Why Shall I Select Bitdefender Total Security 2016?

Worth or not worth buying? The Bitdefender Total Security 2016 has many advantages, such as zero performance influence, advanced features. It is easy to use, even for very beginners. Bitdefender works on all Windows versions. Thus, this Anti Malware Software is definitely worth considering.
Why Shall I Select Bitdefender Total Security 2016?

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Bitdefender Total Security 2016

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Things, That Make a Difference

The internet is the source of information and many benefits, though, it is the source of danger, too. It endangers your privacy, confidentiality, safety of your data. Why such a fuss? – you may wonder. What is the problem if somebody gets to know my name, mail address or some other things? Well, no problem at all. But what if this “somebody” finds out not only your mail address, but also password to it? And if you are sending important data via mail? Or what if this “somebody” could track your online transactions? Now, you feel not so confident about your confidentiality anymore?

Well, now you are aware, that all data, that needs protection, has to be protected. Protected safely. For that, you can use an anti-virus software, anti-malware program, anti….there are so many “anti”, that one may get confused what exactly he/she shall use. A huge selection of different solutions for different prices, the market is flooded with them. So, what to choose?

Bitdefender: Total Security 2016 – Why Shall I Buy This Solution?

So, why shall you use Bitdefender: Total Security 2016? And IF you shall use it…

Let us check the main benefits, that you get with the Bitdefender: Total Security 2016.

1. Zero Performance Impact

Imagine the situation: you have been working during the whole day, and then, decided to scan your lap for viruses, or scheduled scanning started. That seems to be not too bad, but the antivirus software is applying more and more resources, you cannot manage your work as fast as before scanning. Moreover, your lap gets stuck, or you aren’t able to save the done work, as there is not enough resources anymore. Yes, the performance influence is the main issue which face many users, when they want to do PC scanning for viruses. That is why, we focused on developing a software with Zero Performance Impact.

Bitdefender Photon Technology allows scanning all your files in cloud environment, hence, it doesn’t use the resources of your computer. Moreover, it doesn’t compromise the safety of your data, as you may think. Yes, cloud environment may be not so safe, but the thing is, that Bitdefender Total Security 2016 does not scan or copy files to check them. It uses the footprint of the file, hence, it doesn’t compromise the data safety.

2. One Click Security

Not everyone is a technology geek. Moreover, I even met people who find it difficult to follow step-by-step instructions. So, a software shall be first of all easy to install and easy to use, as this is the first step for any user to start with the software. Bitdefender Autopilot technology allows setting up with one click only. No instructions, even step-by-step. No need to enter any data. Just click – and Bitdefender Autopilot will select the best security configuration. In this mode, the product performs al operations automatically, without sending any notifications for you. You can activate Bitdefender Autopilot, or turn it off. Just go to the Bitdefender interface and click the switch of the Autopilot. It is located on the upper toolbar of the interface.

3. Parental Control & Parental Advisor

You kids LOVE your lap? As soon as you leave home, they are there, playing games or surfing the internet, wasting their valuable time instead of doing something useful. Each parent has encountered this problem. Different passwords, even the most complicated, not always help, as our kids are very inventive and technology-aware. Parental control function perfectly suits to keep your kids away from your computer or to control to which data / websites they get access.

Though, you may be not completely satisfied with this function only. Of course, you trust your kids, and they can use your computer when they need. At least, they believe that they can. But the web has so many temptations, and not all of them are welcomed by you. We aren’t talking about limiting kids. We are talking about HOW TO CHECK WHAT THEY ARE DOING THERE. For this, you have the Parental Control function. You can Configure it and check what your children are doing in your lap. You can monitor their activities from any place, just connect to the internet.

4 . Device Anti-Theft and Anti-Loss Function

Now, you don’t have to be afraid, that your device will be lost or stolen. With Bitdefender anti-theft function, you can not only detect where the stolen or the lost device is. You can:

  • Detect the location of the device (on Google Maps)
  • Lock the device ( you can set a PIN code which you can use to unlock the device, if it is found)
  • Wipe all data from the device (here, you shall remember, that you wipe ALL data, it means, that the Anti-theft function may stop functioning)
  • Alert (available on mobiles ony)

5 . Machine Intelligence & Data Protection

Bitdefender updates automatically, without sending notifications or bothering you in any other way. It blocks or deletes all malware, viruses, adware, rootkits, ransom-ware, symbians, Trojans. You even may not notice the work of Bitdefender, as it doesn’t influence the computer performance and makes the best decisions without your participation.

Though, if you want to keep all the process under control, you may change the settings. Then, the software will notify you about the issues and request an action from your side. Moreover, you can group issues depending on their danger level and turn them off/on. Remember please, that in order to keep your computer safe, all issues shall be handled. If you turn some of them off, this may pose a danger to your confidential information. On default, Bitdefender Total Security 2016 protects your financial data while you are making an online payment, secures your personal data, fights off cyber-attacks, handles all known viruses.

If you are interested, what is happening with the computer, and which dangers Bitdefender Total Security 2016 prevented, you can check events in the Events Window. Just select Events in the Bitdefender Total Security 2016 interface, drop down menu.

6. Compatibility with Windows 10

You use Windows 10? Then, finding a good anti-virus software may be quite a problem. With Bitdefender, we have thought about it. To start using Bitdefender Total Security 2016, it is enough just to wait till the OS starts safety update or simply download from our website the version of Bitdefender Total Security 2016, that is compatible with Windows 10.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 Takes Care of Your Activity

As many other users, you don’t use your laptop for just one activity, like games, or work, or for watching video. Some people have enough patience to adjust the computer settings according to their activity, for example, adjust visual settings for a movie. Or if your lap is not connected to power source, some programs or processes may be postpone to save the battery power. Some users do not suspect about such options.

Profiles mode

Bitdefender Total Security 2016 has three working modes: Game, Movie and Work modes. So, it adjusts the computer settings depending on your activity. If you are watching a movie, Bitdefender will adjust visual settings, if you play a game, then, visual and sound settings, accordingly. You, like many other users, may get irritated and interrupted by all those popup ads, that interfere your activity now and then. Bitdefender Total Security 2016 blocks them. It happens automatically, so you can concentrate on your activity and be sure, that you will get the best from your computer.

Battery mode

This working mode is developed for laps and tablets. If your device is not connected to a power source, the Bitdefender Total Security 2016 detects it and postpones the operations that are not necessary for the moment, like:

  • Bitdefender updates
  • Scheduled scans
  • Security Widget

Like this, your battery will last longer.

You can manage profiles yourself, by turning them on/off from the Bitdefender interface, or you can let the Bitdefender Autopilot manage them. You can be sure, that the system will find the optimal way to do this.

Get Rid of Outdated Software – with Bitdefender Total Security

Your computer is a huge storage place for all kinds of files and software. You may see and know about some of them, others are not available for an ordinary user, and only a qualified specialist may know about their existence. Moreover, there is software that is outdated, it poses potential danger for your system safety. Why? Because of its high vulnerability. Every day, hundreds of new viruses are developed. Though not all software files are updated. Hence, they pose a danger to the system safety.

Quick Vulnerability Scanner performs scanning for outdated and vulnerable software and removes it. And again, you may be not aware of this process, as Bitdefender Total Security 2016 doesn’t bother you with notifications.

Bitdefender Total security 2016 – Ready to Install

So, you are ready to purchase Bitdefender Total Security 2016, because it s a perfect solution to all your problems. But not so fast. Make sure first, that this application will run on your computer. For example, if you use Mac, then you may forget about it, as it is only Windows compatible.

Thus, let us make sure, that Bitdefender Total Security 2016 is YOUR solution.

System Requirements:

It runs on OS Windows, including Windows 10. Your computer has to have at least 1 GB (RAM) to install Bitdefender Total Security 2016. No other Anti-virus software shall be running, as this may cause major problems in your computer.

Does your computer comply with these requirements? Then, let us proceed with the software installation.

Here, you have two options: installation from a CD/DVD, or installation from the User Account.

We would recommend installation from the User Account, as like this your Bitdefender Total Solution 2016 will be updated to the latest version. But even if you decide to install the product from the CD/DVD, we recommend doing it with the internet connected, for the same reason.

Installation process:

  1. Log in your Bitdefender Central Account.
  2. Select “My devices”.
  3. Select “Install Bitdefender”.
    1. If you want to install the product on this device, you select “I want to install Bitdefender” on this device select the product - download.
    2. If you want to install the product on another device, you select “I want to install Bitdefender on another device” select the product – SEND.
  4. And finally, when you have downloaded the product, run the installer.
  5. After the installation is completed, you have to enter the Activation Code, or to buy a subscription to Bitdefender Total Security 2016. Just follow step-by-step instruction to do any of these procedures.

Note please: if the computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, during the installation, you will be informed about the issues that have to be solved.

Bitdefender Takes Care Of Its Users – Anonymous Usage Reports

Every time when you use the Bitdefender server, a report is generated. These reports do not contain any confidential or personal information, they are used solely to improve the product. Though, if you are not happy with that, you can turn this option off. Just go to the Bitdefender interface, there select General settings, then Advanced – Turn off Anonymous Usage Report.

  • Compatibility with all Windows versions
  • Zero Performance Influence
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Advanced Features
  • Protection From All Threats
  • Anonymous Usage Reports to Improve Service
  • Doesn’t offer VIP service


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Why Shall I Select Bitdefender Total Security 2016?

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