ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus & Firewall 2016 – Reasons To Select It

This product is a perfect antivirus solution for all Windows users. It supports all Windows versions. With this product, a user is completely protected from all incoming threats. Moreover, the software eliminates those malware, that are in the system already. You are protected, when you are simply online, or looking for information, or chatting with friends. Your files are backed up online, which means, you always have your data available, even some bad virus destroys it or ransomware blocks it. A wonderful support will help you with all your issues connected with the software application. This product seems to be a perfect one, and one of the cheapest, for sure. BUT it doesn’t work with MAC, Android, you cannot use it with your smartphones or tablets, either.
ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus & Firewall 2016 – Reasons To Select It

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus & Firewall  2016 ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus & Firewall 2016

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ZoneAlarm Pro – a software that protects

If you found this post, it is very possible, that you use a computer. Moreover, it means, that you are rather aware of threats that come from the web. At least, aware enough to look for a good antivirus product. Also, it may mean, that you have already faced with some online threats, and that is why you want a really good product.

Then, we can guess, ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus & Firewall 2016 is if not the best product possible, but definitely it may be something that you need. There are various reasons why we think so, and below are listed just some of them.

Why ZoneAlarm can be the most appropriate solution for your computer?

1. It protects against all malicious traffic and cyber attacks. What it means? When you are online, it is not important at all, what you are doing there, whether you are surfing the web, or you are chatting with your friends, sharing some files, listening to your favorite track, watching the next action or blockbuster movie or playing a browser game, you are exposed to many threats, such as viruses, Torjans, different kinds of malware and cyber attacks. It means, that any virus can infect your system and create problems with its functioning, or even damage hardware. Any ransomware can get access to important information and block it, then it will ask for money to give you a password to access that information. Or, you can be exposed to a cyber attack, and any consequences are possible, all depends what the target and the purpose of such cyber attack is. All this can easily happen, if you don’t buy a proper software, which will be protecting you. With ZoneAlarm , you are protected from all of them, the old ones and the newest ones.

2. Firewall is included. As you already know, protection while you are online is very important. Firewall filters out all incoming traffic that doesn’t correspond the main security criteria. If some traffic looks suspicious or is recognized as dangerous, it is blocked. Like this, you stay protected whenever you are online. Some antivirus software do not offer a firewall included, thus, you have to buy it. ZoneAlarm offers it for free. Like this, you not only save a good sum of money, but also time, as you don’t have any trouble about where and how to purchase the firewall.

3. It works on all possible versions of Windows, even with Windows 10 it is compatible. That is why, whatever version of Windows you use, or to whatever version of Windows you would like to upgrade your software, you can do it without any concerns. This product doesn’t have any troubles with working with Windows, though it doesn’t offer support for other operation systems. We can assume, that ZoneAlarm is a perfect solution for Windows users ONLY.

4. It works according to the principle of signature list updating. It means, that the system updates constantly to get information about the newest viruses. That is why, we do not recommend cancelling or putting off updates, as new viruses are being created constantly, and if the system doesn’t know about them, it cannot detect them, they can infect into your system and cause a lot of damage. Well, ZoneAlarm has the fastest update procedure, that is why you shall not be bothered, even if you are working on something really important and urgent, it will not delay you. But with update, you will be sure that no virus will damage your files.

5. It offers protection in real time. It means that it performs the traffic scanning and files constantly. It also means, that the system is checking all files with the Cloud database. Like this, it can detect those newest malicious programs, which aren’t in its database yet. Moreover, it collects information about all viruses and malware, with which the systems of other users encountered, and blocks them. In its turn, it sends information about new viruses, that were trying to attack your computer, to a cloud, to share this updated information with other systems and provide constant update. As you may notice, this kind of collaboration helps to detect newly developed damagers very fast and efficiently. And, as you can see, the protection, that the product offers, is really very good.

6. Sometimes this security, that is normally offered, is not enough, as hackers develop more and more viruses and malware, and those are able to fight through the most reliable protection. That is why, ZoneAlarm offers a protection with an additional layer, for a higher security level. Even if a virus passes through one security layer, it doesn’t have any chance with another one. That is why, this double-layer protection is something that distinguishes the product from many others and allows offering a level of security, that is not available by many of its competitors.

7. Have you heard about online backup? No idea and don’t know why it is needed at all? Then, have you had cases when some of your files were damaged by a virus, or blocked by a ransomware? If yes, and if you remember, how much frustration it causes, then you will agree, that online backup is a necessary feature. The software performs online backup for those files, which have the biggest importance for you. If they are damaged in your computer, you can always retrieve a backup copy from the online storage and use it. You shall agree, that it offers much more confidence and allows you working without troubling about the safety of your data and the work done.

8. Identity protection is something that was not offered in the past and something, about which most users do not worry even nowadays. If you are one of them, then try to imagine, how it would be for you, if somebody takes a loan in your name, or sells your property and gets money for it. It is YOU who will have to deal with all the possible consequences, and the consequences may be not the most pleasant ones. Now, you understand, why protection your identity is so important. And ZoneAlarm offers identity protection at the highest level. That is why, this product is the favorite one among the users.

9. When you are browsing, you are vulnerable, and there are many threats who are trying to take an advantage of this vulnerability. Viruses, Trojans, ransomware, rootkits, and many many others – they all are waiting to infect your computer, to damage your files, to steal your data or to do any other harm. That is why, protection while you are browsing is very important, too. In order to protect you from all those awful threats that are waiting for you. Whenever you open a browser, the antivirus software starts working, providing you instant protection. Moreover, all websites that either look or are suspicious, will be blocked instantly, and you will be sent a message. If you are sure that they are fine, you can select an appropriate option from the offered, and the website will be opened. Though, we would recommend to pay your attention to notifications and not to open suspicious websites.

10. Anti data tracking – definitely, not all of you even heard of such option. But definitely, you have heard, that some companies can collect your data for different purposes, like sending ads, etc. Those collections are based on the browsing history and your other activities in the web. And then, you are getting surprised, why you are getting spam in your mail box, why you are getting different messages and contacts requests in instant messengers. That can be useful, if you really find there some information about the things you were looking for, but in most cases, it is just annoying. ZoneAlarm prevents such collection activities. If you have this product installed, no one company can collect your data for further unsanctioned use.

Those features are just the main, that ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus & Firewall 2016 offers. To add, we can mention, that it supports all browsers, the most common and the most unusual. You can install it without any help, completely on your own, even if normally you are not working with a software installation. You just open the installation wizard and click on the option, that is offered. All is done step by step. And user-friendly interface allows using it without too many efforts. If you are an experienced user, you can customize many options, if you know how to do it. Though, if you are a beginner, this will not cause much trouble for you. Default settings are usually enough to provide high level professional security for your PC.

The developers of this software are so confident in its quality and efficiency, that they offer a 30 days of free trial, you can just use the product during 30 days, if you like it, you subscribe for it, if not, you just quit using it and look for an option, that is more suitable for you.

If you have any troubles by installing or using the software, you can write / call to customer support. They are really great, and you will have a professional help or advice, depending on your case, as soon as possible. Did we mention that it is for free?

Special offer

Now, you can enjoy a special offer, which you will definitely like. You can buy a subscription for one year, and the subscription for another year you will get as a present from ZoneAlarm. Interested? Then, what are you waiting for? Till the offer is valid… Or, you may regret later.

I would prefer to have, but…

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus is not only about advantages. Like any other solution, it cannot be just perfect. That is why, we have to mention several disadvantages, too. For example it works only on PC. If you have a MAC, then you better check other products, where MAC is available.

Neither it supports Android OS. It means, if you have a smartphone or a tablet with Android OS, you cannot use this product, either. Well, if you have a smartphone or prefer a tablet, you cannot use it anyway, even if those devices don’t work with Android OS, as only PC is supported.

Other than that, as we already mentioned, it is a great solution for any user, doesn’t matter if you have experience in using the software, or not. It is extremely cheap, just for 39,95 dollars you can buy subscription for 3 PCs. Not sure, if you can find a more profitable offer. Moreover, if you buy the subscription now, you will get a small present from the company – the subscription for the next year for free.

  • Provides instant protection
  • Fastest upgrade
  • Browser protection
  • Backup data
  • Firewall
  • Free support
  • 30 days free trial
  • Supports all browsers
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Identity protection
  • Works exclusively with Windows OS
  • Works only with PCs, no smartphones and tablets


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