The Freelang Dictionary Your Free And Reliable Source For 267 Languages

The Freelang Dictionary has been around since 1997, and has grown into a resource for 267 languages since then. Apart from being a reliable dictionary, it also has translation services as well as bilingual dictionaries in many languages. The Freelang community and the various features of the dictionary make Freelang a knowledgeable resource for a vast majority of languages.
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The Freelang Dictionary Your Free And Reliable Source For 267 Languages

Freelang Dictionary Freelang Dictionary

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The era of online dictionaries

The internet is undoubtedly the biggest knowledge portal that there is. You can learn almost anything and search any type of information online-which is what makes it so useful. For language enthusiasts, the internet is nothing short of a goldmine, for there is everything about every language in the world on it.

The various online dictionaries make it very easy for you to lookup any word, its usage, pronunciation, its origin and many other things about it. However, one cannot always stay online or connected to the internet- and this is where the Freelang Dictionary comes in. This is a free program that you can download on your windows PC, and you can use it offline as a very useful dictionary. Let us go ahead and see what the Freelang dictionary is like and what you can use it for.

The Freelang Dictionary

Freelang is a free dictionary that you can download and install on any Windows PC without any catch. Without requiring constant internet connectivity, you can use the Freelang dictionary as per your requirements. What makes the Freeland dictionary so useful is the fact that it is not a single dictionary- in fact it is a collection of 267 dictionaries in different languages. You can lookup words from any language, right from the famous ones like English and French to the less known languages like Albanian, Ainu, Frisian, Gbar and many others.

Let’s go ahead and see how you can get the Freelang dictionary and begin using it.

Ease of setting up the Freelang dictionary

Freelang dictionary works with all Windows versions from XP to Windows 8. As you logon to the Freelang dictionary webpage, you will be shown a list of all the languages in which the Freelang dictionary is available. These languages are sorted in alphabetical order, and you can easily find the language that you want here. You will be required to download 2 files for installing and configuring the Freelang dictionary. The first is a program installation file, while the second is the word list(s).

You will first download the program installation file. Remember where the download is happening as you need to find and open this file. Ensure that the complete file has download before you open it, else you may have a corrupted setup, which could waste your time. Once the setup is installed, you need to install one or more word lists as per your requirement. Double click to install the word list, making sure that it goes in the same directory as the program installation file.

You do not need a separate installation in case you want to add another language to your Freelang dictionary. A single installation of the setup file can work with multiple word files. Thus, all you have to do for getting the dictionary in another language is download the respective word list, and install it in the same directory.

Freelang tries to keep the dictionary up to the latest standards, which is why there will be frequent updates of wordlists along with new words. It is important to remember that the new installation will replace the old one, so in case you added any words, you will have to contact Freelang before updating the language.

For Linux Users
If you are a Linux user, then there is a way to install Freelang dictionary on that. You will require Wine for that, which can be installed by using the wine dictionary_setup.exe command, and then using the same one for the Wordlist. Once you have done and installed the setup, you can run the dictionary through the “C:\path\dict.exe” command from Wine. ‘Path’ here is the address where the dict.exe file has been installed.

If you are a Mac user, then there is no direct way to run the Freelang dictionary. However, PDF file that serves as a guide is there on the Freelang website that you can use for running the dictionary on Mac. There is no technical support available to both Linux and Macintosh users.

For Android Users
Despite of being a free and collaborative project, Freelang has come a long way since its launch. This is visible through the launch of the Freeelang dictionary Android app. This app works with almost all the latest versions of the Android operating system from Android v2.2 and above. Without any advertisements and any other complications, it is a beautifully designed app with all the features of the Freelang dictionary. Further, it is regularly updated as well, in order to remove bugs and keep up with the latest features.

About the Freelang Dictionary

Freelang is a bilingual dictionary that was found in the year 1997, by Beaumont. The origin of Freelang has traces in the 1996 Dutch Dictionary Project. This project was actually an electronic wordlist from Dutch to many other languages. However, as more volunteers joined the project, they were able to create websites that helped distribute the program along with wordlists of various languages. The name Freelang was 1st used in 1997, when the French version of the dictionary was hosted under the French Dutch Dictionary Project.

Since then, Freelang has only grown to become the largest collaborative dictionary platform online. From a single website, the Freelang dictionary grew, and there are 4 separate language websites at present- in Spanish, English, French and Dutch. There was a major restructuring of the dictionary in 2009, which is largely responsible for creating the Freelang dictionary as we know it today.

The core of the Freelang dictionary is made of numerous language modules. These can be accessed both online and offline. There is the online interface page that you can use for choosing the language module, while the off-line program is obtained by the installation process described earlier, and available only for Windows.

Using the Freelang dictionary

Freelang dictionary is not like your conventional dictionaries. It allows you to find any word that you are looking for, add or make changes to entries and even create a personal learning list for learning more words. The 267 dictionaries that are available form one of the most comprehensive collections of vocabulary that you will find anywhere.

Apart from regular updates to the word lists, all of them are bilingual (to/from English) as well. Further, in order to suit more localized areas, there are bilingual versions of various dictionaries in Spanish and French as well. Before you install a wordlist, you can check out the number of words present in it to get an idea of how comprehensive it is.

Using the Freelang dictionary is not complicated, and you can easily download and install any word list to work with the same setup. With regular updates, you can be sure of getting the most accurate information about a word and the language. While the word lists are freeware, the copyrights for the same belong to their original authors, so reproducing them requires you to get their permission.

Before you download and install the Freelang dictionary, you also have the option to use it online. This gives users a chance to evaluate and see if it has the features that they need, and lets you evaluate it risk-free. There are numerous screenshots of the program online that you can use to get a feel of the UI of the tool.

The utility of the dictionary is beyond finding meanings of various words. There is a translation help service on the website, which you can use to connect with any individual who wishes to serve as a translator. This service is free of any charges and there is no registration/subscription required to make use of it. There is a dedicated page which has the most commonly used expressions such as Hello and I love you translated to different languages.

Reliability of the dictionaries

The history of the Freelang platform is one of the factors that make it a very reliable platform for any language. Since the Freelang dictionary is a collaborative effort, there may be small issues regarding the accuracy in certain languages. What makes Freelang such a great platform is that they do accept requests for knowing the reliability and authenticity of any list. For instance, if you are a teacher planning to use their word lists with your students, you can contact Freelang and get detailed information about the evaluation of that particular list.

Further, you can always contribute to the list, add words, suggest changes and also point out any mistakes that there may be in them. In addition to meanings, there are ‘for instance’ or Bambara dictionaries as well, which can be accessed via the index page and the search engine on the website.

Users who have been working on a particular list and wish to send it to Freelang can do so via the ‘Send an update to Freelang’ option. You can send the list for a single language or even translations, depending on what you have worked on. The comprehensive online user guide that Freelang has developed tells you all you need to know about updating a word, modifying the entries and validating these changes.

Support and the Freelang community

The primary reason for the success of the Freelang dictionary lies in its freeware and collaborative nature. Users can not only suggests improvements and correct errors in the Freelang word lists, but they can even create a new word list from scratch. There is the option to ‘Create an empty dictionary’ designed just for that.

The online installation and user guides on Freelang website are highly informative and can help any user get started with the Freelang dictionary. Freelang continues to be a project that is based on voluntary work, and people for developing it are still needed. They are always accepting more voluntary translators, guides for the forums, translators for common expressions and a lot more.

The Verdict

Freelang dictionary is not designed to be a fancy and feature rich program. This is a basic yet highly detailed dictionary, spread over 260 different languages. The dictionary is being worked upon and improved almost every day. This makes it a reliable source to get information about words in various languages, and the translation features are excellent as well. Further, any person who creates a list will always own the copyright to that, with the author’s name being mentioned in all instances.

Thus, it can be said that no matter what your need or language may be, the Freelang dictionary is the ideal resource to look up at. Students trying to learn a particular language will find the Freelang community highly participative and have a great learning experience in it. In addition to that, the option of creating your own word lists, improving the dictionary and doing a lot more makes this not just a list of words- but a source to learn and celebrate a language with so many other people all over the globe.

  • Free and collaborative, which allows users to engage
  • Continuously updated with the latest words and corrections
  • A collection of 267 languages with wordlists spanning hundreds of thousands of entries
  • Offline as well as online versions
  • Works with Windows and Linux Systems
  • Installing on Linux and Mac systems is a hassle, no technical support


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