Save Money And Manage Your Computer Energy With WinSleep

There are many other energy-saving soft wares but I do not think that it will be wrong to say that WinSleep contains those features that are not yet offered by any other software, thus, making this software the best energy-saving software. In conclusion, WinSleep is very useful and convenient software that will save your money and preserve your computer lifetime. It has some vigorous features and a very easy user interface. Its features are useful for both home and business environments.
Save Money And Manage Your Computer Energy With WinSleep

WinSleep by MollieSoft WinSleep by MollieSoft

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People wish to see some software, which by any chance might save their computer’s energy. We have been seeing that rarely any good software hits the market and so we decided to launch a software that helps people with these problems.

If you are not using your computer and it’s not too busy and you don’t want to go through the struggle of shutting it down and then powering it on again, and you think a lot of energy is being wasted then forget all of it. The new software, WinSleep will help your computer to save energy and reduce your electricity bills. Your computer can go in its sleep mode, hibernate or it can wake up according to your own choices. All these events can occur according to the strict timetables which you set up yourself. WinSleep lets you do all of it without any hassle or confusion. With WinSleep, you will be the one who decides when your computer will go to sleep and when it will wake up. It’s really simple and easy!

Brought to you by MollieSoft, WinSleep is a Windows feasibility that might help your computer to save energy. It is developed to keep your computer asleep as much as possible.

Profile of the company

From Puyallup, WA: MollieSoft is pleased to announce the release of the new version of WinSleep which will be of a good use to the users of Windows operating systems. We ensure that your computer remains asleep as much as possible so that it saves your money and energy.

The company that developed this software is MollieSoft. MollieSoft is based in the United States and it has been working hard to develop soft wares that might help your computers. Recently, the company has developed a software that will help your computer to save its energy. Marvin Hymowech is the main person behind the development of WinSleep.

Features of this software

This software provides you a number of features that you won’t find on any other software.

  • This software will provide a comprehensive, unique time-line graph that will provide you with all the information relating to when the computer was asleep, awake or hibernating.
  • There is a sleep journal that’ll highlight the reasons why your computer went to slept and why it woke up.
  • This software will also show suitable Sleep and Hibernate buttons that can be used by you whenever you want your computer to sleep or hibernate.
  • It will also show the current CPU/Network/Disk usage percentage of your computer.
  • You can also set your computer’s schedule and decide when it will wake up and what task the computer will perform when it will wake up.
  • It prolongs the life time of your computer while the computer remains in the stand-by mode.
  • It supports monthly, weekly and daily tasks which we want our computer to do at a specific time or whenever it wakes up.

Тhe WinSleep license offer

WinSleep is available as a 30 day free trial but you can purchase a permanent license only for $14.95 US. After the 30- day trial period, WinSleep will start but it’ll only start to let you purchase a permanent license. Without a license, you cannot run WinSleep properly. A license is bought to let you freely use WinSleep on a single computer without any problems.

About the version and the requirements

The current version of WinSleep was released on 18th January, 2017 and can work on any devices that contain Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. WinSleep requires .NET Framework version 4.5 to run properly. This should already be in your computer but if by any chance, during installation, the process of the WinSleep installation is not completed due to the missing of .NET Framework, and then you should probably download it from

This new version of WinSleep contains updates for the WinSleep Monitor, version

Can your computer go to sleep without using WinSleep?

There is a facility in our Windows known as the ‘Windows Idle Timer’, which tells us that if there is a wake-up event which wasn’t attended by us then the computer will return to its idle state and then go to sleep in 2 minutes time.

Normally, it is WinSleep’s job to ensure when our computer sleeps and when it wakes up. When WinSleep is running, Windows Idle Timer is normally disabled. If the Windows Idle Timer is enabled, and you schedule a wake event for your computer in WinSleep, then the computer would just go back to sleep in 2 minutes time and I guarantee you that’s not what you’d want.

But suppose, if you want to change the setting and enable the Windows Idle Timer and disable WinSleep then press the ‘Preferences’ button on the Main Window. There will be an option ‘Allow Windows Idle Timer’. Check this option. Now the idle timer can make your computer to go to sleep as well as WinSleep.

It is much useful for those users who use their computers a lot but they do not want it to be open at all times, and then their best choice is WinSleep! It will save your money while protecting your computer. You can let your computer to go to sleep, hibernate and wake up automatically. WinSleep gives you much more control on this aspect. The more your computer sleeps, the more energy is saved. It offers a lot of features that you won’t find on any other software. WinSleep can help you reduce your electricity bills and reduce global energy consumption. WinSleep does all its jobs with much more flexibility and is much easier to understand and comprehend. This is the best you can get so get WinSleep now for your computer and save some serious money!

Actually, there is no real need to use Windows Idle Timer when you have WinSleep. The Windows Idle Timer also does the same job that WinSleep does but WinSleep does it with more flexibility and it is much easier and simpler to use WinSleep rather then the Windows Idle Timer.

The WinSleep Monitor

Introducing, the new WinSleep monitor that will help you to view your WinSleep software from anywhere! If you are not at home and you want to view your computer details about when it slept and when it woke up then you should probably get the new WinSleep monitor. Using this, you can also sleep, hibernate and wake it remotely from anywhere! It will show all the WinSleep programs running on any computer or any other device. Using the WinSleep monitor you can connect with your clients, using the IP address and by computer name and you can also sleep, hibernate or wake your client’s computer. The connection is totally secured and you can also connect to any number of WinSleep programs. WinSleep’s version of is needed to connect to the WinSleep monitor. This WinSleep monitor is totally FREE!

How to use the user interface

The user interface for WinSleep is extremely simple and easy. It is a software that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to be understood and operated. The main screen is divided into areas so that it is easier to understand. On the top of the screen, is the ‘System Information’ panel which highlights all the important details like the CPU/ Disk/ Network usage percentage. On the right, there are all the important buttons which serve as the main functions: the Sleep, Hibernate and Schedule buttons. In the centre of the screen, there is a computer log which highlights all the daily events of your computer. At the bottom, there is a report which shows the date and time concerning when your computer was sleeping, hibernating or when it was awake. The user interface may look simple but it contains almost all of the computer’s information and details.

There is a ‘Scheduler’ mode in WinSleep too. This mode makes it possible for the users to assign some tasks to the computer, so that whenever it wakes up, it completes those tasks. It supports monthly, weekly and daily tasks, including the exact time they are supposed to be done. You can also make the schedules which have been set up by you to reoccur.

WinSleep is launched and designed to facilitate you during the time period when your computer is not sleeping, i.e. awake. This is in order to minimize the resource consumption as much as possible which will ultimately increase the life and efficiency of your computer.

  • It saves money and energy.
  • It will elongate the lifespan of your computer; it means that the computers are in a standby mode. This feature is useful for those users who use the computer a lot and their computers consume a lot of energy but their computers do not need to be turned on all the time. It is best to be used in a business atmosphere or in an office where the users have to do a lot of work but they do not need their computers to be on at all times.
  • WinSleep contains the scheduler which is very useful and it does not require computer resources.
  • It offers increased efficiency.
  • I do not think that this software contains anything that should be associated as a con and there aren’t any issues with this software.


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