WinUtilities A Comprehensive Set For Optimization Of Your System

WinUtilities is to some extend a unique toolset, as it provides really all features that are needed for a system to work properly. It provides protection when you are online and browsing, it cleans up registry, performs system optimization, disk and registry defragmentation, it erases outdated software and duplicate files, fixes shortcuts, backs up and recovers important files, protects privacy, removes temporary files and many more things. The product can be installed in 3 PCs, and updates will come to you for all your life. This software is also extremely easy to apply. Maybe that is why it is one of the 5 top downloaded toolsets. And that is why, we do not doubt, that you may like it, too. Free online support will help you to install it, if there are any issues, and later, will be ready to help you when you need help with this product.
WinUtilities A Comprehensive Set For Optimization Of Your System

WinUtilities Professional Edition WinUtilities Professional Edition 2016

A newer version 10.55 already available

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The best way to protect your computer

Do you want something special to protect the computer from ALL? Something, that will protect it from viruses, Trojans, fix the system, clean registry and many more features. Sounds good?

Then, it is the best time to check out WinUtilities Pro.

What does it give you?

This set of tools provides services, that will make you and your computer happy

Here are just the main features, which you get, when you buy WinUtilities.

Registry cleaning? No problem!

Registry cleaner. You definitely know that registry cleaning is important that you have your system clean and maintained. You install and use different programs, but the thing is, that nobody uses them constantly. You use them during some time, and after that, they become unnecessary. You cannot just delete them, though, as they live in the registry traces of files, and they take up space and make your computer work slower. That’s why, it is needed a special programs, and WinUtilities provide it. High quality registry cleaner will delete all traces of programs, that are not used anymore. That is why, your system will not be burdened by junk files and leftovers of software.

Removes all temporary files

Temporary files removal. During your use of computer, plenty of temporary files are created. They are temporary, that’s why they don’t last forever, but still, if there are very many of them, they take up the memory and cause slow downs and crashes. WinUtilities remove all temporary files, hence, enhancing the system speed and performance, and avoiding crashes and breakdowns.

Browsing history? Will be cleaned

As you may know, while you are browsing, there are saved all the data about websites and pages that you visited, you may check it, click on the link and see all data. If that was a website of a bank, and if you saved the password, by clicking the link, another person can get access to your electronic data in the bank and use this data to withdraw money or to perform any other financial operation. And because it was done from your account, it is you, who will deal with have to sort out all.

That is why, the product cleans all browsing history, to maximally protect you from any kind of threats like stealing of personal or financial information.

Cookies? Forget about them

Most websites use cookies, a special software, that doesn’t cause any damage, but it keeps tracking your website browsing. It is done supposedly to increase your satisfaction from the browsing, as the web will be offering more and more popups with according topic, information. Though, this information can be abused, too. You are observed through cookies, and you shall agree, that not everybody likes it. This product removes cookies from your system, hence, protecting your personal and confidential data.

Not enough memory? Hard disk cleaning and optimization is the solution

Hard disk with time gets loaded with trash like leftovers of files, software, temporary files, hidden system files, broken shortcuts and many more things, that influence the work of your system not in the best way. That is why, you better perform the disc defragmentation. With this product, you don’t need a help of a professional to do it. WinUtilities clean the hard disk efficiently and fast. Any products cannot perform defragmentation or do it with errors, if the disk is full. But this is not the right case with WinUtilities. It is able to perform defragmentation even if the disk is full, moreover, defragmentation will be done fast and with maximum efficiency.

Disk defragmentation is not enough though to keep your system in order. Registry defragmentation is something that also needed, but very few users do it, as not many know about it. Well, it is needed to perform the registry defragmentation, too. At least sometimes. And WinUtilities do it for you. Just click the right button. That is one more advantage of this product - extreme simplicity. All you have to know is how to click buttons. The software offers options and describes what they mean, you have just to choose.

Startup cleaner

Windows loads different programs automatically. The funniest thing is, that you even not always know about them. But they are there, working, taking space and influencing other programs. The product simply removes such unwished visitors from your system. This tool is called starting cleaner and also influences speed and efficiency of the system.

Duplicate files removal

Duplicate files cause a lot of troubles, too. They take space, and one of them is absolutely useless, anyway. That is why, WinUtilities offer a tool, that scans the system for the duplicate files and removes them. Like this, you can free up to some GB of memory.

Shortcuts – are they so useful?

A separate question is about the shortcuts. All of us like them, as with a shortcut o the desktop, you don’t need to look for a software to start it. You just click the necessary shortcut, and the software starts. But it happens, that we remove the software, or it outdates, but the shortcut stays. It stays for different reasons. Some of us forget, that it has to be removed, others believe that it doesn’t disturb. You just do not use it, and that’s it. But even shortcuts create problems. First of all, your desktop becomes more and more messy and finding a necessary shortcut is more difficult with every passing day. But not only that. Shortcuts tend to accumulate and take a rather significant space in the memory. This creates a problem, as insufficiency of free space slows down the system and leads to failures and crashes. That is why, removal of broken or outdated shortcuts is very important to keep the system efficient and the computer working without crashes. And with WinUtilities, you can be assured, that all damaged shortcuts are detected ad neutralized.

Outdated software? Remove it!

One more plague is the software that is not used anymore. It is a good question, why you installed it once, maybe you hoped that it will be super used, or maybe it was really needed for a very short time. No idea. And if you downloaded it from the web, it may not want to be deinstalled, or even if it does, then it leaves some leftovers, some files that are just there, they do nothing, just take space. With these damagers, WinUtilities fight too. If it detects a software, that is not used, it notifies you, and you decide, if you want to keep it in your lap, or you prefer to get rid of it. If your choice is the second option, the software will be removed, forever and completely.

Recycle bin – another problem?

Recycle bin? Right, this is a location, where there are deleted files and applications stored, after you have deleted them. Surprised? Yes, files aren’t deleted from the computer immediately, they go first to recycle bin, and you can recover them any time you need it. Even if you clean the recycle bin, they still can be restored by a special software, but this is a different topic. It happens quite often, that the recycle bin takes so much space, that normal work of the computer becomes impossible. We forgot to mention that the recycle bin is actually located in disk C? There, where there are all applications and system files? Now, you could understand why recycle bin shredding is not less important, than, say, protecting your system from the viruses or, say disk defragmentation. Efficient recycle bin shredding is performed by WinUtilities and the appropriate software is included in the set.

Also, many of us faced a problem, when important files are damaged by a virus, or other malware, or blocked, or whatever happens with them. What to do? Actually, you would prefer rather to recover them somehow, and you are really lucky, if there is some copy. That is why, WinUtilities backs up all the important data in a cloud. In case it is damaged, you can recover them any time you need it. File backup and file recovery is an important feature for users, who work with important information.

And now, let us move from the system itself to the outer threats, that actually are very active and waiting for our computer as soon as we connect it with the internet. One of the most serious, but also the one, about we are the least concerned, is the identity theft. Not many of us even think of that seriously, maybe because not mane of us can imagine the consequences of this crime, and yes, this is a crime. But if we think, then we understand, that identity theft is something rather serious. Just imagine, that somebody has your confidential data, personal and financial data. With that, it is possible to use your bank account, your card, to sell property and many more things. And it will look like very legal! That is why, it is you who will bear all the responsibility for those actions. WinUtilities protects your privacy while you are browsing and after that. It cleans the browser history, blocks all cyber attacks and phishing websites, all in all, it takes a good care of your information.

If you got an impression, that this product does all, you are right. Yes, WinUtilities does all to optimize the work of computer. It protects, cleans, saves, backs up and performs all possible operations to keep all running smoothly. And in addition to it, WinUtilities is very easy to use. And if you know how to click with a mouse, then you shall consider, that you can to use this product, almost on a professional level.

It does all for you, it reports on errors, suggests solutions how to fix them, most of the processes are performed automatically even without bothering you with a single notification. And if it is not all, by purchasing a license, you get a lifetime updates, for free.

It works with all Windows versions, even Windows 10, and you can install a software on 3 PCs. This sounds very good, especially if you hurry up to buy it with a 30% discount.

  • Registry cleaning & defragmentation
  • Hard disc defragmentation & optimization
  • Browsing history erasing
  • Duplicate files removal
  • Disk optimization
  • Startup cleaner
  • Free support
  • All Windows versions
  • No Mac
  • No Android


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