System Shield From Iolo The Best Antivirus Protection

The System Shield from Iolo protects you from viruses, Trojans, adware, keyloggers, spyware, rootkits and all other kinds of malware, doesn’t matter if they are known or newly developed. Real time protection, free support, one year licence for an unlimited number of computers – these are more features that you get with the Iolo System Shield. Moreover, it is compatible with all newer versions of Windows, and doesn’t take any space in memory, hence, it doesn’t slow down the system.
System Shield From Iolo The Best Antivirus Protection

System Shield System Shield

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A perfect product for Windows

Protection of your system and your PC is very important. And, without doubt, you will select something exceptional, if you are really so much concerned about your privacy, the secrecy of your financial data, private information, confidential information, and so on. If you aren’t the one who wants to open the internet banking account and see, that there is nothing available, not a single cent. If you do not want to call your bank trying to prove that that weren’t you, who withdrew all money, as the access was done with your credentials. If you don’t want to be called from the collection company with a reminder to pay the loan, which you have never taken, and again, all was done with application of information, that only you know. All these unpleasant moments are easy to be avoided, if you protect your information with a good antivirus and antimalware software.

This exceptional software is System Shield from Iolo. This is a relatively new and unknown software, that is why it offers several advantages, which aren’t available by other products. But about this little bit later.

Now, you can check out the features, if you want to be protected.

Antivirus protection from Iolo – this feature offers protection from all kinds of viruses, trojans, bots, rootkits and other bad things, that come from the internet in the attempt to make a damage or to earn money for their developers.

Antivirus protection is needed not only to protect the system from viruses, which replicate themselves and take up much memory, slowing down the computer and sometimes causing such damages, that it is easier to replace the computer rather than to repair it. This application protects your system from Trojans, too. Trojans are programs that get into the system disguised as a harmless program, or attachment, or download. They do not do anything damaging, but they create a backdoor, through which they get in touch with their developer, and then, anything can happen. The person, who sent a Trojan into your system, can steal information, can get access to your login data to websites, which you are using, can track your online activities. The consequences can be any, all will depend on the developer of the malicious program. Rootkits? Even though this intrusion is a new one, the more dangerous it is, as not all know about such possibility. Rootkits allow administration access to the system, hence, the attacker can manage all software, delete or modify it or install a new one. Rootkit is installed using the vulnerabilities in the system, or in the result of a direct attack. Well, but once it is done, the rootkit will hide in the system and from there perform its activities. From all these, and many more things, System Shield can protect.

Iolo Antispyware will protect your system from Spyware, adware, keylogger, etc.

Spyware is a malicious program, and about its activity you can guess from its name. Well, the mentioned Trojans are a kind of spyware, too, but there are also some other kinds. Some of them are legitimate, by the way, for example, cookies. They are installed in many websites, and when opening the page, you are usually informed, that the website is using cookies. Though, most of them are malicious. No, they don’t spread like viruses or worms, and their intentions are different, too. The main task of the spyware is to hide itself. The more reliably it is hidden, the better it is for a developer. Why? Because its main task is to collect the information. About your surfing, data stored in the websites, in the computer – anything that can compromise you in any way or to bring money for the attacker. Adware isn’t so bad, but really annoying. And well, to some extend, when it is, for example, appearing endlessly, covering all screen, and you cannot work or do your activities, you understand, that it is also not so friendly. You have never heard of keylogger? Well, this is an amazing software for all cybercriminals. It allows them monitoring what keys you are pressing, and in this way they recover login and password data, etc., - anything that you type is like an open book for a cybercriminal, who installed a keylogger in your system. These, and many more malware can make your life a hell, if you don’t stop them. And System Shiled from Iolo will be the best helper for you.

Real time protection from HyperScan Technology

Each antivirus product shall provide protection in real time, not 1 minute or even 1 second after the virus or a malware got into the system. Just imagine, if the real protection did not exist, how all would happen. The virus freely gets access to your system, accommodates there and starts its activity. Only then, the antivirus product detects it and then, it has to remove it, completely. And finally, as the virus has already done some harm, the security product shall now eliminate all the consequences, if it is possible to do. And now let us see, how all happens, if the antivirus offers a real time protection. A virus or a malware is trying to get into the system, and it is blocked. That’s all. Now you see, why real time protection matters, both for saving efforts and saving time. System Shield provides real time protection in the best sense, it detects all viruses and malware instantly and blocks them. Thus, it protects your system from damage and data theft.

Sentient Technology from System Shield – detects viruses and malware based on special features of their behaviour

Most older antivirus products use the technology of signature lists. It means, that as soon as a new virus detected by an antivirus developer, it is entered in a special database. In order to get those latest data from the database, you have to update your antivirus. If there is a cyber attack with a virus, that is not known yet, well, that is not in the database yet, the security products will not be able to recognize it and will not block it. And this is a huge disadvantage, as there are plenty of viruses created every day. Hence, all viruses will not be in the list, doesn’t matter how good the antivirus is. It is always a step behind – first the virus is created, it attacks, and only then it is entered in the database, hence, only then the antivirus is able to detect it.

Another method, which is becoming increasingly popular and, actually, is used in all advanced products, is the detection of malware based on their behaviour, the so-called artificial intelligence heuristics. This is a technology, that allows detecting of any malware even if it has not been listed yet in any databases. How? Based on its behaviour. As you may know, the virus replicates itself, hence, any program, that starts replicating, will be blocked and removed, the program itself as well as its copies. Then, Torjans and most malware are trying to hide in the depth of the system. Such kind of behaviour is also suspicious, hence, such software will be blocked and eliminated, too. And so on. The antivirus developers are very well aware about how different kinds of malware and viruses may behave, that is why this technology works even with viruses that are not known yet.

No need to mention, that System Shield from Iolo uses the second method of viruses and malware detection. That is why, you can be sure, that your system will be protected even if it is the attack target of the newest malware with the best features.

No speed slow down

It is amazing, but the product doesn’t slow down the system even a little bit. This software is so lightweight, that it almost doesn’t take u any resources. But well, we shall admit, that many developers want to earn additionally on each application, that is why they install unnecessary adds, while Iolo in its System Shiled hasn’t done it. That is why, if you make a decision to purchase this product, you can enjoy high quality protection without compromising the system performance.

Compatibility with Windows

The System Shield is a relatively new product, that is why it works even on the newest and the most problematic edition of Windows, like Windows 10, for example. And well, as we know, there are other Oss, but this is not the case to discuss them. Iolo developed its System Shield for Windows OS exclusively.

One year license for all PCs

And this is the special feature that makes this product different and rather interesting. Right now, you can buy a licence for a year for just 31.96 USD, but can you guess, in how many devices you can try to install it? Most products offer installation in 1, 2, in the best case in 3 devices. But the developers of the System Shield are not so greedy, or, rather, they understand, that they shall attract customer, somehow. Yes, they made an incredible offer. You buy a licence for one year and install the product in all your devices. Doesn’t matter how many of them you have, just 1 lap or 10 of them. Sharing the licence with your friends? Well, this is possibly not the best idea.

Money back guarantee?

Why not. All antivirus products, and well, all paid programs in general offer either a free trial version or they return the money if you claim it during the money back guarantee period. And everywhere, it is about one month. The System Shield is not an exception. If you purchased a licence and installed the product, but you are either not completely happy with its performance, or it simply refuses to work for your PC as you have expected, or something else disturbs you buying the licence for a year, you can get your money back and stop using the product. In order to do that, just send a request to return your money to the customer support, and it will be processed and your money will be returned to you. Though, it is important to remember, that such a request you shall send within 30 days from the start of the product application.

Free support

And yes, all products of Iolo, including the System Shield, offer a support feature. You can make a phone call, write a mail or inform about all the issues connected with the product, in the live chat. All options are good, depending on circumstances and the urgency of the issue. All the support services are absolutely fee, though by calling you shall consider the fees, that your local provider may charge.

  • Real time protection from all kind of viruses and malware
  • Licence for an unlimited number of PCs
  • Free support
  • No speed slow down
  • Doesn’t work with MAC and Android


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