Symantec Norton Security Deluxe – All That You Need To Be Protected

Norton Deluxe is a good solution for those who look for some minimum that can provide the best quality of protection. It is easy to download, to install, to use. It doesn’t bother you too much with notifications, and the set of features, that it offers, is enough to provide a high quality protection for your either computer, or mobile. It works on all devices, with all OS. Samsung is not its favorite brand, though, if you have a Samsung device, you`d better forget about Norton. One more missing thing, which is rather important for those, who have kids, is the parental control functions. But other than that, this solution has a very favorable balance of price and quality.
Symantec Norton Security Deluxe – All That You Need To Be Protected

Norton Security Deluxe Norton Security Deluxe 2016

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Norton – Why This Choice?

We all live in the world of advancing technology, and information is the key word of this world. Who has information, has all. Nowadays, these are not just words. If somebody steals your personal or financial information, that may cause a lot of problems and even lead to a disaster. Just imagine, if somebody steals your access data to the bank account, or your personal information, like passport data and all credentials, and misuses them. Sounds awful? It is awful. That is why every body who has the internet, is looking how to protect their data. Many of ways are invented, but the most reliable so far is a reliable antivirus software.

One of the most reliable softwares in the antivirus market is Norton. There are several products, but the most popular one is the Norton Deluxe, maybe because it provides all that is necessary for an average user, and in addition, it is cheap. If you have a computer, the sure you can afford to buy a good software for just 39,99 USD per year. Moreover, it is officially recognized as one of the best safety solutions for your lap, and not only lap. To summarize, it is a fast, efficient and a relatively cheap software. And it is easy to install and use. More reasons why to select Norton? No problem, there are enough of them.

What Norton Deluxe Offers You?

Protection – in Real Time Mode

any antivirus softwares offer you protection from different kinds of malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and so on. But you turn on your computer – and after scanning, still some viruses are detected. Moreover, if you repeat the scanning again, again, viruses will be found. It seems, that either your software doesn’t work at all, or viruses are too smart nowadays, or there is some other reason, about which we don’t have any idea. Anyway, it may cause desperation and may spoil not only your mood, but also damage the system of your computer.

Why it happens?

ell, the antivirus software protects, that is why it was developed. But most likely, it doesn’t work in real time mode. If it works only after the virus got access to your system and notified about it this way, then, the virus will be removed, of course. But this will be done post-factum. Mostly, it has even started its damaging activity, that is why the software detects it. Though, best of all is to prevent the infection rather than trying to get rid of it. This is valid for both, people and computers.

Norton is different

Norton offers real protection, in real time mode. It means, that the product doesn’t work to remove the viruses, but not to let them get into the system. Prevention rather than elimination of a problem – the motto of Norton team can be formulated like this. That is why the work efficiency of the Norton software is incomparable, and this product really PROTECTS your lap instead of curing it.

Protection – All In One

You probably have worked with the systems, that seem to be fine, as they are cheap and offer the very basic features. But then, it appears, that one more thing is necessary, then another one, and so on. And those little things that were missing, they were very important, too. While solving the problem with viruses, the software may ignore such thing as possible identity theft, or safe online payment. That is why, such software is basically not the best solution. And doesn’t matter if you are an advanced user or a very beginner. It simply doesn’t work properly.

Norton knows, that it is very important to offer a complete, comprehensive solution, that would work with all most common problems. That is why, it includes protection from ALL threats, not just a part of them. And that is why it offers not only anti-malware service, but many other features, which are needed for a complete protection of your system. Not only viruses can cause problems, and Norton knows about it.

100% - is it possible? Definitely!

Have you ever dealt with a software, that guarantees a 100% performance? This even sounds strange, as practically, it is almost impossible. And “Almost” is the key word here, because there are solutions, that offer some guarantees. For example, Norton. Its developers guarantee , that Norton will remove 100% of viruses from your computer. It means, by each scanning, you will find no viruses. Sounds like a science fiction? Especially, if you have had some experience with a not too reliable antivirus software, then yes, it sounds weird. But if you have had experience with Norton, then, it sounds rather like something expectable. It really protects, and doesn’t matter, new or old viruses, Norton doesn’t make any difference.

Identity Theft? Norton Deals With That, Too

If you have ever faced this problem, you know, that it is not just unpleasant. Though, it is unpleasant, too. This causes many problems, especially if your work is connected somehow with the internet, or you communicate with many people for work reasons. And even if not, just imagine a situation, when a bank officer is calling you and asking when you are going to pay the loan. Or something similar. Then, you understand, that most likely, your identity was stolen. And you can consider yourself as a lucky guy, if you can prove this. But if not, then the responsibility for all will be yours.

Norton knows this problem. That is why, it protects you from identity theft, thus, helping to avoid many unpleasant situations, that cause not only emotional disturbance, but also a good financial loss.

Safe Payment Online? Now, It Became Possible

Everybody knows, that nowadays, it is very simple and in most cases much cheaper to shop online. Iike this, you can find options, that are not available in the place, where you live, and most important, much cheaper options than in normal shops, as for the internet, one doesn’t have to pay a rent, doesn’t have to pay salaries for shop-assistants, guards etc. That is why, internet shopping is not something extraordinary nowadays, but a thing that has become a part of our lives. Thus, there appeared people, who are trying to take advantage of it, by stealing our financial information.

How It Happens?

There are so many ways to get information from you. They can lead you to fake websites that pretend to be the ones of your bank, or PayPal, or any other, where they ask you to enter confidential data of your credit card or a password to your online banking. And some people do! This way, the scammers get access to your money, and the pity is, that nobody is guilty but you.

Norton detects such attempts immediately and blocks them. You, in turn, will get a notification about what has happened and what has been done to prevent it. Well, of course, if you want very much to go to that phishing website, or to type a password to your internet banking somewhere else, then nothing can prevent you from doing it. But if you are reasonable enough, with Norton Deluxe, you are protected.

You Would Like Something Simple?

Well, Norton is very easy to install and to use. You pay your subscription, download the software, install it and use it. You even don’t need any help of a technician, just follow instructions. And about using the software, it does all for you. If your action is needed somewhere, it gives very clear options and very clear instructions with explanation. If you can read, that will be simple.

Performance? It Stays The Same

Probably, you have heard, that any antivirus slows down the system. Well, now the situation has changed. Norton doesn’t influence the system performance, of course. But the thing is, that now, you can hardly find a software that slows down our computer. Or mobile, or whatever you use. Otherwise, it would be out of market even before starting to make the first steps in this field.

iPad, iPhone, MAC Protection – Is That Possible?

Protection for all OS

Yes, Norton offers options for all OS. Though, iPAd, iPhone… some options will not be available there. But well, again, it is difficult to find something for them in general, that is why, this is still a good solution. And they are better protected, than the PC. Moreover, Norton offers even options for Android! So, you can be protected, doesn’t matter which OS you use. Note please, that the product doesn’t offer any solutions for Samsung mobile.

And now, imagine that you use your mobile instead of the computer. Technology nowadays allows doing it. Then, you know how much information, including confidential data, is stored there. It is very comfortable, as mobile is much smaller and you can take it with you with less efforts that a lap. Though, this is a disadvantage as well. It can be stolen more easily. That is why, it is necessary a solution how to control it even if it is not by you anymore. And Norton offers this solution – Anti-Loss and Anti-Theft features. Your phone, as soon as it gets connected with the net, will be detected by a satellite and it will be possible to track it through Google maps. Though it is very dubious, that you will get it back again, but you can send a secret code in an SMS, and all data will be removed from your phone. Forever. Without any possibility to restore them.

Something Missing? Can be…

Norton Deluxe doesn’t offer family safety option. Thus, you have to find out a way how to control which websites your kids access, and this you have to do on your own. Normally, parents set up a password, so their beloved ones cannot get access to a computer or the internet at all. But well, as soon as they get it, they can surfe anywhere again. And you cannot control them each second, even if you are at home. Here, you have two options: either you educate your kids about the usefulness and harm that the internet can bring, or you subscribe to another Norton product, where parental control is provided.

This solution doesn’t offer Backup and Restore function, either. So, if your system gets damaged, or a super-smart malware gets access to your system and blocks it, then there is not too much to do about it. Though….considering, that Norton promises 100% free virus and malware environment, you have nothing to be afraid of.

How Many Laps and For How Long?

You buy one subscription for one lap, and you can select, whether you want it for one year, or for two years. If you pay online, you can download the product immediately after you have paid. If you use some other payment method, then, your subscription will be active after the payment is received. Hence, if you need an antivirus urgently, we recommend you an online payment. If you need protection for more devices, you shall buy as many subscriptions, as many deices you have,

  • Works with all OS
  • Supports all devices
  • Provides 100% safety for your system, guaranteed
  • Is cheap
  • Not all features are available in iPad and iPhone
  • Installation a bit long
  • Lacks sme important features, like parental control


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