Tapnet Online Backup and Cloud Storage Review

Tapnet Online Backup and Cloud Storage service is the greatest thing that can happen to small and medium business enterprises. There are so many features offered at a very low cost per year. Access via mobile devices particularly makes it efficient for business owners who travel most. It’s a great backup and cloud storage service that anyone in need of a straightforward backup solution will find very convenient.
Tapnet Online Backup and Cloud Storage Review

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Even though some people wouldn’t be much concerned about the costs so long as the services offered are convenient and reliable, it’s always good to know the pricing. It’s great to hear that before subscribing to the monthly or yearly payment, you are given a free trial for a period of 30 days.

For those 30 days, you’ll be able to access every feature of the application and be able to cancel in the event that you are not pleased. Additionally, their pricing plan is one of the most convenient. For a price of $24.50 a year, you’ll get a storage capacity of 500GB. That’s approximately $2 per month.

The base back up package includes a storage space of 1TB which can be used between online backup and cloud storage for a single device. This comes at a price of $99.96 per year. If you’d like to back up an entire computer, it’s possible. You can add an additional device license or even upgrade. Incremental backup space is given at a price of $59 per year for 1TB. You can increase the amount of space as much as you’d like to, there are no limits.

Additionally, Tapnet supports backing up of multiple devices. If you have more than a single computer and would like to back up all of them, you can simply add all your devices to your account. However, each device will require a separate license at a reduced cost of $19 a year for a single device.

Supported systems

One great and particularly helpful feature about Tapnet is that you can practically back up data from any system including Mac OSX, Unix/Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Red Hat, Suse OS and Cent OS) and all Windows versions as always expected. Support for MS Exchange, MS SQL, Bare Metal and VM Ware also available.

Back up of data is possible for a couple of devices from desktops, laptops and tablets. If you own a NAS device, it’s also possible to back up your data at no extra charge. These include devices like Synology (Intel x86 and ARM) and QNAP.


Tapnet is a prominent provider of online backup and storage services, having been in the industry for about a decade now. They have simply managed to make the online backup process as easy as utilizing an online USB flash drive.

Real time file monitoring: As far as the features of Tapnet are concerned, file monitoring is one exceptional feature that’s not common with other backup providers. You get all your files monitored in real time, meaning that monitoring takes place as continue to work and as soon as you save it, the application backs them up immediately. This is a pretty handy feature for those who can’t remember that they should have backed up their data. You don’t have to keep reminders on when to back up your data.

Automatic synchronization: Most importantly Tapnet offers an unlimited backup space, meaning that you can save all your files without worrying about to upgrade to a higher backup capacity. What’s more is that synchronization across different devices is possible, and takes place automatically. That means you get to access all your backup data from a Windows desktop as well as on a Mac computer or even a tablet. This is particularly a great feature for supporting mobility for business owners who’d like to access their files away from the office.

You also don’t need to download your files to view them. Tapnet supports online viewing of files as well as editing. But there’s a limit to the data amount that can be transferred from your computer to Tapnet and vice versa. The upload/download limit is 1TB per month and if you exceed the limit, there are additional charges. Even though this is a downside to the application, it is not much of a big deal though since the limit is considerably large for a single month. Even if exceeded, the extra charges are almost insignificant since the plan costs a little amount per year.

One great feature with regard to data transfer is that there are no limitations. You can download or upload data at unlimited speed. The only limitation you can have is your ISP. Online streaming: If you have videos and audio files backups, online streaming is supported as well. You can stream your audio and video files from any location as long as you have a strong internet access. It’s very common for business partners to share files among each other.

File sharing: If you have a backed up file that you’d like to share with someone else, Tapnet has made it possible as well. Sharing of files is possible between another Tapnet users. The process takes place in a matter of a few minutes, since you only need to make it accessible by someone else using Tapnet.

Restore deleted file: You can as well save the same file up to 30 times but in different versions. This feature however needs to be activated. Another great feature about Tapnet is that you get to restore your files if you had deleted them before. This gives you a sense of relief when working on your files online, knowing that any mistakenly or purposely deleted files will be able to be retrieved.

Hassle free user experience: Another major and convenient feature is that the application gives you an experience that is hassle free. After setting up the application, it will continue to run gently on the background on a specified schedule you give it. If the backed up files are dynamic and keep on changing after a short while, rest assured that the application will keep all the versions of altered files. This feature is particularly great as you are able to restore an older file version. You get to set the retention history you require for the purpose of maintaining the file versioning.

Social network support: Tapnet understands the significance of social networks in this century. As such, a one click social sharing feature has been included in this application. That means you can share your most recent photos and videos on social media with just a single click of a button. The process is simple and you can upload them on Flickr or Facebook.

Encryption: Tapnet supports the AES encryption as well as the 256 bit AES military grade encryption. There is also a password that is used to access the application to boost the security.

Mobile support: there are also smartphone apps for both iPhone/iPad and Android to make it possible for you to access your files from any location while on the go.

Small and medium enterprises can particularly enjoy more using Tapnet’s online backup service. Cloud storage is now a popular option among the SMEs, thanks to the lower costs of bigger bandwidths. Tapnet has a number of pros that make it suitable for business owners, particularly the SMEs.

  • Mobile access: you can access your files from anywhere through smartphones and tablets.
  • Multiple device backup: you can back up all your computers using a single account.
  • Multiple system support: Tapnet offers support for all Windows OS, Mac OSX, and UNIX/Linux systems.
  • Instant support: Tapnet offers a 24/7 customer support service with instant response.

Easy to use

On signing up for a Tapnet account through their website and your email address verified, you’ll be able to select the package that’s most appropriate for your needs. Basically, four packages are offered, from which you can select your package.

There are no delays after that. You can start backing up your files with immediate effect after installing the application. Installing the application couldn’t be more straightforward than the way it is. If you are familiar with the common procedural installation process of Windows applications, you are good. But should you face any difficulty, Tapnet has an installation support video from their website. The tutorial issues step by step installation instructions.

Once you’ve installed the application, there’s a folder named “Manage Backups”, which is designed to make the application use as simple as using USB. You simply need to select the folder or file you want to back up then click the “Apply” button.

You can access your backed up files through any web browser when you simply login to your account portal. Users’ portals are accessible via a secure webpage. You can as well download any file you like, or even view them online. This is very great as you can access your files or work from anywhere.

Generally, using Tapnet Online Backup and Cloud Storage is very straightforward and no special training or guidance is needed for anyone. But tutorials are made available should you face any difficulty.


Tapnet holds an elite position in terms of security. They use a military grade type of encryption with 256- bit. This makes it possible for only you and those you give authorization to access your backup files.

What’s more is that Tapnet has multiple data centers across the globe in which your files are replicated. This is very essential for any backup service providers so that should anything happen to a single data center, clients can be redirected to another data center from where they can access their stored data.

In the event that an issue occurs at a single data center, you won’t even realize any changes and you’ll be able to access your files uninterruptedly. You get to choose your data location. Currently, Tapnet has data centers in the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia.

You also get the chance to revise your file backup history. Tapnet keeps a log report on every single backup activity that takes place on your account. The process is automated and you get to receive the log report on backup process that are complete as well as those that were incomplete via email.

Just to take their security to international levels, Tapnet is compliant with the HIPAA regulations and is completely secure.


Tapnet Online backup and cloud storage is pretty straightforward to an extent that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need any customer support. But still, Tapnet doesn’t take your satisfaction so lightly. In the event you’ll need support by off chance, the application has a functional live chat feature with their representative to respond to your needs. This is however available through their website.

Moreover, there is an email support service plus a toll free number to assist customers with any problems. If you email them, you’ll get a reply on the same day.

If you’d like to reach them via social media, Tapnet is available on major social media platforms including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Support service is particularly excellent as it is available on a 24/7 basis.

  • Reliability: with the multiple data centers, you are provided uninterrupted access to your data every time. No single issues at a data center will deter you from accessing your data.
  • Security: the fact that Tapnet uses the 256-bit military grade encryption gives an assurance of total security. Account portals are also accessed via secure webpages.
  • Rea time backup: you don’t need to always do a manual back up or even keep a reminder. Every altered file is successfully backed up immediately.
  • Unlimited data transfer speed: the only limitation to your speed is your ISP. Otherwise Tapnet doesn’t throttle transfers.
  • Unlimited storage space: you get to choose how much storage space you need. Packages are available in 1TB bundles.
  • Affordable price plans: Tapnet offers so much at cheaper costs per year.
  • Restore deleted files: any files you mistakenly or purposely delete has a backup as well so you can recover it any time you want.
  • The first time backup of all the data on your computer, otherwise known as full computer backup can take a considerable amount of time.
  • Multiple device backup is available at an extra cost.


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