Vipre Antivirus Ultimate Protection For Your System

All in all, we shall admit that Vipre Antivirus is a really amazing solution for all kinds of Windows and Android, for PCs, smartphones and tablets. This antivirus software protects from all possible threats, online and offline. It scans and eliminates viruses, Trojans, all kind of malware, such as ransomware, spyware, offers identity protection, so, your personal data are safe. It checks that your systems and data do not get damaged or stolen while you are chatting in some social networks, or while you are searching for the information in the web. It supports all browsers, so, even if you are used to something uncommon, no need to worry, as most likely, Vipre works with that.
Vipre Antivirus Ultimate Protection For Your System

Vipre Antivirus 2016 Vipre Antivirus 2016 9.3

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Vipre antivirus – new generation for your computer, smartphone or tablet

What is a computer, nowadays know even the most retarded people. The same goes about the internet. Over are the times when a computer was something fascinating and unusual, a sign of luxury. Now it confidently walked in our lives and replaced many more outdated devises. Now, you make calls via skype, even video calls, and all that for free. We almost don’t use ordinary postal services, as we have an email. There are so many of such examples, these two are just the most popular. The internet offers numerous opportunities for entertainment, such as videos, games, unlimited reading material in any language from the whole world, and so on.

Not fewer opportunities there are for work, for example, very widespread has become work from home, such as data entry, translation services provision, writing services, editing, website developing and so on. Anything that doesn’t require the presence of a person in a particular place in order to do something, is very often done at home and sent through the internet. It is comfortable, usually cheaper and much much more attractive for people. Impressed by so many options?

Then, let us scare you a little bit, so to say, to return you back on the earth. Yes, the internet is a huge source of extremely various opportunities, but this is a source of many dangers, too. Viruses, Trojans ransomware, rootkits – they are only a few of them, those dangers, called malware, that are flooded the web now and pose a serious danger to you. Why?

First of all, these quite unfriendly programs, the malware, can damage your files and get access to information stored in your lap. Then, it can damage the computer itself. And many more things, some of which are just unpleasant, but some are really malicious.

Scared? No need. A good antivirus software can usually solve all those issues. You have only to make a good research and to select the one that complies with all your requirements. Here, we will check what offers Vipre Antivirus and will see if this can become a software of your dream.

Vipre Antivirus offers:

1. Free hard drive cleaner. You may be surprised, as this is not exactly a feature of an antivirus software. But well, they are very closely connected. Moreover, if it is included for free, why not to use it. it will remove the leftovers of all software, which was installed previously, so your system will not be overloaded and our pc can work with a proper speed.

2. Vipre Antivirus protects you from all incoming threats, such as viruses, Trojans, ransomware and so on. All that is suspicious, will be blocked and eliminated. Your computer and your personal information will stay safe, and you will not be disturbed. At some moments it is even possible to think, that the software isn’t working, as it really doesn’t disturb you, but you shall not worry – it works, all time, and very efficiently.

3. If you prefer something that is easy to install and then, doesn’t require too many efforts to be used, just clicking the mouse, then, VipreAntivirus suits you perfectly. It is installed with one click, just select the right option. Then, to use it, if you are a beginner, you can rely on default settings, which will provide you the necessary level of protection. If you are an advanced user, or maybe even a professional, you can customize the product depending on what you prefer and need. Anyway, VipreAntivirus is a product that can be fitted to any needs and any level of security.

4. One more very valuable quality of Vipre is that it doesn’t influence the speed of the system, not at all! It takes up so little resources, that even during scanning the computer works as usual, doesn’t matter with which software you are working at the time and how many processes you are running. If you have even experienced the situation that you have to stop your work, because the antivirus starts scanning or updating, then you can forget about it. First of all, during the recent years the antivirus products have advanced very much, nowadays you can hardly find a software that slows down your computer SO MUCH. Vipre just works, without bothering you too much or even reminding about itself.

5. It supports Android OS, with their smartphones and tablets. Basically, it works on any devices with Windows and Android. That is very comfortable, as you can buy the same software for all devices, you will not waste your time for learning how to use different programs. This is a really good solution for those who prefer not to waste their time and love efficiency and simplicity.

6. Vipre protects your identity. It may sound funny for those who have never faced such problem as identity theft. But this crime can lead to serious consequences, first of all for you. If your confidential personal information is stolen, then the fraudsters can do anything with it. They can take a loan, buy some property, with paying in arrears (guess who will pay, sure not them), selling your property in your name (just imagine that suddenly you will have to look for different accommodation, because yours is sold). Many things become available if they have your data. They even can withdraw all money from your card or your bank account and nobody will be able to do anything. Why? Because, if they have access, their actions look like legitimate. And the consequences… most likely, you will have to deal with them on your own. Now, you understand, why identity protection is not less important than just the antivirus protection. And with Vipre, you are protected very reliably.

7. This antivirus product works with all Windows versions, including the most demanding ones, like Windows 10. That is why, if you are a Windows user, you may not hesitate at all, as Vipre is a Windows-software.

8. Doesn’t matter if you prefer the most common browsers or you find out the most unusual and rare - Vipre supports all of them. Most likely, in some, very rare cases, you will need to make some configurations, but in general, you are free to work with any browser you like.

9. If you are an active user of social networks, then you must know that it brings much joy, though much danger, too. It is quite annoying when you receive a message with an innocent request to click a link with some picture, and as a result, your PC gets infected. Especially, if this message comes from a friend and you could not expect something like this. And they aren’t guilty. Such message means that his / her computer was infected, too. With Vipre, you are protected. It blocks such messages and sends you a notification. You can still click the link, but if you are notified, then you know what would happen, and there is no reason to complain later.

10. You are looking for information quite often? Then, you know that very often the search can lead you to infected websites or downloaded files may contain viruses. Vipre, with its technology Search Guard, protects your search and blocks all locations that look suspicious. You can customize the settings and add those websites, which are reliable, then Vipre will allow them connecting without scanning. Though, we would recommend not to cancel scanning for any website, as it compromises the security of your system.

11. Some software is developed to collect the information about the user, its computer settings, online activities and so on. Basically, we can say that you are spied when you use your computer. Like this, scammers can get any information about you, including personal and financial data, your online activities any time, when you turn on your PC and use it for their purposes.

12. If you use email, then you shall know that there is such threat as a scam. Such letters may have different content, starting from advertisements, and finishing with viruses and other damaging content. Being protected from those messages can save you a lot of time and efforts. Moreover, you will not be afraid, that among all malicious messages you may not notice something really important. Vipre filters such messages out in a separate folder, a spam-folder. From there, you can check them if there is something important that came there by a mistake. From the spam-folder, such messages are deleted automatically after some time.

Features, that are not provided

1. Vipre doesn’t provide protection against intrusion. Though, we would say, with all the above mentioned functions, you are protected well enough even without this feature.

2. Firewall is not included in the set, either. Most antivirus software include a free firewall, so, it is like on default, and many users believe that if they buy an anti-virus, they buy a firewall, too. But it is not the truth. Firewall is a separate product, and it may, or may not be included. With Vipre, you have to buy a firewall additionally. We would recommend doing it, as a firewall is a product that protects you from all incoming threats, whenever you are online.

3. Vipre doesn’t use a Cloud for updating, it means, for taking information about the newest viruses. This is rather a disadvantage, as then, you shall update the software quite often. Though, with a scheduled updates, the software will know about all newest threats and you will be properly protected. We would not recommend to delay or put off the updates, as the results may be really devastating.

4. There is such interesting feature like behavioral analyses of files and programs, based on the results of such analyses the software detects and blocks malicious programs. Well, it is a pity, but Vipre doesn’t offer that feature. With behavioral analyses, the software doesn’t need updates, though Vipre does. That is why, we do not recommend to delay with the updating of the software. New viruses are developed every hour, and who knows when they will want to try out our security system.

  • Anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  • Anti-spyware protection
  • Online guard
  • Supports all Windows versions
  • Supports Android OS
  • Supports PCs, smartphones and tablets
  • Protection while surfing the web
  • Protection in social networks
  • No MAC
  • No firewall
  • No anti-invasion protection
  • No anti-spam feature


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