The Best Solution To Your Cyber Security Problems

Heimdal Security is a onetime solution to your personal and internet banking needs. It provides protection from hackers intending to steal your bank details and password. It has an automatic update system, so it happens to be trouble-free in updating 3rd party vulnerable software; thus meeting the latest requirement of the cyber age. It is one of the software that helps you protect your financial and personal data without any hassles. It is also a very light tool that doesn’t take much of your memory. It also comes at a very low cost providing support to 4 personal computers at once. So what are you thinking about? Install the Heimdal Security Pro and take your internet security to the next level.
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The Best Solution To Your Cyber Security Problems

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With the increase in the use of the internet and computer for almost any other task in day-to-day life, people already have one or another antivirus software installed in their systems. However, this is not enough. they need an extra layer of protection. With the increase in internet traffic for password oriented application and bank payment gateways, they need something extra. This is one of the reasons why one should go for Heimdal Security. It blocks malicious internet traffic, protecting your PC against hackers, malware servers, and infected domains and websites. Also, it prevents private data leakage. Instead of looking for malicious files to block or remove, Heimdal looks into the internet traffic pattern for delivering better results. Other antivirus software usually detect a virus or malicious software first and then start working to remove it. Heimdal, on the other hand, reads the traffic pattern, thus proactively blocking and removing malicious data-stealing malware. It is better to block the non-intended software to enter the system. And this is what Heimdal Security does by tracking their initial path. Along with blocking the direct files, it also blocks the paths through which these viruses arrive; thus preventing any chances of mishaps with people’s monetary funds and personal data.

Vulnerability Patching

Along with offering protection from those software causing harm to financial security, it covers 99% security of critical apps. Once installed, it blocks infection to a large extent and alerts the users in case any suspicious internet traffic is detected. With Code Autonomous Protection technology, the cyber security provided for data and bank payments is the best by Heimdal Security Pro. It provides vulnerability patching, internet traffic protection, and blocking and removing of malicious software. Till now, Heimdal has delivered more than twelve million patches and more than fifteen million malicious websites have been blocked for providing total security to the users. With the growing rate of reliable customers having faith on the protection of password-related data provided by the Heimdal Security, anyone can surely opt for this software application.

Proactive Security

Along with blocking malware that steals financial data from one’s internet traffic, Heimdal blocks the internet traffic from those malicious websites that ask for some irrelevant information. This way, you get protected from the attack of 65% of the malware present in the internet world. With its algorithm, it tracks the Zeus malware which is mainly intended towards hacking financial and personal information. Heimdal offers some extra protection that other antivirus software can’t offer. Banking Trojans are often delivered through a morphed Zeus infection which has a low antivirus detection at only 2.25%. So the hacker can bypass the defenses through these Trojans. While doing any sort of money transfer that involves a lot of security and safety, Heimdal omits the unwanted files that have been sent by hackers. This help in preventing your files from being infected by any of the insecure files being present. Heimdal blocks Zeus and other malware intended to attack your system during an online transaction. However, if it cannot catch the malware, it blocks its access to the server in order to ensure that banking funds will not get lost. Other antivirus software look for files and then take actions whereas Heimdal looks at the traffic. Therefore, the difference lies in what the two types of antivirus cover and deliver. Heimdal prevents hackers from taking data from your PC and moving it out of your network. An additional benefit that Heimdal offers is that it can provide software patching. This ensures that all sorts of new updates and applications present in one’s personal computer are covered.

Intelligence driven by uniqueness and power

To fight against the cyber threats, Heimdal gathers information through a number of powerful tools and techniques, like domain monitoring, zero hour monitoring, attack analysis, etc. It crawls into the deepest of places in the internet to determine the possible threats to you. Based on the attack analysis, it cracks domain generating algorithms for keeping you safe. Henceforth, it monitors your domain to identify any suspects of threats. If identified, it gathers information about the malware infrastructure through techniques like reverse engineering in order to build intelligence that further helps in identifying the prospective threats. The developers of this software have actually taken a lot of steps to ensure that your data rests only in your safe hands and is not overruled by any hacking tools. To offer this facility, they will charge you a minimal fee for the efforts they have put in. It is remarkable that they offer security to all your personal and financial data to this great extent. After all, what you require is security for your well-preserved data that you usually don’t share with your friends and family, and are somehow vulnerable to the attack of hackers.

One of the best options to choose from

Among all the antivirus software present in the market, most of them offer facilities like antivirus scan and blocking and removing of viruses. However, not many are there to monitor your system from the scratch. Heimdal secures your passwords and data right from the time you install it. When its launched, it starts tracking your internet traffic, paying attention to the data coming in return to the calls made by you. It sees to the internet traffic and blocks the ones considered as malicious. Blocking the traffic that have been thought of as infected by Heimdal’s algorithm prevents around 85% chances of you getting hacked or infected by malware. If by any chance you fall prey to any of the viruses, no transactions or password entry is possible without surpassing security questions entered by you at the time of registration. Please note that these can be hacked.

Low cost for the safety of thousands

You must have installed antivirus software on your computer to keep it safe from any of the viruses present in the cyber world. You update the software to have latest version in order to stay away from any new threat present. You even buy the premium version so that there aren’t any chances of somehow your computer gets corrupted. Heimdal is a recommended solution if you want to overcome the fear of being hacked while doing any sort of transaction online. It offers you an additional layer of protection aside from the antivirus software installed on your computer. For the services offered, they are charging a very low cost. For saving your thousands of bucks and for protecting some personal and private information that you wouldn’t like to be hacked, they are asking for a very low sum of money. Other antivirus companies charge almost the same amount by offering services very low as compared to the ones offered by Heimdal. You of course have to pay this amount if you lose your financial details. Since your precious data may get lost due to a malware attack, it’s better if you invest in something like Heimdal to have it all secured for a price very low. What’s more, you can access four personal computers with the option to select from two versions: for 1 PC and for 4 PCs.

A time saver

Heimdal is a software application with auto update feature unlike other antivirus software that require you to spend time for updating them. You surely find it irritating when you get pop ups in the middle of an important task. This is handled perfectly by Heimdal, as it automatically updates itself in the background without requiring you to restart your machine by interrupting your task. This reduces your worry when making an online bank payment, thus letting you focus on other important stuff. It helps you keep your data private and secure at all times. Hemidal automatically scans your computer once every two hours for blocking the unwanted and harmful traffic that might be coming, thus making your data safe and letting it be only with you. This helps close the security holes in your system that hackers exploit in most of the attacks. Along with this, it does not slow down your system at all. It is a light software that consumes a low memory space. And you can even set up your own proxy as an additional layer of protection. The software updates can also be automated based on your preference for apps. This software provides additional layer of protection, securing your data from online hackers. The auto update feature ensures that you are at the edge when it comes to internet security. Heimdal has taken almost every step possible to achieve this for the betterment of the users.

Online data access

You can check the logs of the Heimdal Security for software patches applied, infection detected and the websites and URLs blocked. You can see a detailed activity log of the last seven days on a user-friendly dashboard that gives you detailed analysis. As a result, you can get an idea about the threats that your system often comes across so that you can use different applications or URLs wisely. To ensure that you won’t download something that might be a threat, you will get a pop-up message to warn you. This way, you will be saved from a fraudulent download. For transaction that requires your bank passwords and pins, a special algorithm is designed so that your password is not disclosed to the hackers in any case. The developers have used many techniques to ensure that the users’ data is not hacked in any scenario and their passwords and personal information are safe at all times. They are doing a good job in building customer satisfaction by completely securing their data. They ensure that their users are never disappointed after paying for the service, so they are working hard for having a good number of satisfied users.

  • Offers security to financial data not offered by any other antivirus.
  • Analyzes the traffic from the beginning, ensuring there is no malware.
  • Uses powerful algorithms to ensure a safe working environment.
  • It is light on your system.
  • You don’t need to run it manually, interrupting other tasks of yours.
  • There is a small amount of money you need to pay to get these features


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