Smart And Fast Prototyping Tool

The verdict for Mockplus is truly good. It offers in its package most of the features needed by designers of UI or UX. Mockplus is an effective tool that is a must have software in the basket of every designer of prototype interfaces. Mockplus allows the designers to develop as a team on various devices and offers excellent cloud services for prototype testing. This is in addition to being able to access the excellent customer service offered by the company. If you are a designer beginning your journey in the field of prototyping or you are a skilled designer, Mockplus will lives up to the promise of making your life easier as a designer. This is one package of software that will not disappoint.
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Smart And Fast Prototyping Tool

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Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping is an essential part of the design process. Prototyping allows us to develop and explore our ideas rapidly. Also, user-testing and improving a design is easier when we’re working with prototypes. In addition to that startups are emerging in all parts of the world. Gone are the days when investments were a prohibitive factor in starting up a company. What one needs these days is a good idea, some conviction and a clear road-map to execute ideas. This holy trinity of startup culture ensures funding and a thus takes investment issues out of the equation. It is in this process of convincing the investors that potential startups face the need of having a prototype. It is perhaps the hardest thing to do for a startup to have a production ready prototype. This is where 'Rapid Prototyping' tools come handy. It is nearly indispensable for startups to have a tool that allows for them to create a rapid and accurate prototype to show to their investors.

Mockplus is a software provider originating from China that offers instant and easy rapid prototyping tools. The Mockplus software package has been eqipped to handle the various needs of an app developer and is fitted with the right tools to make rapid prototyping accessible to all. The primary target of Mockplus is to develop and deploy Rapid Prototyping tools for UI/UX developers, project managers and other IT professionals. In a truer sense, the world today is being revolutionized by technology. This is driving the startup space to develop more and more products that are geared to cater to this segment. This requires efficient prototyping tools for the industry which are correctly provided by Mockplus.

Features on Offer by Mockplus

When one is developing tools and softwares for the IT industry, Mockplus provides a wide range of features packed in its product. The core use of Mockplus is it helps develop a good, stable and reliable user interface for businesses that can be deployed on all platforms, Windows, Mac, Android or IOS. Mockplus solves the problem for you. One of the most important aspects of developing an user interface is that its process should be fast. You want to add more features and applicability to your app, so more of the development time should be devoted to building those features instead of making an interface that achieves these goals. Mockplus as a software uses the drag-and-drop feature to place the various UI components. This may not look as much, but in truth it takes out a huge burden off the designer because the traditional way would have required a designer to specify a particular point on screen in terms of pixel location in the code. This is in addition to actually having to design the element and then make numerous trials and errors to get the position right. So yes, Mockplus shows that it means business in rapid prototyping right away.

Designing of UI elements is another time-consuming task. Mockplus has this covered nicely by providing an extensive range off nearly 3000 icons and over 200 components directly with absolutely no hassle. It provides nearly all that a standard app may require but along with that, there is the freedom to modify the component. This makes Mockplus an extremely user-friendly software that provides an wide array of pre-designed components along with the feature to modify the existing designs to better suit the needs of the designer.

Once a design of software is ready, there is am immediate need to test the developed software on a platform where it is likely to be used. This is the Alpha testing stage. This is needed to weed out any errors in the software and it is necessary to remove the bugs before letting the customers try it out. However, to deploy an app on a system, it has to built. Technically speaking, the app-source code is converted into a format that works on the target system. This is a time consuming process and hence it is not viable to build the software over and over again for every change that is done. The solution is pretty simple. Mockplus generates a QR code for the cloud link to which the project is uploaded. This allows alpha-testers to test on their devices directly without having to go through the arduous task of re-building the application every time.

One of the primary concerns of a developer is learn to program for developing an interface. It is hard and time-consuming. In addition to that, new recruits have to trained to develop using a new software which itself consumes a lot of money. Money, is a sacred thing in a startup. For larger cormporations too, saving on training of the staff is essential. Mockplus brings in the perfect solution to this. Now one does not need to have any knowledge of coding or programming. Mockplus takes care of that very efficiently. Its interface is designed in such a manner as to facilitate direct interface application without involving the user about the nuances of the code running underneath. That is an essential feature one is looking for in a rapid prototyping tool.

The ability to get rid of all the unimportant things so that the developers could focus better on what that application does rather than how it does it. Having no code involved in the development process has one more advantage. It means that any new developer who is trying improve the interface does not have to first study the entire code before begining the real work of improving the product. All they have to do now is to simply change the components that need an improvement and drag and place the new component where it is needed. So much more simpler than having to stuy the code carefully and then making changes in the code then testing a hundred different things and hoping that one change does not accidentally crash the entire application. In simple words, Mockplus, through its intuitive and great interface and creative and innovative approach towards rapid prototyping makes the life of a designer so much more simpler.

Another great feature of Mockplus is that it enhances the reach of the designer beyond just his work table. Mockplus not only allows deploying apps on multiple platforms, it also makes it possible to develop on multiple platforms. Now one could have designers working on various platforms that they are comfortable with and still develop an amazing plethora of interfaces.

Now for the more in depth look about the interface of Mockplus itself. The home of the project screen allows the users select the interface for which they want to prototype for. Most of the prototyping today is done for mobile phones so taking that as the platform of choice, the interface will provide the image of a smartphone screen in the central panel of Mockplus. This smartphone template is the canvas for all designs. While prototyping Mockplus has two developers presets available, 'Sketch View' or 'Wire frame view'. The wireframe mode displays the components with straight edges and cleaner angles while the sketch mode displays the components as they would appear as drawn on a paper. These styles can freely be used to suit whichever is convenient to the user.

When one is prototyping an interface, the designer will definitely want to know how the interface perform when the user interacts with it. While deploying to devices via the cloud is an alternative, this is not the best approach in the development phase. That is simply because the designer wants to know how a button looks in the interface. That button may not be programmed to do anything yet. The solution to this is let the designer provide the input in the software itself and see how the elements of the app appear and react to input. That is the big problems of many rapid prototyping softwares. They are all static tools. They have to designed like an image and only in the testing phase will the designer get an idea about how the interface reacts with real user input. Mockplus is not one of those. It is interactive and functional. This means you’ll be able to simulate the user flow of your app from start to finish.

You can also simulate animated screen transitions like "swipe left" or "fade in". Then there is the extensive component library offered by Mockplus. Its is insanely vast! 3000 icon and 200 components. There is very little chance that the designers of any app will have to create an element because it is not offered with Mockplus. Of course, the entire range of tools is available only in the Pro version of Mockplus. The free version does not have all the designs and layouts, but rest assured, if your needs are not very demanding then the free version works just fine.The common interface elements are all available — buttons, video players, menu bars, image carousels, and a ton more. There is another unique feature to Mockplus. The software allows the user to make annotations in the designer panel. That basically means that notes can be placed on the designs via the Markup component. This feature is quite handy for drawing attention to any specific component of the design that may need am improvement or some better placing in the entire component matrix.

About the software itself, Mockplus is available in free and paid versions. The free version appeals to those who want to first try out Mockplus before spending some money to use the entire range of Mockplus products. This version is also for the enthusiastic designers who are looking for the right tool to pursue their hobby of rapid UI prototyping. There definitely is a trade-off in the free version. The cloud prototyping feature is not available and nither is the HTML export feature. That means the apps can be tested in only in-app environment of the software. However since the purpose of the free edition is not to develop serious interfaces, that would hardly act as an obstacle. In addition, the free edition can be used to desin the basic layouts by beginners and the more experienced designers can then work on the more creative aspects using the Pro edition of the software. The Pro edition costs $20 per month and comes packed with all features and designs that are promised by Mockplus. The cloud support offered by Mockplus is also fully available to the owners of the Pro edition. This is along with the freedom to export to HTML view and the ability to print and view your work. A fully packed corporate solution built for the corporate clients and enthusiasts alike.

The website offers various tutorials to learn to use the software. That is in addition to the extensive and active customer support made available by Mockplus. The biggest benefit of Mockplus is that it is founded by an innovator who knows the ins and outs of the prototyping world and thus Mockplus benefits from his experience of over 15 years. Further more there is an active and skilled community of Mockplus users who are more than eager to help the users in the event of being faced by some strange problem. That comes close in heels with the developers at Mockplus who are ever more eager to help their customers.

This has been reflected in the various customer reviews all of which give a thumbs up to Mockplus for its extremely intuitive interface and great tools provided for developing an interface fit for presenting as a prototype.

  • Rapid Developement of Interface Designing
  • Easy to learn
  • Accessible on multiple platforms
  • Does not require programming knowledge
  • Portable via the HTML format
  • Cloud Testing of Interface
  • Vast range of pre-designed components
  • Active Customer Support
  • Free Version available for Trials
  • Free version doesn't have the feature of HTML export


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