • Girls are stunningly sexy
  • Multiple categories to choose from
  • Unique token-type scene unlocking method
  • Loads of bonus content
  • Reasonably priced
  • Stunning, easy-to-use website
  • Safe-for-work setting for no nudity at office place
  • More than 22 million users
  • Perfect platform if you love virtual stripping
  • While iStripper generally adds around 7-8 scenes every week, I wish they could add more
  • Also, many of the older scenes are not available in HD


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