System Mechanic Is A Professional Tune-Up Set Of Utilities

System Mechanic is a great choice for fixing problems and empowering your PC just sitting at home. The utility has patented and licensed technologies such as Active Care (this option is for maintenance that automatically starts apps for scanning and Microsoft Windows recovery when the computer still works but it is not used.). Among other features one can indicate optimization and boosting of connecting to the Internet, disk defragmentation, removing virus programs and malicious software, setting of hidden Windows parameters, registry scanning and cleaning, speeding-up of operating system booting, recovering of removed files, deleting unused files, increasing high-speed performance and many others. System Mechanic is designed for all users and even for those who have minimal knowledge level of technical training and work with PC. The utility records all performed operations in the system to its database, and after that provides detailed report to a user. The package of System Mechanic utilities is spread out in the form of the Web Installer. The program is in possession of rich utility set for carrying out various tasks in the system; in particular package tools from the company Iolo Technologies (the developer) serve for detailed error diagnostics, settings and target system optimization. Besides, the software may start necessary actions according to pre-determined schedule, but when it is needed a user has a chance to get it done in a manual way. In addition, this utility works quietly at the back stage and helps your PC to perform at its maximum. As different utility programs, this software has its pros and cons in spite of a fact that was said; for example, it presents weak antivirus protection, difficulties of program running for newcomers, negligible Internet connection speed and more.
System Mechanic Is A Professional Tune-Up Set Of Utilities

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Easy and fast optimization of your PC

It is tough to depicture modern life without the latest technologies, especially computers that captured all directions of everyday or working life, but only 200 years away back a strange unusual word “computer” was firstly placed in dictionaries. At those times majority could hardly explain its sense and how to run it correctly. Nevertheless, nowadays a generous amount of people have cognizance of miscellaneous types of produced PCs to some extent. Its spreading in society has extremely grown over previous 20 years. Users can work on it in whatever places and it is truly impactful and convenient for usage in daily routine or working life.

Owing to computers and other technologies, connected with computers, a person can do almost everything. For example, a PC is able to fulfill some basic human needs such as the need in socializing, the need in getting information etc. All these needs one may satisfy using a computer even if one does not leave own house. It is enough just to have electricity, the Internet of course in order to feel well, and very often spending days in front of a computer doing different things.

It should be said that people use PCs not only for entertainment at homes, but also frequently at work. Now for all of us it is like a habit to use these machines and lots of computer software, which make office work faster and more effective.

Concerning this, all users are highly interested in computer work speed, since it has huge impact on all operating processes. It greatly irritates when a PC starts to be slow to load and as a result it goes down. Such situation causes discomfort in work and takes up considerable amount of time. The real problem might be hidden in congestion of file garbage, damaged keys in registry, strong disk fragmentation, incorrect network settings or a system, or even combination of several factors. How to act in this case to solve this issue quickly and productively with the help of professional software?

One of ways for solving this problem is to look for good utility programs that do not require special knowledge and skills in its operating. Among large number of such support software System Mechanic is recognized as convincing utility for fixing mistakes in computer performance. This program is a universal set of useful utilities designed to analysis, errors correcting, OS Windows optimizing. Besides, the software is armed with required tools for diagnostic and configuration of your PC. System Mechanic will help your computer to work with maximum capacity and stability thanks to its advanced optimization functions, service and correction of errors. It consists of more than 50 utilities that can be controlled from the home base window of the program in two modes – fast or advanced analysis.

According to the official website of Iolo Technologies, System Mechanic was downloaded on more than 75 million computers all over the world. Moreover, the utility operates in six languages and it is being sold in more than thirty countries across the world.

Now it is high time to move on and start to examine basic menus of the utility.

PC Total Care - compounds the most acute restoration, speed increaser, garbage collection and security means inside of one component.

PC Accelerator - controls all necessary speed-boosting instruments straight away to show the largest possible achievements in operating.

PC Repair - monitors and solves problems in a computer appliance and the registry.

PC Cleaner - diagnoses and dislocates scraps remained at the back of scratch files, unclean software cookie files and system glaciations.

PC Security - safeguards the important registry and fixes security leakages, and also weak spots which keep PCs unclosed to different dangerous interventions.

Total Registry Revitalizer - defragments, sweeps, lies back and tightens the Windows registry with a suit of four unconnected registry instruments that one may turn them on at one stroke.

Did we catch your interest in deeper studying of System Mechanic features now? So let’s begin to root into details to understand full performance of this utility program.


PC Cleanup - automatically discovers and depurates impermanent files and other needless information.

Junk File Finder - detects and cleans outdated and useless files powered by criteria that a user picks up.

Privacy Cleaner - defends user’s privacy by cleaning observed web pages and history of search, cache files, chat records and so on.

Registry Tuner - dislocates unproductive and disused data references to empty and conform the registry.

CRUUD Remover - increases productivity and certainty by removing unpracticed or obsolete software.

Shortcut Repair - corrects or takes up shortcuts which indicate to nonproductive placements.

Advanced Unistaller - accurately deinstalls app files to boost drive volume and obviate slow productivity.

Duplicate File Inspector - observes a list of duplicate files that might be unreasonably capturing drive area.

Speed up

Net Booster - modification of more than a dozen ensconced Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and Domain Name System tunings for the quickest probable large-scale impression.

Program Accelerator - streamlines application files and coalesces data files to boost Windows speed and own programs.

SSD Accelerator - upgrades the total data preservation efficiency and productive capacity of Solid State Disks with the peculiar utilizing technique.

Memory Mechanic - releases RAM that decoyed by unused applications to raise general speed and consistency. Besides, it starts a full-scale cleaning mode which washouts your PC store capacity and surcharges uniquely those applications that still require it.

Startup Optimizer- loads quicker by removing useless or deleterious initiation files.

Startup Manager - provides management and checking the processes that boot when the operating system begins to load up.

Registry Compactor - defragments and compresses the registry to enhance registry inlet rapidity and productivity.

Process Manager - runs and monitors the recently working processes and programs.


Privacy Shield - simply shuts down Microsoft’s non-friendly recent private records gathering services that in other manner hard to indispose.

Security Optimaizer - searches and fixes Windows security faults that keep your operating system disclosed to attacks.

System Change Tracker - detects modifications to your machine after accomplishing system change processes like installations.

Incinerator - constantly removes chosen folders or files. Adjusts the capacity to move files and folders in Windows away on a continuous basis.


System Troubleshooter - to be on the mend after calamity when your drive or computer starts to work unsteadily.

Drive Medic - searches and repairs any damage that could occur with a hard disk. Composes a loadable CD to recuperate from damage when it is complicated to start your operating system.


Designated Drivers - increases overall productivity and reliability without any risk updating to the recent device drivers for your PC.

Advanced System Information - ieviews a general list of your computer’s software, hardware, installed appliances, memory and so on.

Super Control Pane l - accesses to more than one hundred of configuration options at the same time managing Window’s strictly confidential Super Control Panel. It suits for the next systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Drive Sense - supervises status of your hard drive with actual time hardware detector mean data, not forgetting to monitor drive temperature.

Net Speed Analyzer - checks and evaluates the level of downloads from the Web.

PC Health Status Gadget - users of Windows 7 can switch on or switch off this function that indicates computer health condition in online mode.

Automated PC Maintenance

Active Care - automatically and without undue efforts cleans and runs the computer in case of standby period, backing your PC working just as it has been bought recently.

Live Boost

Real-Time Performance Boosting - a kit of computer-aided components that help to optimize rapidity and accessibility of your Core Processing Unit, Random Access Memory and storage disks based on applications you currently use.

Let’s shortly look through Real-Time Performance Boosting features.

PowerSense - organizes resources of the system with the help of automatic mode when greatly demanding applications are started up, or system durability is needed, especially as in cordless setting. PowerSense includes seven plug-in modes that are designed for playing games, using multimedia products or graphic design etc. It also has a special user mode that can empower you to check which applications exactly provoke your mode, along with different key system tunings.

OptiCore - boosting computer speed by letting the parameter under dynamic conditions to understand which exposed apps might capture your attention recently.

RAMJet - automatically discharges information storage from applications that are not used at the moment.

AcceleWrite - permits file recording to a disk in neighboring set to better comprehensive system productivity and decreases demand for repeated file defragmentation.

Now about sad

Sometimes this utility might make people stare when something different happens that was not expected by a user. Obviously, it is normal phenomenon when dealing with computers or operating systems day by day. What exactly impresses people mostly if such thing occurs in our life? Firstly, system fixing of the program proposes various characteristics and custom manufacturing features that might cause some inconvenience to the first operating. Secondly, NetBooster does not show prominent Internet connection speed-up. Thirdly, from user experience positive performance effect by using means of registry optimization falls below the reality. Fourthly, some “weaknesses” that the program wants to repair can be virtually security settings. Fifthly, the utility antivirus tool works slowly that leaves it behind free antivirus versions. Sixthly, installation can take much more time in case if the computer has inconsistent programs comparing to System Mechanic.

  • Providing PC total care repair cleaning security speed boosting protection recovery
  • Controls of speed increasing tools
  • It has total registry revitalize
  • Guarantees automated computer management
  • Full optimization of computer performance
  • Real-Time Performance
  • Boosting has several options
  • Tuning of ensconced Windows attributes
  • Many options are complicated to deal with
  • NetBooster does not boost Internet connection that much


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