Your Solution To Fast And Reliable Data Backup

A complete solution provided by Qiling Disk Master to efficiently save data and information on the system and improve the speed of the system considerably. Moreover, Qiling Disk Master offers effective data and backup solutions in an affordable yet powerful manner.
Your Solution To Fast And Reliable Data Backup

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Qiling Disk Master is a wonderful choice of software for people who are looking to back up their data in a safe and reliable manner. Qiling Disk Master also has a fabulous schedule backup feature that enables you to automatically backup your data. All your personal files can be saved easily with this disk master and you can also enhance your system’s performance with just a few clicks. It is only possible with Qiling disk master to originate a single ram disk that will be available to the system as soon as the startup occurs. This helps the system access all the applications as well as the services that depend on the RAM disk.

Qiling Disk Master aims to save your data and drastically increase the speed and performance of the system. It will take only a few minutes for you to save your system folders, music, files, videos, etc. without the aid of an IT professional. This software supports folders backup, disk, files, system, partition, restoring and cloning along with file shredder, fix boot, migrate OS, wipe data, incremental, backing up to NAS, differential backup, schedule, shared network folder, volumes backup of dynamic disks and restoring system drive. It is based on UEFI boot to create Windows PE disk in a bootable form. Moreover, Qiling Disk Master’s RAM disk also helps manage backup logs management, edit task options and maintain a directory of backup images.

An Insight into Qiling Disk Master

One of the main challenges that businesses and users often face is the availability of data at all times. If the important data goes missing in times of uncertain and difficult situations, it leads to data loss; thus hampering the growth of the business. To overcome the most difficult and challenging circumstances, it is mandatory to have disaster recovery tools and data backup software all the time. Qiling Disk Master is one such tool that enables you to backup substantial data and information in files and folders in order to prevent any kind of data loss circumstances. And it can be done with just a few clicks. You can also choose the files and folders you want to save quite easily. Furthermore, you can compress the backup files in a ZIP format to save a lot of disk space with Qiling Disk Master.

Qiling Disk Master enables you to copy all the files and documents from your computer and transfer these to a new system by creating bootable media. Moreover, it shreds all files that are unnecessary in order to enhance the performance. Qiling Disk Master also safeguards the system from any kind of unofficial access and manages the disks easily without any hassle.

Features of Qiling Disk Master

The main features of Qiling Disk Master are listed below for your better understanding:

  • Qiling Disk Master can inspect and audit the health status of the hard disk. It can also check the detailed information of the hard disk and display its temperature.
  • It helps regulate partition, examine the surface of the disk sectors and restore lost or deleted partitions.
  • It is the most impregnable and trustworthy backup data protection software.
  • It offers more solutions for data backup and recovery, RAM disk and partition manager.
  • You can also reinstall your Windows OS in case of a major crash of the system.
  • Backups are available in many forms, such as incremental, differential and complete backup.
  • Hot backup is available with it, which means that you can back up files while using the software.
  • You can schedule your future backups and update the system deleting the old data that is not required in order to free the space on the disk.
  • One of the most awesome features of Qiling Disk Master is that all the unattended backups can clone the information even when the system is not idle.
  • System recovery tasks as well as restoration operations are also included in it.
  • Qiling Disk Master backs up sectors that are larger than 512 bytes.
  • The most recent BIOS replacement (UEFI) and GPT partition table are also supported by Qiling Disk Master.
  • Due to an unified file shredder, Qiling Disk Master enables you to protect the data.
  • It offers more solutions in just 50% cost of what others do.
  • The best part is that it is Microsoft compatible and supports Windows 10/XP/8.1/Vista/8/7
  • It is hosted in United States/Provo.
  • Qiling Disk Master does not use HTTPS protocol.
  • Uses one technology Html and no JavaScript.
  • The server type of Qiling Disk Master is NGINX/1.10.1

Top benefits of using Qiling Disk Master

Qiling Disk Master enables you to integrate your data with an online server. It provides you a password and safeguards your data with the aid of an effective AES 256 algorithm. With just a few mouse clicks, this software enables you to save and backup all your data and files in an effective manner. You can also do this periodically by allotting the backup tasks as per your preference. The best part is that Qiling Disk Master enables you to disintegrate your hard drive and is capable of handling all types of hard disks and SSDs, with a memory range from 80 GB to 4 TB. Therefore, in case of emergencies, this software allows you to restore your system and recover all the data.

We have listed below a lot of other benefits that this software has to offer.

  • RAM disk: It helps you increase the lifespan of the hard disk and enhances the performance and speed of the system.
  • Secure Disk: This product enables you to safeguard data and substantial information from unofficial access.
  • System Backup: This software enables you to back up all the data and contents that also include the Windows Operating system and other system settings, without interfering with the existing work.
  • Schedule Backup: As mentioned before, this product enables you to run backups on a weekly, daily or monthly basis automatically.
  • Clone and Migration: This product is the simplest solution to safely transfer the system to an SSD or HDD for a disk replacement and even an upgrade.
  • Disk Backup: It checks out if there are any bad sectors on the disk aside of keeping track of the disk’s health.
  • Wipe Data: It enables you to easily and safely obliterate the data on the disk.
  • File backup: Along with the network shared files, this software enables you to judiciously back up files and folders.
  • Adaptable with GPT/UEFI: In case of emergencies, it helps develop a WinPE bootable media for any 64 bit Window system located on GPT in order to initiate a PC recovery.
  • File Shredder: The simplest method where you can select the needless files and folders to delete them permanently.
  • Partition: Upgrade partition for SSD, delete, create, recover, format, resize, move and optimize partition in all forms.

Working of Qiling Disk Master

It does not take more than a few minutes to download and install this data backup software. Select the required function from the home screen, which could be browsing for old backup data, disk or partition backup, file zip or file backup. After this, just click on the key ‘backup data’ if the entire disk drive data and information need to be stored. A window will pop up where you will be able to see all the interconnected drives and consecutive volumes of important files in order to back up their data. In order to properly do that, you will get complete information on the backup drive size and destination drive capacity. You can also line up and plan the data backup working for any day, month or week as per your wish.

Furthermore, you can manage all the backup information to assure that nothing is left along with the impaired folders and files. Since Qiling Disk Master provides the level backup option as mentioned earlier, it enables you to selectively back up your data and files. Choose the backup option button on the software interface to easily operate and maneuver around the connected drives and then select the ones that need to be backed up from the directory.

Moving to Disk Management of Qiling Disk Master

This is another tab on the interface where you are allowed to move, resize, delete and format the partition. As you move ahead, you will find another option named as ‘tools and utilities’ where a plethora of operations, such as cloning, file wipe, shredder, disk migration and fix boot are performed. Moreover, using the disk health function of this product, you can check the health status of the existing or connected media.

Apart from the above-mentioned functions of Qiling Disk Master, it also undertakes some supplementary jobs, such as file compression, de-duplication, partition management and data wiping. This software also sends you an email notification, thus helping you to get an update of the current status of the backup work.

  • Instinctive tabbed integration of interface.
  • It offers all the important features as well as options.
  • It also includes many disk management characteristics.
  • Qiling Disk Master has a variety of backup solutions with it.
  • It also has the capability to create zip files.
  • It helps you line up your backups.
  • The best advantage of Qiling Disk Master is that it enables you to develop virtual disk images and encode them.
  • The only drawback of Qiling Disk Master is that it enables you to create only one Ram disk. This is not really a big disadvantage because it can be improved later.


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