VyprVPN Review

While VyprVPN may still have a few issues to resolve, it still is a trusted and reliable service to for as far as VPNs go. The fact that they make the entire tool themselves not only gives you better speed, but also makes the VPN safer and more reliable. While it is a little expensive for individual users, the extra money may just be worth it with all the updates and features it is due to get in the near future.
VyprVPN Review

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The need for privacy and security

With everything that has been going on about our privacy on the internet, the need to be safer and secure while online is only increasing. Regardless of the antivirus and incognito modes being used, the data we view on any website is still visible. Our IP address, and consequently our location, web history and a host of other information can be accessed by every website that we visit. In addition to that, the ISP can also access all this information. And contrary to what you may think, it does not require a hacker to do all this.

All these privacy issues and concerns, and we have a number of tech-products trying to solve the same. A more viable solution to this problem comes in the form of a VPN, or more specifically, VyprVPN. In simple words, a VPN or Virtual Private Network is a tool that will extend across the internet, enabling your device to send as well as receive information as if it was connected directly to a private network. Thus, while you browse on a public network, the security is as if you were directly on a private one.

The need for using a VPN increases even more while browning on public networks such as a coffee-shop Wi-FI or the one in your workplace. While there are a number of ‘free VPNs’ online, not only do these significantly decrease the internet speed on the device, but there is no guarantee to what they may be doing with the data captured. A safe, trusted and fast VPN is what users are looking for.

VyprVPN is designed exactly for that. It allows users to browse the internet, no matter what WiFi or network they may be using, in complete privacy. The IP address of the user, the website visited history, location as well as all the personal communications are kept secured while browsing using the VyprVPN. Before talking about how effective it is and what are the questions surrounding VPNs, let’s see what VyprVPN has to offer.

VyprVN has been developed by Goden Frog, which is a Swiss/US online service provider, along with contribution from Giganews.com. It is not just a VPN service, but also comes with a DNS service, which is what users connect to automatically when they use VyprVPN. This, along with their firewall service, is all in an effort to provide more anonymity and security on the interment.

How does VyprVPN Work

The mechanism of working of VyprVPN is just like any other service- it removes the DNS middleman, which is what restricts you from going to a particular website and redirecting you to some other destination. VyprVPN has already found a good user base in places where the internet is censored, such as Turkey, China and Iran.

One of the most common issues that users have while using VPNs is how secure and reliable the VPN itself is. Golden Frog has been around since the year 1994, headquartered in Switzerland. Having been around for such a long time, and that too in a nation where the privacy laws and policies are the best in the world, does give it a lot of credibility.

As opposed to other VPNs, VyprVPN has its own servers, which means that there are no 3rd parties involved. Thus, the data is only kept between the user and VyprVPN, which gives more security to it. A common issue with using VPNs is that it significantly slows down the speed of the internet connection. For instance, any website that may open on your PC in just a few seconds may just take double or even triple that time while browsing via VPN.

VyprVPN claims to be the fastest VPN around, making use of code that is ‘optimized for modern internet connections’. The fact that they make and operate every aspect of their VPN is seen here, since it is comparatively faster, and the speed difference is not that noticeable. There is a noticeable difference of less than 10% in the download speed as shown by various independent tests. The lack of outsourcing of any of its components is also what adds to the great speed that VyprVPN has provided so far.

VyprVPN does not rely on any 3rd party DNS servers as mentioned earlier. They make use of zero-logging for increasing the privacy and security of the user. However, the VyprVPN app itself keeps a record of the connection logs. The logging in this case is minimal, consisting of a timestamp, the IP and the bandwidth that are used. All of this data is kept for at least 30 days by VyprVPN. As per the developer, this is only used for diagnosis and troubleshooting, catching cybercrime and evaluating their service.

Protocols in VyprVPN

In addition to making everything in-house, VyprVPN also makes use of several protocols for stronger encryption. Users have the option to choose from OpenVPN™, PPTP, L2TP as well as Chameleon™ as per their desired level of protection, encryption and speed. OpenVPN™ is recommended for most desktops, providing a fast and reliable option. It is however, available to only Pro and Premier Users. PPTP is another easy to setup process, and works for those users whose devices do not support the use of OpenVPN™.

L2TP/IPSec, also available for Pro and Premier Users only, is the one that is built into majority of the PCs and tablets. It makes security the top priority, and there will be a noticeable decrease of speed with it. Chamelon™ is designed by VyprVPN itself, makes use of the OpenVPN 256-bit protocol, scrambling metadata for prevention of throttling, DPI as well as VPN blocking. It is one of the most secure methods around, but available only to Pro and Premier users.

While VyprVPn does try to help users in choosing the right protocol, anyone who is new to VPNs may have a hard time. Setting up these protocols can be a bit of a hassle, though there are many instructions in the tool to guide through that.

UI and ease of use

Apart from choosing the right protocol, the rest of the setup for VyprVPN is not that complicated. The user has to just download and install the setup like any other software or application in PC or mobile, and then run it. Once setup and connected, the device will be automatically working via the VPN. The developer Golden Frog also lets the user check his IP address by visiting them site and to check if it is actually working.

For those who do not want to spend even a few minutes in manually setting up the app, there are alternatives. The VyprVPN apps are available for not juts PC operating systems such as Windows and Linux, but also for TVs, Bllacphone, Routers, Anonabox and many others. However, talking about the popular mobile devices including iPhones and Android smartphones, there is significant lag while using the VPN.

The UI of VyperVPN is very well designed, with the connect/disconnect button being very prominent. It shows the status of the connection, upload and download speeds as well as the connection duration. The IP address, protocol running and the NAT Firewall status are all displayed at this screen to keep a check on. Any technical settings can also be accessed from this home screen.

For business users, there is the option to go with VyprVPN Server as well. It is a VPN setup in the cloud, which means that installing and configuring the VPN tool into individual machines and devices is not required. There are over 50 global VPN servers that can be used to secure the internet connection on any personal or corporate network. It takes a few minutes to setup and connect to, and does seem to work really well. However, this is still in the Beta stage, so some form of caution is still necessary while trying to go with VyprVPN server. It is also supported by cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean and Virtual Box.

In case you plan to watch 4K videos on your internet, then VyprVPN may not be the ideal choice for you. Streaming SD videos on VyprVPN came only with a slight reduction in quality. HD videos have a significant lag at first, but work on well thereafter. However, 4K videos will take a lot of time to load if you are connecting via VPN, and even then, the occasional buffering will happen. This is something that you will face with almost every VPN, and the more security there is- the less the speed you can expect.

Pricing and Plans

VyprVPN does try to be the most affordable VPN network around. There are three different plans to purchase- the Basic, Pro and Premier. The Basic plan, priced at US$6.67 per month (if billed annually, else US$9.99 if billed per month), comes with the option to use 2 simultaneous connections. The Pro Plan priced at US$8.33 per month (or US$14.99 for monthly billing) gives you 3 simultaneous connections along with NAT Firewal. The Premier plan priced at US$10.00 per month (or US$19.99 for monthly billing), gives you 5 simultaneous connections along with NAT Firewall). All of these plans have unlimited data usage, which is unlike other VPN providers.

To get a better idea of whether VyprVPN works for you or not, you can also check out the 3-day free trial of any of these plans. All the plans come with support for Mac OS X, Windows Operating Systems, iOS, TV, Linux, Android and Routers. In addition to the unlimited usage, VyprVPN also lets users switch to any of the preferred servers without any extra charges. There are over 700 available servers that you can choose from. Users can connect to any of the server without any download capping, restriction or fees for switching servers. In addition to that, the VPN connections are provided through one of the 200,000 plus IP addresses that VyprVPN has.

Is it worth it?

The customer support that they offer is available 24x7 without any holidays. Any help or questions can be sent through live chat and via email. There is even a money back guarantee- in case you are unsatisfied anywhere within the 1st 30 months of your purchase, you can get your money back.

All the features along with the trusted name of Golden Frog give a lot to the user. Unlike other VPNs, VyprVPN is not where you can do whatever you want and they will not bother. There are strict standards and regulations that are enforced with this VPN. A simple search lead you to more than just the lone case of people violating or misusing the VPN, and having been caught since. For the genuine user, VyprVPN is definitely a great way to get past internet censorship, get rid of geoblocking and use the internet the way it was meant to be- free and without any restrictions.

  • Simple to setup, with apps for a wide range of devices
  • Varied plans to choose from, depending on need and budget
  • No component of VPN is outsourced, adding to privacy
  • Use of VyprDNS prevents ISP from capturing any private information
  • Comparatively faster than other VPN services
  • Support is available 24x7x365
  • Logging of data by VyprVPN for 30 days


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