SterJo Edge Passwords Retriever Say Goodbye To Login Problems

Have you ever wanted a way to regain your lost password easily without any difficulty? This is where SterJo Edge Passwords solves this issue for you. It is a free secret key regaining program which you can use to retrieve your lost remote system passwords. Just by running this product on your framework, you can reveal Wi-Fi names, passwords, sort, validation, and more in no time.
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The act of securing information or mission is an age long occurrence found in humans. In the past, people used to follow different ways to protect things, like secrets, treasures, etc. In this age of computer and internet, the method of creating coded characters to protect account and valuable info has changed. Therefore, creating a password to protect your account is vital.

But since humans have the tendency to forget, they often have problems in retrieving their login details and in some cases, even lose vital info, files, and accounts. Have you ever forgotten your password which led to being locked out from an account? If yes, you will be glad to know that there is a new product to help you recover password. Sounds incredible? Yes, it is indeed. This product was created to save millions of people in the world from losing valuable information. And you can make use of it for the same purpose.

In today’s progressed world, internet is something that individuals from all corners of the world use to get data and associate with others. It has taken so much control over the world’s functioning that it is impossible to imagine living without it. Internet connection has gone from its dial-up beginning to the entire remote system seen today. Personal computers, cell phones, iPads, etc. no longer require a link to sign into the magical world of the internet. The appearance of Wi-Fi systems has made significant impact on the way people conduct online browsing, since it has made it possible for information to be accessible to all individuals with a few clicks. Practically, every present-day family unit has a Wi-Fi connection. As we all know, because of security issues, every Wi-Fi settings has a password that the users need to enter so as to sign in successfully.

We know that the more complex the password is, the harder it is for someone to hack it. However, creating complex password might protect your information or valuables from hackers. You can also forget the combination and this is why SterJo Edge Passwords was created.

That is the reason why individuals have gone from utilizing the birthdates of themselves or friends and family, locations of living, tags numbers and so on to a more complex arrangement that frequently includes more characters; i.e., symbols, numbers, letters, etc. This makes it much harder for potential hackers to break the password easily.

The secret key to utilizing the Wi-Fi setting in order to enable people remember and easily recover password is using the Microsoft Edge installed in the current MS Windows versions. Additionally, in case you are among thousands of people who cannot keep their passwords or easily remember, this software can be the savior. This simple but powerful software is all you need to regain not only your password, but also the URL. Therefore, it is very convenient, easy to download and use. But most importantly, it is available for free!


SterJo Edge Passwords works with the new Microsoft Windows versions that come with the edge feature. This software requires only an internet connection to be downloaded, but it can be used to get your passwords offline. Also, it requires Microsoft Windows client setting with Edge feature to run and perform perfectly. The software is simple but very dynamic hence, you need little or no experience to use it effectively. For more information about its features, please read on.

Set up is not required

You don't have to install this program on your PC since unloading the substance of its document and propelling the executable provide you full access to its capacities. It neither alters any of your Windows registry passages, nor does it make extra records or organizers on your framework. Its simplicity makes it conceivable to run on the removable media, such as USB streak drives or outside HDDs.

Straightforward format

This software comes with a plain, easy-to-use interface with a couple of intelligent capacities. These can be effectively accessed by a wide range of clients, paying little respect to their PC capabilities. However, since the software is easy to use, even the beginners can’t find anything to complain about its usage.

Unmask mark passwords

Compact SterJo Edge Passwords can help you uncover passwords that are concealed by signs in a convenient and fast manner. You simply need to open the main application's window and click on the matching catch in the target window. Nonetheless, take note that it doesn't give the anticipated result all the time. For example, this application can't uncover passwords marked by signs in some places, like metro application or web browsers. As a result, the extent to which you can use the software is restricted.

Lightweight mark watchword revealer

Overall, SterJo Edge Passwords is a useful application that can help you unmask passwords concealed by signs. It requires no establishment, accompanies a non-engaging yet easy-to-use interface and comes with a couple of intuitive capacities. However, no type of help documentation is given to you by the software. Likewise, it can't uncover passwords from web programs or metro applications.


The interface is quite basic with a negligible menu framework having choices for help and file. There are some little toolbar symbols with an appealing design, making them straightforward. In the principle sheet, there is the zone where remote system data appears. There are sections for SSID (Name), Password, Authentication, and Encryption. The aggregate number of sections is included at the footer. The button for the refresh command is on the far left part of the toolbar which is probably the most helpful function in this software. However, the option to save is also useful.

The easy-to-use interface indicates data, including SSID (Service Set Identifier), Password, Authentication sort (WPA2PSK, Open, WPAPSK, etc.), and Encryption strategy (WEP, TKIP, and AES) for every system. These are the main components of this instrument. That’s why, it is a straightforward, secure and compelling programming. You can recover password of any number of remote associations. You can likewise duplicate the chosen files or remote system password as per your choice. It shows password, SSID name, confirmation, and the encryption of system connections. All things considered, SterJo Edge Passwords is a clever little application that performs an excellent job at keeping your Wi-Fi connection secured and getting back your lost password for free. Being convenient means you can utilize it in a hurry whenever you need. It deals with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How does it work?

SterJo Wireless Passwords is an extraordinary invention for people with the problem of regaining their password combinations. As mentioned above, it is free to download; hence you don't need to pay anything for this magnificent breakthrough. Besides, it is exceptionally effective in doing its work. It is incomparable to other similar innovations that aren’t easy to use and sometimes difficult to access and download.

So, what can you do if you need to recover a forgotten password? All you have to do is install the latest version of this software. It work perfectly in a system that has Windows Edge installed. After the installation, locate the setting of your browser and you will find asterisk on the screen. Simply click on “unmask” and the hidden characters will clear off revealing the password.

How is it installed?

When the software is downloaded for free, it immediately selects the wireless setting of the previous information of some other wireless configuration your gadget was associated with recently, plus the one you are using currently. This data incorporates secret words, encryption strategy, service set identifier, and authentication type. This powerful password recovering tool also offers the alternative of saving the regained password or copying it for customized usage. You can operate or access the function of SterJo Edge passwords tool very easily anywhere you go because it is easy, simple, and fast. What more can you ask for?

While dealing with Windows XP, please take note that if the wireless connection setting has an encryption called WPA, the secret word that was retrieved will convert to 64 HEX figure. Be that as it may, these figures can be utilized to interface with the system rather than the secret key. This is just a Windows XP restriction; users of Windows 7, Windows Vistas, Windows 10 or Windows 8 are free from the restrictions. With everything taken into account, this is an incredible software that will terminate your Wi-Fi connection problems. So it is indeed a super invention and the producer (SterJo) of this software deserves appreciation for creating this wonderful password recovery tool.

How to use SterJo Edge Passwords?

Numerous applications, like CuteFTP, Microsoft Outlook, other email users or login structures hide and save their passwords with concealed characters to keep others from seeing them. But using diverse passwords for every record could be overlooked sometimes and there is no real way to uncover them. Making use of applications to oversee passwords could be useful but costly at the same time. It is not so with this password recovery tool because it is very helpful in cases like this when you have to discover secret key.

Run the application and open the window where the watchword is covered up with indicator ('*****') characters. Click "unmask" catch and then you will be stunned to see how the signs are unmasked right before your eyes in an instant. Duplicate your already covered watchword and never stress yourself if you ever lose your password again.

The secret word revealer chips away at most cases with standard watchword content boxes. However, it doesn't work with programs like Chrome, Mozilla, IE or other applications where the content box is not a windows application frame.

  • This password recovery tool is available for free to download. There are other types of password recovery tools but only a few are available for free to download.
  • It is capable of scanning your browser to reveal a list of passwords saved in your PC browser. The operation is executed instantly without any hassle. If you share your PC with others, this is a reminder to never allow your browser to store keyword. Also, always check out the setting of a public browser to see if the tool is installed because it may store your password and thus anyone can have access to it.
  • The software can easily regain stored WI-FI password very fast.
  • Unlike other password recovery tools, SterJo Edge Passwords is not complicated; hence it is very easy to use.
  • It occupies little or no space, hence it does not stress your PC when in use. Other similar software require a lot of space, so they influence the operation of your PC negatively. For example, they may interrupt some functions in your PC
  • It is limited because it can only be used if the PC is installed with current Microsoft Windows versions that have Microsoft Edge installed in it.


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